How to Lose Weight In Your Hips At Home?

Many people usually think having big or large hips is an advantage to them so they will say “what will be the reason for me losing them?”. These are the ways to lose weight in hips at home for your comfort. shapely and sizeable hips are advantageous to your body and health in general with different ways to lose weight. When you have big hips obvious that doesn’t mean that you have muscles there but it is the accumulation of fat and this is more frequent in women.

The following are the reasons or sins that will show you have excess fat on your hips and losing them will be necessary for you:

How To Lose Weight In Your Hips - Hips Workout
  • Sagging of your hips to an extent of them losing shape.
  • Excessive shaking of your buttocks during working such that they cause irritation to you or make you feel you are carrying extra weight.
  • The appearance of cellulite skin is a pale yellow color on your skin and that shows the excessive accumulation of fat in your hip region.

Accumulations of fat on the hip region depend on the type of body one has. In the modern world, technology and skills have increased such that one can control his/her body parts such that they gain or lose fat where they want.

Large hips alter your body shape, transform you into a funny shape that reduces your flexibility, and alter the types of clothes you are wearing.

Losing excess fat or weight on your hips region is necessary for a healthier and happy life. The following are the best ways for you to lose weight in your hips region at home:

Start Your Day With Lemon Water.

If you want to lose weight in your hips or the general body it is recommended that you take lemon water daily in the morning.

Many people know lemon water only as a solution to the common cold but lemon has vast uses in your body, as highlighted below:

  • Vitamin C present in it helps to boost antibody production in the body thus increasing the immunity of the body.
  • Detects and destroys or removes harmful free oxygen radicals that interfere with respiration thus resulting in the accumulation of fat in your body.
  • Maintains the internal pH of the body.
  • Kick starts the metabolism process and therefore ensures proper digestion and utilization of minerals.

As you have seen lemon water has an important function in your body, therefore it will help you lose weight in your hip region easily and faster.

To prepare lemon water is easy, you cut the lemon in two halves and squeeze its juice in a cup containing water at room temperature.

There are common ways to prepare lemon water. But it does not involve removal of all nutrients from the lemon; nutritionist says to remove the entire nutrient you warm the water. 

And cut the lemon into pieces and put it in for a few minutes and then filter. This method of preparation gives rise to lemon water that is sour and will not be comfortable to drink it that way, So it is recommended that you use a teaspoonful of honey to give it a good taste.

When drink lemon water daily, be sure to lose weight easily.  Because lemon also contains acids that facilitate in burning of excess fat in the body easily.

Take Coffee To Lose Excess Weight On Your Hips.

Many people don’t like taking coffee but take tea. Because they think it doesn’t contain excess caffeine as coffee and also because tea is somehow cheap compared to coffee.

Coffee is best if you want to lose excess fat and weight in your hips. Coffee has this ability because it has the following traits:

How To Lose Weight In Your Hips - Drink Coffee
  1. Reduces your appetite and makes you feel full, as a result, you will be taking in little food, and losing weight in your hips will be fast and efficient.
  2. Contains chlorogenic acid that boosts the metabolism rate and also inhibits or reduces the number of fat absorbed into the body, therefore, easing the loss of weight in your hips.

If you are not a fan of coffee because it contains more caffeine.  You can try taking green coffee which is also best for burning excess fat in the body and weight loss in your hips.

The common type of coffee that many people take include black coffee or coffee without sugar.  Or any cream that helps too much in shedding kilograms of weight in a short period easily.

Include Health Fat In Your Body To Reduce Inflammation.

Inflammation is dangerous to one’s body because it causes:

  1. Swelling of the body.
  2. Arousing and exciting body desires
  3. Infection and conflagration.

All these are the negative effects of inflammation that results from an absence of healthy fat in your body and this all results in gaining excess weight.

To prevent yourself from that make sure you take healthy foods.  That contains healthy fat such as coconut and olive oil, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds among many others. That will help you prevent developing inflammation thus reducing weight in your hips easily.

Avoid Eating Of Snacks To Burn Excess Fat In Your Body.

Snacks are those light foods that are taken between meals. People take meals as they wait for the main meals to reach and because they desire them or because of hunger every time.

Since snack is small foods, they tend to be sugary and sweet. They include the following:

  1. Queen Cakes
  2. Quencher
  3. Juice
  4. Biscuits
  5. Sodas
  6. Chocolate
  7. Chips

Just to highlight a few, as you can see they are sugary and fatty foods they will easily make you get extra weight easily. To reduce weight in your hips easily or maintain a smaller weight you have to avoid these foods.

They contain fat and sugars that will increase your weight immensely, always make sure you avoid eating snacks and wait only for the main meal. By doing this you will lose weight in your hips easily and faster.

Bicycle Riding To Lose Weight In Your Hips.

Bicycle riding is an enjoyable activity because it is done outdoors but many people don’t like it. It is one of the best exercises to lose body fat easily and faster.

Due to advanced technology cycling, is not only done outside. But we also have an indoor one that is fixed so you will find it convenient at any time you are at home.  It is the best method for burning excess fat in the body.

Outdoor cycling is advantageous over indoor cycling.  Because outdoor can uses for constructive activities.  Such as navigation and luggage carrying thus considered because of necessary additional weights.

How To Lose Weight In Your Hips - Cycling

Indoor cycling can be advanced by adding leg weights

Use Food With Lower Calories To Lose Weight In Hips.

Many people like foods with high-fat content because it is sweet.  These foods with high-fat content have the highest number of calories. That results in the gain of excess weight in your body especially your thigh and hip region.

Fat is not given priority in the breakdown to produce energy. And carbohydrates are the one that is broken down to produce energy if they are available.

When carbohydrates are present in plenty of fat is not broken down. But stored in the body for future production to be used in the future when the body is under starvation.

So to reduce weight gain in your body and the entire body, you have to reduce taking in fat contained foods that result in the increase of calories in your body. Weight loss in your hips is easy when you don’t take extra calories in your body. Take food that is rich proteins

Plank Crawl To Lose Weight In Your Hips Easily.

Plan yourself for this one and start it today for weight loss. We suggest planning an objective of 15 to 20 creeps. Start this move in a push-up position with your hands straightforwardly under your shoulders.

Let yourself down one arm at any given moment into a board position on your lower arms, while keeping your elbows straightforwardly under your shoulders. Push back up one arm at any given moment into your beginning push-up position.

Exchange the arm you lead with and keep up a straight body all through the development. Lower your knees to the floor to diminish the trouble level.

Rope Jumps To Lose Weight In Your Hips Easily.

A standout amongst the best freehand activities to get in shape for the two ladies and men. It is simple and easy to do.

It is a standout amongst the best answers for how to get more fit. Take your bounce rope and hop for 40 seconds. For the initial 30 seconds you need to do typical bounces and after that go to a hard one.

Before the finish of this session, you will be sufficiently hot to sweat. While hopping dependably keep your back and knees in a straight line. This brilliant 5-minute fat consuming activity will give you the best result. You should attempt it.

This activity is ideal to do toward the beginning of the day on an uncovered stomach. An hour prior to this activity one glasses of water will encourage you to flush the poisons out.

This is an activity that will enable you to get more fit quickly and get back the wellness magic. You can take this hop rope for skipping exercise.

Do Yoga To Lose Weight In Your Hips.

Yoga is additionally a standout amongst the best freehand practices however yoga alone is anything.  But an extraordinary exercise for weight reduction. Yoga encourages you to manufacture quality, increment adaptability. And it additionally centers and loosens up your psyche.

How To Lose Weight In Your Hips - Yoga for hip muscle

For warm-up first sit leg over the leg on the floor, back straight, and hands loosely in your lap.

At that point close your eyes and inhale profoundly and uniformly through your sense for about two minutes.

After that gradually twist your middle from side to side for 15 breaths and breathe out to each side. You can purchase a yoga tangle to perform yoga better.

There are numerous kinds of yoga however what I want to do is ethereal yoga. Yet, for this ethereal yoga, you may require a best-elevated yoga swing.

Disadvantages In The Process Of Losing Weight In Your Hips.

Weight in your hips can lose by burning excess fat. But the disadvantage is that you can not lose weight on your hips alone.  But the entire body to maximize the weight loss for the entire body.

Nutritionists and health specialists have done the research and came to the conclusion. That no specific exercises that target your hips, no matter how specific.  They are to your hips they will still be effective in the whole body.

It is a good experience because the exercises will still help in the loss of weight in your body and maintain your shape.

Final Thought

You can lose weight in your hips easily by following the given above simple exercises and moves. You should try them out daily and avoid excuses that will make you postpone an exercise to the following. Anything you want to do begin it with today and you will get the best result that will amaze you. Avoid junk food mostly, also packaged or processed food.

It takes probably about seven to nine days to lose fat in the hips. It all depends on how much you weigh, what your body is as now, and how bad the problem area is. It takes you to achieve a loss of weight.

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10 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight In Your Hips At Home?”

  1. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. I never knew loosing weight on the hip side is possible until I read your article. I’m not really over weight or having excessive weight in my hips but I would love to share this with friends in order to follow the steps by steps. 

    Can constant eating of fruits help in loosing weight in the hip side?  Thanks for the insightful and informative article. 

    • I really appreciate your constructive comment and I like to share any information in this regards. Really fruits and vegetables are more important foods to lose weight in your body. same as in your hips too. Anyway, if you can fruit consume daily, that will change not only weight but also other things too. This is because a fruit is more supportive foods to lose weights in your body. Thanks and I invite you to ask a question at any time if you have by leaving comment on my site.

  2. Hello and thank you for this informative article. It really helped me. I am not that overweight, but I still have a weight on my hips that looks ugly on a guy. I am finding a way to get rid of it.

    From reading your list I can tell that I do enjoy some the activities mentioned. I do like taking coffee and was unaware that it had these kind of benefits. I also do joga, but not regularly, while I drive my bicycle to work everyday. However, my hip fat is still there due to unhealthy food I eat.

    I think cutting that off will bring more benefits that I ever expected.

    Do you recommend push ups as a way of loosing hip weight?

    Thank you.

    • Thanks for your comment and I like to mention push ups is helping some amount of losing weight in your hips, but it is a more supportive method to lose belly fat and additional fat in your body if you can do that. Anyway, I like to help and support you. if you have any questions, feel free to leave a  comment on my article, I sure I support to more information on that regards as soon as possible. Thanks

  3. Thanks for this wonderful article, it is very spot on.

    I having been looking to lose some weight lately especially in my hip region but haven’t been opportuned to partake in gym activities.

    Was I marvelled when I landed on your post! Sure was..

    But I do have to ask this, you said about taking lemon water in morning daily, and also taking coffee

    my question is do we take them alongside each other or are they alternated?

    Secondly, as a breastfeeding mum is it okay to have this coffee regularly as I am made to believe otherwise

    will appreciate your response.


    • Really, Lemon and Coffee are more useful to lose weight, but only those two things are not more changes in your body weight. but the collection of methods are effectively supported to lose weight in your body. I recommend you to try many of them, then you can see real change in your body weight. But, breastfeeding mum is not suitable daily drink coffee. But coffee is not an unsuitable thing for them. Because coffee is dried like food when it consumes.  Anyway, I really appreciate your comment and I’d like to invite you if you have a question, feel free to leave a comment here, I sure support your question as soon as possible. Thanks

  4. Like was mentioned in this post some people really do consider some weight on their hips as a good thing. I of some cultures that actually encourages this. It is more common for women than they are for men especially after these women give birth.

    I personally like my hip not to have a lot of weight and I perform some exercises that helps me maintain the right hip weight but like was said and implied by experts, there hardly is any one exercise that focuses mainly on the hip. Whatever exercise you perform that is meant for the hip would also have one effect or the other on other parts of the body.

    • Really, that is good to lose excess fat in the body. Such as weight is trouble that many people fight with them to lose fat, to relief their body, to work fastly.  This is because we should try to maintain body fat in different ways. Thanks your comments 

  5. Thanks for writing this article on 10 ways to lose weight in hip, I must commend you for a well done job for doing your findings and research before writing so full of information I don’t know about hips before now. Burning of fat in the hips can takes long time before it is achievable. I will like to ask. Can one combine 3 to 4 methods together   at a time in other to achieve fast result

    • thanks for your comments. If you try to theses process, you can lose your weight fast at your home definitely. Actually, your question is good, I also think about that, but, these two feel for people in a different way, this is because we can not split as a general idea. Anyway, I like to your constructive comments as a suggestion. Thanks a lot. And I would like to ask if you have anything, feel free to ask me or leave a comment on this page.


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