Zumba Dance Workout To Lose Belly Fat Fast In A Month

Participating in a Zumba dance workout to lose belly fat is one thing you must not ignore as it will more support you to control chronic diseases conditions like heart disease and type 2 diabetes. In this review are focussing on Zumba Dance Workout For Beginners Step By Step Guidance and lose belly fat. Zumba dance has been proven as one of the fastest ways to lose belly fat in a month.

Are you a victim of excessive belly fat?

Zumba Dance Workout - Zumba Dance Workout

You have nothing to worry especially if you have the tools and got the rhythm to lose excess pounds of flesh as this article is written to help you achieve your target through Zumba dance.

Dancing helps the belly fat to shrink and you do this dance even in your living room with family members and friends.

Zumba Dance Workout To Lose Belly Fat.

Zumba dance gives you a workout that burns fats in a dancing party atmosphere. The basis fusion dance style is the Latin dance moves but hip-hop, movements from belly dance, and even reggaeton are also characteristics of Zumba dance.

The fun derived from this workout can assist you to stick with it even when you don’t love exercise. And since Zumba dancing burns calories and belly fat faster, you can reduce a great amount of weight in a month.

Zumba Dance Workout Schedule.

From the report made by the American College of Sports Medicine, you may need daily physical activities of 60-90 minutes to lose weight.

However, you may not need to attend Zumba dance class to lose belly fat but by paying attention and following Zumba dance videos or DVDs you can still lose belly fat.

If you can’t spare 1 complete hour, breaking the dance workout into sessions within the day can still give you the same benefits gotten from a longer workout.

Benefits of Zumba Dance Workout.

Just like most workouts people do Zumba dance has many benefits it gives apart from reducing belly fat. Zumba dancing involves fast and slow dancing. Zumba dance to lose belly fat works like interval training.

Zumba dance workout the whole body parts and as such helps every muscle group, especially the back and abdominals. Zumba dance helps you to improve your balance, flexibility, and posture.

While you can feel inhibited when exercising with other people, you will gain confidence in a Zumba dance party-like atmosphere. There are many other benefits you can get from Zumba dance apart from losing belly fat fast.

Burn Calories Fast through Zumba Dance.

Zumba Dance Workout - dancing exercises

Zumba is one of the fastest dancing exercises. As earlier mentioned, there are lots of advantages derived from it. Zumba dance does not only ways to lose belly fat, but it also burns calories fast.

One hour of participating in fast Zumba dance can burn up to 446 calories if your weight is 155 pounds. An individual who weighs 185 pounds can lose 532 calories through Zumba fast dance.

If you want to lose I pound, you need about 3 one-hour Zumba dance sessions per week to burn 3,500 calories.

Zumba dancing for 1 hour and eating 500 calories on a daily basis less than required to keep your weight will make you lose 2 pounds in a week and 8 pounds in a month.

This may be a very fast method, but also a healthy rate of burning calories. Zumba dance workout classes are designed in such a way they will offer a large burning of calories via aerobic activity.

It is of importance to know that the number of calories you can burn through Zumba dancing depends on many factors. Some factors are sex, level of fitness, body weight, sex, and other physical factors.

So calories burnt through Zumba dance vary among people. Nevertheless, about 400 to 600 calories are burnt by most people who practice Zumba dancing classes.

Zumba dancing class involves training done on intervals with alternating periods of very high-intensity effort. Difficult moves are performed in the training at a faster rate with recovery periods at a lower intensity.

This workout style burns more calories. It is also better than steady state cardio at burning fat.

Zumba Dance Workout is a Full-Body Workout.

While Zumba dance workout to lose belly fat is a common benefit to Zumba dancers, Zumba is not only a dance class but also a fitness class.

With this in mind, don’t be surprised if you are moving from a very fast mixed step to a long but low set of push-ups on the wall. Apart from fast belly fat reduction and other heart health benefits,  Zumba dance gives your body a total workout.

Areas strengthened and loosened through Zumba dance include head, shoulder, neck, upper body, footwork ankles calves, joint, and every muscle.

The places that receive attention through Latin dance style are the hips and abs. The butts and thighs often get sore after many dance classes. It is also good to know that you will get flexible through Zumba dance.

Zumba Dance Serves as Fun for Everyone.

Many fitness lovers in the world are getting more interested in Zumba classes as most of the Zumba instructors are certified to teach many people in Zumba classes. Because of the high demand for Zumba workouts, many studios and gyms in the world are offering people classic Zumba classes.

The gyms and studios are also offering Zumba for kids, Zumba Gold for senior citizens, even the Aqua-Zumba performed in swimming pools.

Because Zumba workout has a lot to do with dance and music, it speaks a common or general language that people from different countries can relate to. Zumba class does not involve large learning to curve too. New Zumba dance participants may be trained on short and simple dance rehearsals before moving into longer dances.

Zumba Dance Workout - Zumba Fun Exercise

In some cases, new participants may not need the small scale rehearsal but can jump into longer dance. With the help of the Zumba dance instructor, they can cope easily with older dance members.

Zumba instructors do not talk much during the workout. They use their hand and body motions to explain and show the Zumba dance steps to follow.

Tips on How to lose belly fat in Zumba Dance.

Zumba dance workout to lose belly fat involves you being on your feet throughout the whole Zumba workout. So, you need to have or buy aerobic dance shoes, cross trainers or any other proper footwear.

This advice was given by Melanie Kendall on March 23rd, 2011 in an article for “Syracuse University’s NCC News”. When you wear clothes that are loose and allows you to breathe you can easily move. Doing this will also make you stay cool.

You will surely work up a sweat when you practice Zumba dancing. So to avoid being dehydrated, drink enough water before you start and at the end of the Zumba session.

Ask a Zumba instructor for a guide if you are having problems with your knee or lower back. This is important to avoid stressing the affected and weak areas.

Zumba Dancing Steps To Lose Belly Fat.

Did you ever try to practice Zumba dance alone? Did you stop because of a lack of instructions? Zumba can be difficult if you are the type that doesn’t dance.

You have nothing to worry about as you can learn Zumba dance on your own. By following these simple steps you can see yourself dancing it.

Once you know the basics, the Zumba class will be simple. Bear in mind that Zumba has no right or wrong. Zumba dance workout is more about adding your personal dance style.

1st Step: Your Zumba Gear.

Becoming comfortable is key in Zumba dance. To lose belly fat wear clothes that will make you comfortable. Since Zumba involves moving right, left, and down, you need loose clothes. Before you start Zumba dance, have the following in mind:

  • Wear comfortable workout clothes such as sweat pants, tank tops, shorts, and more.
  • Wear sneakers, dance shoes, or other shoes mentioned above. You need any of them to be able to move your feet around easily. Your feet need to be free and comfortable to dance well.
  • Zumba dance workout to lose belly fat will work out a sweat. So bring to a Zumba class bottle of water. Drink plenty of water before and after class to stay hydrated.

2nd step: Let’s Salsa.

Salsa is one of the major dance steps in Zumba. Are you ready to start Zumba dancing to reduce belly fat? Then do the following :

  • Stand with your two feet together.
  • Step to your right side and bend your knees.
  • Move back to the middle.
  • Step to the right side and slightly bend your knees.
  • Go back to the middle.
  • Then, Go through the above steps a bit faster. As you move, slightly rock to the side. Free the upper body and allow your shoulders to move together with your feet.
  • Do this faster this time around and as you rock, add some hip.

For Travel Salsa.

  • Bend your knees and bend your arms slightly. Point your arm to your right side towards the sky.
  • Take 4 steps to your right and move with your hips.
  • Go back to the middle.
  • Do what you did in step one but to your left side this time.
  • Take 4 steps to your left and move with your hips.
  • Do this at a faster pace.

3rd step: Merenge March.

You might have heard of Merenge march before during Zumba class. Although It might seem to be complicated, it is not something to panic about. Follow the following steps to do it:

  • Keep your two feet together and stand straight.
  • Slightly bend your right foot.
  • Go back to the middle.
  • Slightly bend your left foot.
  • Go back to the middle.
  • Do this faster and as interchange your feet.
  • Add arms by placing one of your arms out to the side. Place it at the right side of your left foot is bent and vice versa.
  • Interchange both your arms and feet just like a rapid march. Travel forward and backward.

4th step: Reggaeton Time.

Basic Reggaeton

  • Begin with your two feet together.
  • Bend the right foot.
  • Make sure your right arm is pointing to the floor as you drop it to the side.
  • Bend your left arm and place it to be in the center. Do it in such a way that it will cover your stomach.
  • Go back to the middle.
  • Bend your left foot.
  • Do step 3 again but bend your left arm this time.
  • Next, do step 4 again but bend your right arm this time.
  • Go back to the middle.
  • Last, do the above steps faster.

Reggaeton Pump

The steps involved in the reggaeton pump include:

  • Slightly separate your feet slightly, bend your arms and place your arms to the right diagonally.
  • Contract your stomach about 6 times. Pause briefly after the 3rd contraction and count 1 and 2 twice to separate contractions.
  • Go back to the middle.
  • Do step 1 again but place your arms right to the left this time.
  • You should repeat step 2.
  • Go back to the middle.
  • Try the steps faster and rapidly contract as you pump using your arms.

5th step: Cumba Party.

For this last Zumba dance workout to lose belly fat, do the following:

  • Using your right heel, dig into the floor. Step to the back as you use your right toe to dig into the floor.
  • Move to the left side with your two feet. Use your right foot to take small steps and furtherly move with one front dig. Continue to dig front and back.
  • Go back to the middle.
  • Do step 1 again but dig your right toe and left heel this time.
  • Nex, do step 2 again and travel right this time.
  • Go back to the middle.
  • Try the steps faster and rapidly dig front and back. Allow your arms to hang as you Loosen your shoulders. If it feels weird, put your arms on your hips and let our hips be in charge of moving you.
  • Increase your speed

Final Thought

Involving in a Zumba dance workout to lose belly fat is something you should do. From the article can you now comfortably practice Zumba dance alone? Did you face any challenges as you follow the steps stated above? If you were able to do it on your own or confused at any stage in the article kindly make use of the comment boxes.

We will attend to you as satisfying you is our best interest.

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    Zumba Dance to lose belly fat sounds like not just a good way but a fun way to accomplish this weight loss endeavor.  I have always loved dancing but as we age it can become difficult to keep up with some of the dance moves that modern music has created.

    After reading all the moves for Zumba Dance I feel that even at my age this would not be impossible to turn into a fun workout either at home or join a class.  I was wondering if you have any suggestions for videos showing people doing this particular dance as a workout?  Also, could you refer the music that one would use to do the Zumba Dance?

    Thank you for this article I will be looking for a response.


    • Yes, of course, this kind of exercises are little fun but, most people are interesting for music, then you can lose weight some amount. But if you want more to lose weight, you can follow my other articles for that. You can find more when you go on the internet such as “La Bicicleta” by Shakira and Carlos Vives
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