How To Lose Weight In Your Face In A Week?

Sometimes losing weight can become a tough job as more often many of us fail to meet the desired result. The situation gets more complicated or weird when you require to learn what are the exercises to lose weight in face. Who doesn’t want to live a healthy and happy life? but losing belly fat and get good weight loss results in context to the particular area of your body is not always easy. Especially situation gets frustrating when you are looking on how to lose weight in your face.

How to lose weight in your face  - face fat

We All Like To Have A Pretty Face.

But if one morning when you get up, and it looks like your face has gain puffier cheeks don’t freak out! You might be thinking about how you can make your face slimmer and thinner in a more natural way. You need some most effective ways to lose weight in your face. But wait a minute! You do not need to go through any surgery.

There are various natural steps to lose weight in your face. Here are some fantastic tips by which you can lose weight in your face.

Natural Ways To Lose Weight In Your Face.

How Much Water Should I Drink Daily?

Water is right for your health. In fact, if you drink just one glass of water before you take lunch or dinner, you will see a significant weight loss. It not only helpful in losing belly fat, but you can also get some great results and lose weight in your face. In fact, if you drink water with your breakfast, the calorie intake will be decreased by 13%.

Another interesting study about drinking water states that it even helps you increase metabolism by 24%. However, the increase is temporary but yet can be useful for your body. Drinking water helps in burning fat and can be practical and more useful for weight loss. This applies to your body as well as on your face.

The reason water aids in reducing face fat is it swill out toxins out of your body. Thus, it further helps in improving the look of your hair and skin as well. The more water you drink, you are able to prevent your face from swelling and bloating. Also, water decrease fluid retention in the body, so just ensure you drink plenty of water every day to stay fit and have a healthy life.

How Much Deep Sleep Do You Need?

You just might be wondering – how can a good sleep help to lose weight in my face? But a study from health experts says that while you are sleeping, the body fixes itself and goes into a recovery stage.

Therefore, you should have enough amount of sleep. You should consider adjusting your sleeping schedule. Along with getting enough amount of sleep, you should maintain a schedule and timing for your sleep. If your sleep schedule is not proper, then it is vital for you to consider having a fixed time.

Many studies show the sleep deprivation will increase in the proportion of Cortisol. Many stress hormones will cause many side effects that will include weight gain and having more fat.

enough sleep

Moreover, having improper sleep will also increase the amount of food you consume. It will lead to weight gain. Lack of sleep, gets you a tired body and it also causes the facial muscles to droop, and as a result, your face looks larger than normal. Hence, have more sleep as it too can help you to lose weight in your face. So, start adjusting the sleep schedule and be healthy and happy.

Daily Exercise To Lose Weight In Your Face.

Facial Exercises.

Many of us are already aware of the fact that exercise is one of the best ways to burn fat. Now this simple and most effective tip can get you good bodyweight loss result and also in your face. However, doing some facial exercise will help you to make your face muscle strong and lose the extra fat.

Hence, facial exercise can be the best option to lose weight in your face. Now, once again, you might be wondering which type of exercise you can do. Well, there are many. For instance, you can start with puffing your cheeks out or just pushing your air.

Moreover, to get more from just the facial exercise, you can try holding up your smile, make sure you clench your teeth for as much time as you can along with it. By doing this exercise daily, you will be able to lose some extra fat from your face.

Do not exercise too hard. When you start to feel the pain, you should take a break and continue after some time. Make sure you don’t stop exercising daily. Do some of these steps when you get free time, it will help to get an overall image of your face.

Cardio Exercises.

Sometimes, you do not know, but the weight in your face is actually an extra amount of fat. It will not only make you look bad but can also be bad for your overall health. Hence, you should consider some cardio for burning fat. Cardio exercise can be one of the most effective ways that you can choose to lose weight.

Many types of research and studies prove that cardio exercises help in burning fat. Having said so, it also increases fat loss and turns very effective in slimming down both fats on the body and face. For the initial stage, you can start with a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio, like running or biking, at least 2 to 3 times every week.

Even, exercises like aerobics and swimming can be the best option for losing weight in your face. And once you get into a daily routine, then it is ideally recommended to do a combination of these activities for approximately 1 hour, 3 days a week.

The main problem with these cardio exercises is very often people stop doing them after a couple of days. Don’t expect to get quick results or see any changes if you do the cardio for a week.

Consistency is the key here. It is a fat-burning exercise that takes time to reduce belly fat and lead a happy life. Therefore, make sure once you start it, you continue doing it. Even if you are successful in losing the desired amount of weight loss, you should continue cardio.

Beauty Tips To Lose Weight In Your Face.

Benefits of Massage.

The next thing you can do for weight loss from your face is a relaxing massage. Getting a massage will help you to get a thin face as well as a more sculpted face. Although, the massage is just for relaxing your face but will help you a lot increasing the lymphatic drainage in your face. You don’t particularly need to get a professional massage. You can even have a massage at home.

How to lose weight in your face - face massage

Nowadays, there are many types of equipment and devices available in the market for face massage. You can purchase any of them and start using them.

Although there is not any particular science or study that will help you in losing fat, many people have seen the difference in overcoming extra fat on their face. Also, you are going to enjoy the massage. Therefore, you should surely try a massage.

Get Some Steam.

Steam is a very amazing way and is very useful for face fat burning and often makes you feel happy. You can directly get some steam from a steam machine. Do not take an excessive amount of steam, as it may harm your face. Keep the heat to the normal temperature and start thinking about the happy life you are going to get.

Here is the quick tip you can use to get the most out of steam. Take a towel and put it on your face. Make sure the towel is hot. After some time, the face will start sweating.

This simple yet useful trick will release some fat that is on your face. Also, it will remove all the toxins from your face. Hence, you will get a slimmer face. It is very much useful and good for your cheeks when you do the towel exercise as stated. By doing this, the fat in the cheeks will be reduced.

Change Of Diet To Lose Weight In Your Face.

Change Daily Diet Plan.

In the past few months have you gained weight very quickly, then probably you are eating without thinking about anything. You should consider changing it. Try avoiding all the foods that contain more amounts of calories and fat. You should avoid eating junk food.

Also, try eating food made in your home rather than going to restaurants regularly. Instead, you should start eating some foods and drinks that will help you to lose weight. Eating some foods like Broccoli, spinach, leafy greens, etc. will help you to lose weight in your face. This also includes avoiding all the food that contains salt. It will increase the bloat in your face.

Moreover, eat more fruits. You can also try making juice of some the fruits such as orange juice, pineapple juice, etc. A simple change in your daily diet will help you in controlling your body’s nutrients and will also keep you healthy.

Get More Nutrients.

In your push for burning fat and lose weight or even reduce belly fat, you should not stop eating food. Instead, you should eat food, which has more amounts of nutrients. This will help you in getting a healthy life. You should eat more food, which is high in fiber, proteins and contains many important nutrients.

In fact, adding these foods to your salads or in your daily diet will be the perfect option. You will see the change in your face just in a short amount of time. Now talking in the context of losing weight in your face, avoid eating food that has got a lot of salt. As the usage of more salt preserves more water in your body, simultaneously it will make your face look balloon.

Moreover, you must also not forget that sugar also results in a fatter face. To get the best out of it, make a list of the foods like carrots, almonds, spinach as well as drinks like green tea, which are high in nutrients.

Try to make some breakfast out of it, which you can easily grab before going to work. Take some of them and make a salad out of it, take it in the time of lunch as well as in the dinnertime. Make sure you drink the fruit juice along with your breakfast.

Extras You Can Do To Lose Weight In Your Face.

Consult The Doctor.

Before you start thinking that, it is a ridiculous option to go and consult a doctor just because you have some extra weight on your face. Let me tell you, this option is only for the people who have an extreme amount of weight on their face. Even after trying all the above-given things, they are not able to lose the weight in your face. In such cases, consulting a doctor will be an option.

If you are not able to lose weight, it might be because of genetics. They play an important role in burning fat. If it is in your genetics, the doctor will able to guide you to lose the fat in order to live a happy life.

consult a doctor

This applies even in the belly fat and other things. The doctor will tell you how you can adjust your diet and other things you can and should do to lose the extra fat and make a healthy life.

No To Alcohol.

If you are an alcoholic, this one tip is for you, and must not ignore it. You should consider limiting the consumption of alcohol or just avoid it if you intake it regularly. Alcohol does not only increase your health problems, but it also has a low amount of nutrients and high calories. This will lead you to weight gain, including a gain of fat in the face.

Along with all of these valuable inputs, you can do some creative options that will help you in losing weight in your face. The best option here is performing an act like blowing the balloons. Get ready for the next birthday party of your friend. You can also try some other options such as chewing gum.

This does not mean you should just chew the gum for around 5 minutes. You should consider chewing gum for at least 15 minutes every day for fat burning. Although, just note that the chewing gum you purchase is sugar-free.

Final Thought

By applying all of this technique, it is possible to do exercises to lose weight in face and adequately. Make sure you do all the things stated for getting the best results. Also, you have to be very consistent. Once you start applying all of these tips in your daily routine and life, ensure you do not stop in the middle.

As said, it takes time for fat burning, so even if you apply all of these together, you won’t see any changes the next week itself. It takes time and a lot of hard work to make a healthy life.

I would like to see your comments on which of these techniques or tips you are already applying and which one you want to apply. Share your inputs.

16 thoughts on “How To Lose Weight In Your Face In A Week?”

  1. You have listed many different ways that can be used to reduce weight in the face, i really like how you have spoke about various activities you can do without mention facial surgery first. I wasn’t aware that drinking water could help with facial fat, but from this article it seems that it could actually help. Adjusting your sleeping plan is also important to your health like you have mentioned- Which one do you think can help out the most in terms of which one will produce results faster?

    • Thanks for your comments. actually, this is more important for your face to lose weight. those methods are trying to apply, this will be the fastest method to lose weight in your face. Same time, you can keep your face with more beautiful. as well as for your healthy and happy life. Good luck. 

  2. Hi Saman, it is often tough losing body weight not to talk of that of face. I can remember vividly was I was pregnant with my first child, it was as if it is only in the face that I was adding weight. My face was usually bloated early in the morning, however, after the first three months, I started added other places and that of the face reduced. It was hell then trying to find solution to the issue, before I resorted to drinking plenty water.

    Water is a great way of reducing the quantity of food we take, it makes the stomach fill faster which in turn reduce the number of calories intake.

    Great tip on doing facial exercise, I have never thought of that. Thanks for your inspiring piece.

    • Of course, I totally agree with your comment. because many women, after pregnancy, they face trouble with their weight, their belly fat, face fat, This article is more helpful for them to lose fat in their face. And my other articles also may help for you Gracen, if you like to just try to read, then you get more results and more support for your life. Thanks so much your valuable comment and I inform you, please keep a message if you have any question about in this regards. I wish you for a healthy and happy life.

  3. You have offered a ton of good tips to lose weight in your face fast! I am now 62 years old and have noticed a marked increase in the cheek fat that I have now compared to 10 years ago. I know that part of this is just getting older, but I was looking for advice on how to minimize the ravages of age!

    Of the many tips that you have included, the ones I am not currently practicing include getting face massages, the exercises of the face, steaming of the face, and lastly increasing my intake of broccoli, spinach, and leafy green vegetables. I will add these items to my list of things to do.

    It seems as I get older, the list gets longer, and there may be no way to beat back the hands of father time, but I will continue to give it my best shot. There are some side benefits such as better health overall too as I continue to incorporate these tricks! Thanks a lot, I have bookmarked this site to come back, I am sure I need to relook at this post!

    • Yes, Really, I am very happy to hear about that. Because many people use these list of all or some to lose weight in their face. actually, these are more important facts to overweight face muscles person. Thanks for your comments and please follow my other articles also more important to lose weight and for the people health. I wish you for health and happy life for long life. 

  4. I really understand how difficult it can be to lose weight. I’ve been there myself, and I’m still looking for more efficient and comfortable ways to lose weight.

    I enjoyed the methods you’ve put forward to losing facial fat. However, it would be convenient to visit a doctor and have a facial reduction surgery. This may be very expensive for the average person, so I’ll recommend a diet check and also facial exercises.

    How long should I hold a smile or clench my teeth daily? Doing this, hiw soon will I see results?

    • Thanks for your comment. Really, you can see a fast result, if you follow the steps mentioned this page. I like to see your result and this will for your healthy and happy life. Thanks

  5. First of all i really like how You have listed many different ways that can be used to reduce weight in the face, . I wasn’t aware that drinking water could help with facial fat, but from this article it seems that it could actually help. Adjusting your sleeping plan is also important to your health like you have mentioned- Which one do you think can help out the most in terms of which one will produce results faster?

    • I like your important comment and your question. But, I think, the weight loss plans are more important more supportive to lose weight. But, the problem is, many people are with busy schedules, no body relaxes or mental relaxes, every time with office troubles, work troubles, many works. because, if you can try to apply natural methods such as foods and drinks, as well as facial exercise are more important to lose weight fast. You can select the plan with your working schedules, this is because I can directly tell this one is the most suitable for you. Try to select a suit with your working schedule.  Anyway, I can suggest keeping in touch with me, follow my other articles too and ask questions, I can help you any time to lose weight. Thanks so much for you interest

  6. Oh my goodness what an article, you have solved a mystery that I have had for a long time, I always wondered how one can lose weight on the face, because to be honest there was a time, I had gained some weight and after doing a lot of exercises, I noticed that my body was thinner than before but my face looked the same, and I didn’t know what I can do to slim my face.

    I like the face steaming, but I usually just used to do it for beauty, I didn’t know it can help in losing fat on the face, so I have a question, how often should I do it for fat loss on the face? I usually do it when I feel like my pores are clogged up, so I really don’t have a routine. I am guessing for fat loss I need to have a routine?

    You have also solved another mystery for me, the chew gum mystery, I have seen many celebrities especially women chewing gum and I found it very strange, now I know they probably do it to exercise their faces, myself I don’t like gum so I would rather stick to face steaming and those other exercises you mentioned.

    Thank you so much this article is life-changing for me. Thank you


    • Of course, I also, more like this article, because, I also use few of treatment to lose weight, I have to say something, if you use steam from the little age, now you have a little beautiful face no any fat in your face. I use in a little age. You also make feel after steaming, there is more fresh feel to face. And also chewing gum also more exercise to both of jaws, support to lose weight, if you can try facial exercise, that will more support to lose weight in your face. Anyway, now there is a list of methods if have time, and please try to apply with schedule time to apply selected methods that will affect your face to fast results. Thanks to your comments and please try to comment, is there any question on this regards? and I have other articles, if have time, please try to go through and leave a comment on it. Thanks and a healthy and happy life.

  7. Great post. Glad I’m reading exactly what I need at the moment. I have for some time been wondering how someone can eliminate excess fat on the face. I have been thinking it might involve things like surgery, not knowing water, spinach as simple as they can do the magic. I have spinach in my garden; I need not spend a dime on anything. Please, is it normal for someone to have excess fat on the face? I think other body parts would have been preferable. 

    • Tolu, I appreciate you to read my article.  actually, at this moment, many people trouble with excess fat, many methods are used to fat release or lose, but no results. I think this list of methods are more useful for everyone to lose fat in their face. The facial fat is not normal. Some people face much trouble with their facial fat, then that is not normal if they apply treatments to release or lose fat, then that fat will normal. This is because, if you are interested, you can try to apply those methods and check week by week what amount of fat release in your face by eyesight measurements. Or you can ask anything, by keeping a comment on my site. as well as I invite you to refer my other articles too, you can get more information on losing fat. Thank a lot Telu.

  8. To me, it all begins with a regular diet and exercise plan, plus limiting your drinking options to water. Water especially, can do so much for the body it’s a must-have in any nutritional program. Need a pure detox? Water can do this. Keep your skin healthy? Water can do this too. Definitely, when it comes to burning calories and losing fat, water is a cornerstone.

    What jumped out at me was facial exercise, a term I’d never come across before. I’d be one to definitely recommend this as it seems to be made of basic movements (smiling, for instance). So, I picked up a few good tips here.

    • Thanks your comment and I also more like facial exercises and water treatment to lose weight in the face. Many people do not consider about that.


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