How Can I Add To My Walking For Weight Loss Plan?

Are you tired of it? This article is made to help you out. Human beings are capable of walking for weight loss on both long and short distances. But, this article especially, targets to find out walking for weight loss Plan and what their importance. People have been walking for decades since evolution because from history you learn that initially walking and running were the only means of transport. Currently, history has changed since this is not the case for most of us.

Walking For Weight Loss Plan - walking

The mentality of the 21st century is not good since walking, more so on a brisk is amazing which one can burn calories and reduce belly fat. Walking is a good way to lose weight, it only requires little in the way of equipment.

You can do it more or less in the place of interest with no likely hood of stressing your joints like in the case of running. In case, you are trying day and night the body shape you have kept to admire, it is not a must that starts off doing CrossFit or other any types of intense training.

Walking for weight loss is easy, is free, and it is a great way to start new fitness habits without technicalities. To lose weight by walking simple and you are not likely to incur any cost, this is not an indication that it cannot be done better and reduce belly fat.

The tips below are the best to help you get the best results when walking for weight loss.

1. Choose ecco Walking Shoes.

Shoes are the only equipment suitable for walking and for that reason you should pick a pair whose features best suits the job. The main reason you have to find an additional and suitable pair of shoes is that in order for you to lose weight by walking you don’t have to walk once it is something you will have to do on a regular basis.

Getting an extra pair of shoes might be an additional expense but it will pay back by giving you comfort, ensuring stability thus reducing injuries and foot pain.

How Are Walking Shoes Subdivided?

There are three shoe types depending on the level of walking you are in, the trainers require shoes that are more flexible and highly stable. Below are the main categories of walking shoes;

  • Performance trainers– this type of shoe under this category is made for individuals who do not require motion control and for that reason they are light.
  • Cushions shoes – the cushion shoes are made for long-distance walking individuals to offer them comfort as they walk.
  • Stability shoes – they are made to ensure additional motion control for individuals without extreme stability challenges.

Choosing The Right Shoes For Walking

If you are looking for a suitable pair of shoes which will help you lose weight by walking, you should use the quality test below:

Walking For Weight Loss Plan - walking shoes

The shoe heel – The heels of a pair of shoes made for weight loss should have a length of one inch and below and also there flare should be absent. A good walking shoe should be flat because flat shoes are comfortable for walking.

  • Twist the grip of the shoe using your hands.

The grip of the shoe you are buying for walking for weight loss should not only be able to twist latitudinally but also bend easily at the ball of the foot. Walking shoes are supposed to have flexible soles and also stiff heel counters to ensure that no side-to-side motion

  • Set the desired shoe on the floor and poke the toe.

A shoe which is designed for walking and thus it can help you in walking for weight loss is supposed to be slightly off the ground and should rock a little when poked.

In case, you are searching for the perfect shoe that will help you lose weight by walking, don’t put great emphasis on the brand of shoes you are going to acquire. A flat shoe with short heels may be suitable for you despite the manufacture, in case, you are flexible enough.

You may find a shoe from the recognized brands labeled walking shoes but find out that they have all bells and whistles whereas they are not flexible and flat.

In order to be able to choose well, it is advisable that you put the function before fashion. It is good to look great wearing your pair of shoes but it is more important to look for a pair of shoes that make you walk freely.

2. Does Drinking Green Tea Before Walking Or After?

According to research if you drink three cups of green tea on a daily basis the level of your cell damage and death caused by resistance to practice will definitely go down.

The results of the study show that taking green tea can help you greatly to recover after walking for weight loss. Drinking green tea has also been found to increase the ability of an individual to reduce belly fat during exercise as well as the cases where it is sedentary.

3. Make a Schedule To Lose Weight Walking 2 Miles a Day.

When you decide to partake in anything in life it is advisable that you derive a pattern of how you will be doing it.

The same way a student sets a timetable in order to ensure that he or she focuses on his or her academic work, the same should happen to an individual walking for weight loss. Following a particular workout schedule when walking for weight loss.

It will ensure that you are consistent and also and you are also getting an adequate amount of exercise you require in order to burn your calories and fat. It is advisable to have both long and short walking days but not similar intervals daily.

A good schedule for walking for weight loss should clearly indicate the magnitude of moderate-intensity exercise and strength exercise.

You should set a minimum of 160 minutes per week for health and fitness as the total moderate-intensity exercise time. This time frame is adequate for maintaining weight loss or walking 2 miles a day is as a distance.

4. Listen To Music While Walking.

Before you start walking you can set a nice playlist to listen to, the moment you will be walking. You should have nice songs you would like to hear when making your strides to the set destination.

When you have a nice soundtrack as you walk it will motivate you to walk efficiently and even go a distance further.

walking with music

When you are listening to a soundtrack you may not even notice the time you arrive at your required destination and also the extra effort you end up putting in. For that reason, it is advisable that you look for nice songs and set them as your playlist while running.

5. Know Your Route For Walking Well.

It is good to clearly understand the route you are going to use when walking for weight loss.

Having a good understanding of the route you are going to follow. Then, it will help you feel confident and comfortable because you are assured of what you expect on your way.

Knowing the way you are going to follow also helps you in minimizing the duration. And you are going to take during the walk thus saving your time.

Different routes vary in grade terrain and also length, they are also prone to different risks. With a clear understanding of a particular route, all this will be catered for.

6. Look For A Walking Partner.

When you take on with your friend when walking for weight loss, you will feel free, safe, and also loved. This will enable you to walk to the set destination efficiently.

Research studies have shown that strong support is crucial in acquiring and sustaining weight loss success. And also those walking as a group have been observed to lose more weight than those walking alone. Without your feeling and with your partners you can walk more, I suggest you at least lose weight walking 2 miles a day.

7. Prepare For Weather Changes When Walking.

The time you are planning to start walking for weight loss you should remember that we live in dynamic weather. You should not allow changing weather to prevent you from walking off your tummy. Instead, it is advisable that you wear suitable clothes during any type of weather when walking for weight loss.

In times of heatwave, you should ensure that you walk earlier before the sun gets high in the sky.  And do vice versa during the times of cold snap. You should be flexible to ensure that weather changes will not affect your walking schedule.

8. Walking Before Breakfast.

When you wake up in the morning, your body is always on a calorie deficit, and for this reason. Then, it will definitely burn your body fat. The reason behind this is that the glycogen levels are depleted when you are asleep. And thus your body will be forced to rely on fat as a source of energy.

Due to this reason, it is highly recommendable that you walk very early in the morning. This will greatly help you in reducing the percentage of fat in your body.

9. Walk Briskly.

When walking for weight loss it is advisable that you should walk in a phase that you are good with. Despite this fact, you should try to walk at least at a fast or moderate speed.

The rate at which the calories in your body burns greatly depends on the speed you are going to walk with. So any time you are walking for weight loss, ensure that you walk moderately. The faster you walk the more calories you are likely to burn.

10. Walk To Different Places.

Walking for weight loss is not a one-day activity, you are supposed to walk for a couple of days, weeks, or even months for you to achieve your set goal. It is good that when setting your walking schedule, you set different walking places.

When you walk in the same direction for a couple of days you will definitely get bored. To avoid boredom which may lead you to give up on running ensure. That you walk vary your walking directions.

11. Increase Your Phase In The Right Way.

It is highly recommendable that every moment you are walking for weight loss, you keep increasing your phase. Increasing your speed will help you burn more calories.

You should increase your speed in the right way. There are two simple methods to increase your speed in two good ways, taking longer strides or fat strides. It is more recommendable that you try on taking fast strides since sometimes increasing the size of your strides may cause strains on your legs.

12. How To Lose Weight By Walking And Drinking Water.

It is advisable that you walk along with a bottle of drinking water while walking for weight loss. Drinking water increases your body the rate of burning calories. The researchers have found that drinking 2 glasses of water will increase the metabolic rate of the participants by 30 percent.

walking and drinking water

You should ensure that you maximize water intake during the walking time. In order to increase the metabolic rate hence boosting your walk and the rate at which you lose weight.

13. Let Walking Become Part of Your Life.

In the beginning, you may find it difficult to cope with your walking schedule, just like the case of doing any other thing in the beginning. You should ensure that you strictly do it as per your schedule in the beginning in order to make it a habit.

When walking becomes your habit, it will definitely become part of your day to day routine. at least if you wont to lose weight walking 2 miles a day You should always walk with the mindset that, motivation is what gets you started while habit is what keeps you going

14. Change The Terrain You Walk On.

In the same way, you should keep changing your speed. And another effective way to lose belly fat is by altering the surface you are going to walk on.

When walk-on either grass or gravel more calories will burn compared to the cases where you walk on soft sand.

It is thus recommended that you keep changing the grounds you are walking on to ensure that walking for weight loss is a success.

15. Backward Walking.

When walking for weight loss you should sometimes consider walking backward. Backward walking utilizes the muscles of your legs in a different way than the case when walking forward.

For this reason, walking backward is a great way of rehabilitating from a knee injury. It is the safest on a treadmill but as it is significant to use a deserted running track.

In case, you don’t have a deserted running track. It does not mean you are locked out. And you can walk outside on the free ground. You should start at a low phase to prevent muscle soreness and also for short distances.

Final Thought

Walking for weight loss is a long term activity. For the best results, you should ensure that you persist and you should be also patient. Put in mind that you can walk for a week without reducing belly fat. But with time you will start experiencing the best results. All the above factors are significant and should be done in combination will ensure that you lose weight walking 2 miles a day.

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