Boxing Workout Plan For Weight Loss

Doing boxing workouts can make you lose weight significantly. There are many weight loss boxing workouts that you can try to meet your goals and target of losing weight. In this article, there are various weight loss boxing workouts that you can do. For instance, there are boxing workouts for beginners, experienced trainers, and more. In addition to that, there are different workouts listed below that you can do with boxing equipment or without boxing equipment. This will important weight loss boxing workout for you.

Furthermore, you will also get a boxing workout plan that can help you to navigate the week as you try to lose weight through boxing workouts.

Boxing Weight Loss Female.

Weight Loss Boxing Workout - Boxing Female

As much as it strengthens your body muscles, boxing workouts are good for shedding off unwanted fat. Interestingly, boxing can be done by both men and women. There are several workouts that can be done by women to lose weight. Interestingly, boxing exercises hit several major body muscles such as shoulders, arms, lower back, core, abs, hips, legs, and calves. As such, doing boxing is good for exercising your entire body muscles.  Below are the workouts that can be done for women.

Tabata Boxing.

This workout is high intensity and you will be doing it the Tabata way. Therefore, you will be doing an exercise for 20 seconds and then resting for 10 seconds before doing another exercise. This workout is good for those who want to lose weight because it is a high-intensity workout. The workout leaves you out of breath. As such, it also keeps your cardiovascular health. Below are the exercises that you can do,

  1. Firstly, do 5 jabs and 5 uppercuts for 20 seconds
  2. Rest for 10 seconds
  3. Do the hook and weave move for 20 seconds
  4. Rest for 10 seconds
  5. Do the jump rope exercise for 20 seconds
  6. Rest for 10 seconds
  7. Do roundhouse kicks 4 times on each leg
  8. Finally, rest for 10 seconds

No Punching Bag Workout.

If you have no punching bag, you can always do boxing workouts. Interestingly, you can do effective exercises that will strengthen you and at the same time make you realize your target of losing weight. Below are the exercises that you can do without a punching bag;

  1. Firstly, do jumping the rope for 50 times.
  2. Then do jabbing moves for a minute.
  3. Do dumbbell cherry pickers for a minute.
  4. After that, do the jabbing moves again for a minute.
  5. Finally, finish off by boxing flurries.

Punching Bag Workout For Weight Loss.

Weight Loss Boxing Workout - Boxing Female

Having a punching bag means that you can do several moves using a punching bag. There are so many workouts that revolve around the use of a punching bag. Punching bags come in different sizes. The heavier the punching bag gives more resistance. As you punch it, you meet heavy resistance.

Punching Reverse Pyramid.

This workout is good if you are aiming to lose weight. It is a quick workout but it is highly effective. You start by doing more reps and keep on decreasing the raps of the jabs or punches alternating with squats. The workout routine is as follows;

  • 12 Squats
  • 12 Jabs
  • 11 Squats
  • 11 Jabs
  • 10 Squats
  • 10 Jabs
  • Punches and kicks

This is another workout that you can consider when you want to lose weight. However, you must make sure that it is more intense to pressurize your body. With this workout, you can replace the squats with push-ups or lunges, or crunches.

Boxing Weight Loss Transformation.

People lose weight in different ways. Weight loss depends on various factors such as age, gender the intensity level of your exercises. Therefore, you can track your boxing weight loss transformation to see how you are losing weight. As such, you will definitely realize a difference between your ‘before and after’ doing the boxing workouts.

Boxing Workout Plan.

Having a boxing workout plan helps you to meet your targets. In addition, it makes it easy to focus because you will know what to do and when to do it. More so, you should also consider that doing boxing exercises does not mean you have to entirely rely on boxing moves only.

Your workout must be mixed up with other exercises that are not strongly boxing moves. In addition to that, your boxing workout is influenced by your training targets and goals. For instance, the goals of a boxer champion are different from someone who wants to be in good shape. Below is a weekly boxing workout plan that you may consider following;

1. Boxing Workout.

  1. Jumping jacks x 50
  2. Push-ups X 20
  3. Squats X 20
  4. Lunges x20
  5. Shadow boxing x 10 minutes
  6. Jump lunges x50

2. Strength Training

Weight Loss Boxing Workout - Strength Training

There are various exercises that you can do to strengthen your body. For instance, some exercises that you can do to strengthen your body include goblet squats, push-ups, pull-ups, deadlift, kettlebell swing, bench press, and many others. You can have a workout that fits your training needs.

3. Boxing Workout.

  • 3 rounds of shadow boxing – each round must be 5 minutes
  • Rest for a minute
  • 3 rounds of punching the bag – each round must be 3 to 5 minutes
  • Rest for a minute
  • 3 rounds on speed bag – each round must be 3 to 5 minutes
  • Rest for a minute
  • Do 3 sets of 15 reps push-ups
  • Do 3 sets of 20 jump squats
  • Rest for a minute

4. Flexibility and Mobility.

You should consider the flexibility and mobility day as a day of rest. The exercises under flexibility and mobility are less intense. Therefore, they are meant to keep your body muscles in good condition and loosened after a massive workout. Below is a workout that you can do for 10 to 15 minutes;

  • Walking out to a cobra position
  • Child’s pose
  • Cat cow pose
  • Hamstring stretch
  • Side bend
  • Glute stretch
  • Wrist work
  • Crab reach

5. Boxing Workout. 

The following workout is for experienced trainers who can handle high intensity workout. In addition to that, it is also a long workout, that requires more strength and focus. More so, it is one of the weight loss boxing workouts that you can do shed off fat.

  • Firstly, do shadowboxing with a jab, hook, and cross punches for 5 minutes.
  • Do 3 sets of 50 push-ups
  • Then do a 3-minute round of jabs on a heavy bag
  • Rest for a minute
  • Do a 3-minute round of double jab cross on a heavy punching bag
  • Rest for a minute
  • Do a 3-minute round of the jab, hook and cross punches on a bag
  • Rest for a minute
  • Do a 3-minute round of punches of your choice
  • Rest for a minute
  • Do 15 hard crosses
  • Then do 50 jabs
  • Rest for a minute
  • Do 50 sit-ups X 2
  • After that do10 pull-ups
  • Do 25 lunges
  • Finally, the rest

6. Flexibility and Mobility.

Weight Loss Boxing Workout - Flexibility and Mobility

As you take a day to rest; you can do mobility and flexibility moves to prepare your body for the next day’s workout. Below are the exercises or moves that you can do;

  • Shoulder rolls
  • Hamstring stretch
  • Neck and shoulder release
  • Chest mobilizer
  • Palm squeeze
  • Cat stretch

7. Endurance Training.

Endurance training is good for your cardiovascular health. Therefore, you must dedicate a day to aerobic exercises. For example; you can do exercises such as swimming, walking, walking lunges, jogging, biking, and many others.

Note that this workout plan can be revised to meet your training needs. For example, you may train thrice or more per week, depending on your goals and targets. as such, you can add or substrate other exercises according to your needs. However, it is a good weight loss boxing workout.

Boxing Workout At Home.

Doing a boxing workout at home is possible. For example, you can do your workout without the equipment. Shadow boxing workout is one of the popular workouts that you can take advantage of because you do not need special equipment.  Below is a workout that you can do at home;

  1. Firstly, start by doing a warm-up – you can do squats and jump ropes.
  2. Do the 10 punches for each jab, cross, bob and weave on one side and also do the same number of punches on the other side.
  3. Push-ups X 10
  4. Repeat moves in number 2.
  5. Do bicycle crunches
  6. Jab, double jab, cross, cover
  7. Do push-up x 10
  8. Finally, you can end by doing the jump rope moves.

Boxing Workouts With Bag.

Having a punching bag can make you do some boxing bag workouts. For example, you can turn shadow boxing to real boxing if you have a bag. Below is a weight loss boxing workout that you can try if you have a bag.

  1. Firstly, warm up by doing several jabs and squats for 5 minutes.
  2. Do freestyle punching moves to alternate with kicks for a minute
  3. Rest for 30 seconds
  4. Do power straight punches while jogging for 30 seconds
  5. Rest for 10 seconds
  6. Do the miss-miss-punch moves for 2 minutes
  7. Rest for 30 seconds
  8. Do free punching moves for a minute.
  9. Finally, the rest

Another weight loss boxing workout that you can try using a bag is as follows. This is a heavy bag workout.

  1. Firstly, start with a 3 minute round of jabs only
  2. Rest for 30 seconds
  3. 1 minute round of speed and power shots with 30 seconds intervals
  4. Rest for 30 seconds
  5. Finally, end with a 3 minute round of 5 different punches of your choice

Boxing Workouts For Beginners.

Weight Loss Boxing Workout - Boxing Workouts For Beginners

A beginner has to master the proper form of doing exercises. Therefore, you must make sure that you start by basics in boxing and keep on improving your knowledge. Below is a workout that you can try as a beginner;

  1. Firstly, start by doing a warm – do jump ropes exercise
  2. Do 3 rounds of shadowboxing for 3 minutes
  3. Then do squats for a minute
  4. Boxer bicycle crunches
  5. Finally, do the jab, cross, double jab, and cover

Final Thoughts

A boxing workout plan for weight loss does not mean that you have to rely on boxing moves only. There are different exercises that you can do while doing boxing moves. For instance, you can do squats, push-ups, jog while doing various punches. Therefore, as you work on losing weight through boxing, make sure that you get hands-on the appropriate workouts that can help you achieve your goals.

In the above paragraphs; there are different workouts for beginners, experienced trainers that you can follow as you do the weight loss boxing workout.

Furthermore, there is also a weekly weight loss boxing workout plan that can guide you throughout the week.

Finally, share your boxing workout plans for weight loss that have worked for you.

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