Steps To Start Successful Ecommerce Online Business From Home With Wealthy Affiliate 2023

This review is going to convince you about how to make money with Google from home, with the help of Wealthy Affiliates. Because Google Search Engine provides amazing support by letting to use a more supportive tools to take our online business in the real place. Basically, before starting an online business, there should be a supporting platform to train about online business and understand what are their steps to provide for starting success ecommerce online business. So, In this Wealthy Affiliate review 2023 is highly targeting its services and how to train you before starting an online business as a father of the field.

steps to start successful ecommerce online business from home with Wealthy Affiliate

The Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories.

According to the site news, every single day, we can hear about more SUCCESS STORIES of the new members. And some members share posts explaining their profit plan and amount of earnings. Actually, there is NO LIMIT to YOUR SUCCESS of earning if you want. And,  you can achieve the summit of success with less time duration with your powerful dedication.

Before starting first step online business, I think you have to verify the Wealthy Affiliate is SCAM or LEGIT for your expecting online business?

Because, you have idea about, is the platform is the most suitable platform to start my successful ecommerce business online.

Wealthy Affiliate SCAM or LEGIT?

I also had such a strict idea because I have more experience with scamming sites before joining the Wealthy Affiliate Program. But, after joining with Wealthy Affiliate, those all doubts vanished day by day increasing my trust. Actually, it is a trustful supportive platform for everyone to start online business.

As well as, I suggest you read until the end of this Wealthy Affiliate review.

And then, check the Wealthy Affiliate site on any Social Media (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest)  and Search engines regarding this Wealthy Affiliate worth for you to start a online business business. I surely those all sources will tell, the Wealthy Affiliate is more suitable to you and makes more trust and securable training platform for you to start a online business.

But, I know, you need more information about Wealthy Affiliate. So, this will help you to make better decision. And you are in the RIGHT PLACE with a good MINDSET to make such a decision. Then, I can help you to get the correct decision NOW for your long journey to start successful ecommerce online business from home.

So, throughout this review, I will walk you through to provide complete details on Wealthy Affiliate FEATURES, PRODUCTS, TRAINING, and SERVICES provide for the members to do their ONLINE BUSINESS.

Wealthy Affiliate Scam?

In this review, I trust you, I will give you my exact point of view and legit information throughout this page. Then, I convince you, according to this review, and let you know if the Wealthy Affiliate scam or a legit and or else worth it for you to start your online ecommerce business.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Wealthy Affiliate Scam

First, I would like to mention, I am working as an affiliate marketer and blogger with more than 10 years of experience in this field. But, I have joined with the Wealthy Affiliate for more than 5 years. So, I heard some more members, they have more than 14 years of experience in the Wealthy Affiliate. That means, they have more trustiest information than me too. that is simple guessing for you about the Wealthy Affiliate site, see the following members who are more experienced.

Super-Experienced Senior Members.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - EddySalomon
Wealthy Affiliate Review - nathaniell
Wealthy Affiliate Review - Kevinmj
Wealthy Affiliate Review - VitaliyG
Wealthy Affiliate Review - Boomergp08
Wealthy Affiliate Review - AlexEvans

This only a few members of them. There are more than 2.8 Billion MEMBERS Online as a member, to start their online ecommerce online business with the Wealthy Affiliate community.

And Also, I need to make awareness to you all, for this review in the spirit of full transparency,” ( and there are links in this page which are affiliate links, and if you join through them I will make a little commission that will help me run this site, but no extra cost charge from you) I will use Wealthy Affiliates affiliate links to join you. And I will provide everything on this Wealthy Affiliate review to worth for your online ecommerce business full-time ”. Because no one needs to make any doubt about that.

I am not going to market or promote scammers or cheaters through powerful reviews. This is a very real, honest, and transparent review for beginners to know stets to start successful online ecommerce business from home.

Wealthy Affiliate General Overview.

  • Website: wealthy
  • Company name:  Wealthy Affiliate
  • Co-Owners:  Kyle Louden & Carson Lim
  • Founded:  2005
  • Products/services: Domain, Web Hosting, Training (Live), Community Support (Live)
  • Members: Free Starter /Premium/Premium Plus
  • Suitable For: Anybody who wants/interest to build a successful business.
  • How Your Today Rating: 98/100
  • My recommendation: This review on Wealthy Affiliate is not one of the other types of sale pitches or not a promotion advertisement like others. So, this is an honest and the most fabulous review to let you know and make a decision if it is a legit and trustworthy company to join to start your ecommerce online business.

Actually, this is why I try to explain the most enormous help you to make a better understanding of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, Because, there are more scammers in everywhere to catch up you. And they want to take you to cheat for their purposes. So, Keep in mind, without good understanding and trusting not start a business. OK, I will continue my review of what you get inside from this great Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Great! Now, Let’s go inside to balance acescent for their services

Wealthy Affiliate Pros and Cons.


  • Affordable from the beginning
  • Helpful others and more active community
  • Weekly live webinars & currently updates in the field
  • High qualty and more useful Tools are provided
  • All training material are useful
  • Has everything you to start online business
  • Supportive for Beginners and Experts too.
  • Master of affiliate marketing with an industry leaders training
  • Powerful keywords research tool
  • Offer a lifetime free trial


  • No refundable
  • Information overload
  • More training are repetitive
  • Complaining about upselling
  • This takes 3 months or more to see a consistent income with their efforts

What Can Review Inside the Wealthy Affiliate?

A simple snap what the level of Wealthy Affiliate is currently located in the business world

Now, more than 16 years of experience in this field and 195 countries are working with Wealthy Affiliate.  And then, more than 8 million people or members work as premium members. So, more than 10000+ businesses are providing for the world economy.  As well, 1800+ business experts are here. Daily, 32000+ people and more get help from the community of Wealthy Affiliate and 2.8 Billion BUYERS Online.

History of Wealthy Affiliate.

It was started in 2005 by Kyle and Carson, who are owners. So, the Wealthy Affiliate is a great web host company and it is an online training platform to start a business online.

This is an online entrepreneur support community platform. And then, all over the world entrepreneurs are join with this platform and they help other newly joiners by experienced members while doing their business.

Really, It has an excellent online training platform for starting online ecommerce businesses who are beginners in this field. So, there are an advanced experienced member, No matter, on this platform, Kyle, Carson, and Jay their fullest support will get all the members in every time to build their online businesses from anywhere. So, this is because this training platform is called a Wealthy Affiliate University.

  • There is no argument, this may help you to be advanced and get in-depth knowledge about blogging, affiliate marketing, or any kind of businesses
  • And, you can learn every steps how to build an successful online ecommerce business from home at the basic level.  And how to grow it as a long-term business to make money online, in any profitable niches such as healthcare, weight loss, business, SEO, home and gardening, Webhosting, health and fitness, onliine busness, etc…

Further, Wealthy Affiliate offers the most powerful web hosting service for businesses and It has a great and helpful community. And then, it can create a network with entrepreneurs-minded personnel. So, all the community is more supportive and giving hands to you at any time to go up to your business ladder.

And many more members motivate to start online ecommerce business to make money.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Community help and Support

What Kind of  Products and Services Wealthy Affiliate Provide?

It provides every steps to start successful ecommerce online business from home . see the following FAQ for more understanding

Are There Up to Date Knowledge And Experience Trainers?

Yes, You have to learn the relevant field to start your online business. No matter, if you are at any knowledge level. There is core training with the Owner (Kyle). Then, you have to continue your work while learning with the help of trainees like Jay Nail, Kyle, and Other Experienced members. So, this up-to-date knowledge and experience will provide and share among the members of the Wealthy Affiliate.

Are There Adequate Tools to Support any Business?

Yes, The key tools or steps of the business in one location,  you need to use for your online business are as follows:
Step 1. A website is the most important core tool. (WordPress Web design platform, 30Gb SiteRubix storage, page speed analyzing tool, and site review tool)
Step 2. A domain name (free domains and paid domains support tool)
Step 3. An Excellent Web Page Writing Platform ( checking duplicate content)
Step 4. Keyword Research Tool (, Top-rated keyword research tool in the world)
Step 5. Free Image for the post

Can I Collect Site Feedbacks?

Yes, It reviews and comments For the webpages ( To get web page reviews, feedbacks, suggestions, selected niche, and comments for quality development of CONTENTs and LAYOUTs)

Can I Get Community Support?

Yes, It uses for the motivation of each member by sharing information about their achievements. So, It provides a powerful deal to create concrete relationships among the members and make a powerful network. By asking the questions and answering for them and with the live chat support. As well, the members can get help for their business from any of the members.

Those elements and tools or steps will lead up to the unlimited support of your successful online ecommerce business. And then, this will totally help your start your interest online business.

The Features on Wealthy Affiliate.

All the key features can expect for you from the Wealthy Affiliate. According to the details I already mentioned to you, this is true you can get them. OK, let’s go to find which facilities, the Wealthy Affiliate offers for us. So, when you go through this review, you will be able to know, why I am telling you to start a business with Wealthy Affiliate.

Essential Tools For Start an Online Business.

1. Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting Service.

Wealthy Affiliate is providing the world’s number one WordPress web hosting facilities combining with SiteRubix without any additional cost for your membership plan. So, when we consider buying a web hosting service, we should focus on important features of any hosting company that should be there. But, Wealthy Affiliate provides an amazing web hosting service for us without any extra cost for their members. They are,

  • Amount Of Disk/Storage Space (30GB ) for single site.
  • Web Hosting Bandwidth Limit (250K Visitors/month for premium and1000K visitors/month Premium Plus)
  • Number Of Add-On Domains Facility (Yes on WA)
  • Average Page Load Time 1.3 Seconds
  • Uptime Of The Web Hosting Company (24/7)
  • On-Site Speed (Amazon c4.large (faster))
  • Security (SSL free)
  • 24×7 Customer Support (Yes)
  • Pre-Installed Apps Features (WordPress)
  • Regular Website Backup Service (Daily Website Backups)

In this review, you can get a simple idea about the web hosting service of Wealthy Affiliate. Then, the co-owners of the Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson, and their IT Team have provided the best super fasting web hosting service for the members of the Wealthy Affiliate.

Updates on Wealthy Affiliate Feature.

The Year 2020 is the biggest change with advanced development that can see in Wealthy Affiliate site structure, membership plan with features and tools. No there is following membership plan for members.

You will be able to create a MAXIMUM of 03 WordPress Websites that can use for each business for Premium membership (Intermediate Website & Hosting Package ($100/m value)). But it is upgraded with a MAXIMUM of 10 WordPress Websites for Premium Plus membership (Advanced Website & Hosting Package ($250/m value)) with Advanced Hosting Security Suite by increasing monthly visitors from 250000 up to1000000.

Further, Wealthy Affiliate offers more fast Amazon c4.large dual service cloud hosting servers. And also, It is one of the fastest hosting services in the world.

Free SSL Certification.

Today, Very essential features for any website published on the internet. Because Google penalizes many unsecured sites and Google chrome browser also does not support unsecured websites too.

But, today, some of the more hosting companies charge additionally for this feature from their customers as an extra cost. But, I happy to tell you, Wealthy Affiliate offers it totally free for premium and premium plus members.

Daily Backups Service.

I am proud to say about the providing Wealthy Affiliate backup service based on my experience. So, they back up their websites every day by minimizing any technical issues in or outsiders.

Double (mirror) Hosting Facility.

Wealthy Affiliate provides a double hosting service for every member’s website for security purposes. So, the website has full redundancy, which means, if one of our sites is stopped/down based on any reason, Wealthy Affiliate has a mirror website running at all times it will swap in, instantly as fast reaction to stop barrier to smoothly running of the websites.

2. Wealthy Affiliate Domain Name Service.

Among the many domain name service providers, Wealthy Affiliate is an Accredited domain name service providing companies like, Namecheap, GoDaddy, etc. As well as, there are more other companies that also have domain name service facilities that you may know about it. As an important thing, there are no upsells systems for a domain, it only from Wealthy Affiliate. Also, with such domain name facilities, the Wealthy Affiliate site offers you for following additional features without extra cost.

Unlimited Email Accounts Based On You Domain: 

As an online business user, blogger, social media, or any online tools or services, there should be an email address like “” to allow contact with your customers. So, this is because one of the essentialities of a unique email account for an online business or to get online service. So, this will provide any number of email accounts with your domain name.

WHOIS Privacy Service Available:

As an online service or online business, WHOIS privacy services are a significant add-on service for them. Because, everybody doesn’t like to open their privacy details such as name, email address, phone number, paying methods,  etc. on the web.

So, the WHOIS privacy service protects your information from displaying on the Internet, especially for unintended people of spammers, scammers, competitors, etc. So, the Wealthy Affiliate provides you domain security service and premium DNS service without extra cost.

3. Website Buildering Platform (Site Rubix).

Wealthy Affiliate provides one of the best website building facilities by helping with SiteRubix. So, it offers facilities to Build Stunning Websites within 30 seconds.

Which has a complete set of tasks to help all, even those who are newbies for website building. So, it helps to build a very nice WordPress website with a few clicks in a few minutes. According to my experience, I have never seen such an instant and more beautiful website builder. Of course, this is more support for the members who are new to this field as well as, less technical knowledge to build a website.

So, you no need to worry about the technical knowledge of website building.

4. Powerful Keyword Research Tool.

Jaaxy is one of the world’s best keyword research tools. We can not find any other web hosting company that provides their customers with such keywords tool for free of charge based on their membership plan.

Such as a premium plus member who can get Jaaxy Enterprise ($99/month) and premium members who can get Jaaxy Lite ($19/month). Same as a starter or anyone can search up to 30 keywords per month from the Jaaxy Keyword research tool.

This Jaaxy keyword tool is an online tool that helps to find the keywords.

This is another most essential tool to create content that offers by Wealthy Affiliate members. It has content development templates with about me, privacy policy, affiliate disclosure, hosting review, and for create keyword-rich content pages.

This content creator supports you to insert free images, checking grammar and spelling, adding hyperlinks, bullets, and numbers, and changing your content heading to H1, H2, and H3 types.

The most important thing, this tool has when you write and publish an article through this content creator tool, it says your article is an index or not within a week or later after publishing it. Then, you can get an idea on your article is google friendly or no. Then, you can modify or keep it as it is.

Amazing Training Series To Need For Everyone.

The most important thing is the training that provides by Wealthy Affiliate. If you are new to online business, or if you know a little about online business this will be more critical for you to know.

I also had little knowledge of online business to make money online with google before join with Wealthy Affiliate University. But, really, I like to tell, I am learning more after joining Wealthy Affiliate, Finding of the profitable niches, Keyword researching, affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, Adword, social media marketing, and many things about online business.

I especially thank Kyle and Jay who are training us and giving us the best suitable things currently available to make money online with google businesses.

Actually, I had experienced with little knowledge, but, I am learning everything about this online business clearly and step by step from this Wealthy Affiliate University. Really, I salute the total team of Wealthy Affiliate developers especially Kyle and Carson.

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification.

This is the first training series to start you. Kyle is the co-owner who trains us in this certification series. And he teaches us this online entrepreneur certification training by broken down into 5 series of this course.

And each 5 series, of course, contains 10 lessons in which there are several tasks have to complete. And this is an interactive course which more useful because it allows learners to learn and apply at the same time.

Knowledge of Online Business.

Mainly, the aim of this series of training is to help you to build and improve your knowledge and will support you to grow your online business. This is not considering whatever niche you are going to develop. That means the series of the certification course is totally provided to develop the core concept of online business.

Following is a composition of the first series of courses “Getting started”. Some of them are available for starter members. which means, it is available for free members too. The following are the other four sets of training series of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course.

  • Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website (10 lessons)
  • Making Money (10 lessons)
  • Mastering Social Engagement (10 lessons)
  • Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation (10 lessons)

After completing your Online Entrepreneur Certification training, you can get a certified badge from the Wealthy Affiliate University. Then, the next series of training for affiliate Bootcamp training for business.

Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Bootcamp Training.

In the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard, you can find the Bootcamp training. For the easiness of the training, it is broken down into several parts. So, the Affiliate Bootcamp training divides into 7 phases and each phase contains 10 lessons with important to-do tasks at the end of each lesson. Finally, you learned 70 lessons from Affiliate Bootcamp training.

So, which tasks allow learners to practice what they learned from the lessons.

The main objective of this training is to guide and teach you how to establish a profitable niche-related business. And how to promote and rank your business on Google and other search engines. Same time, product review training is here for affiliation and its promotion too.

Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes In The First Phase.

  • Understand the Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program Opportunity
  • How to Set and Reach Extraordinary Affiliate Goals
  • Learn How You Can Meet Us in Vegas next year (Totally Free One Week Workshop)!
  • How to Share Content Within Wealthy Affiliate and Earn
  • Finding and Creating a Successful “Authority” Style Domain
  • Creating a Massively Successful Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Campaign.

Same way, there are 7 phrases of 70 lessons. The following are the main training concepts of the other 6 courses, this is only available for premium members.

  • Content, keyword, and conversion
  • Giving your site social value
  • Get visual. Get Aesthetic. Brand through Media
  • Knowing your audience & Catapulting your referrals
  • Bing, Yahoo & the power of PPC
  • How to scale successful PPC campaigns.

Live Training From Magistudios (Jay Nail) And Kyle.

  • Video Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Keyword Researching
  • Finding Profitable Niches
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Engagement
  • Local SEO & Marketing
  • WordPress Site Makting
  • Content Writing
  • Google Configurations, Analytics, Search Console, Adword, Adsense, and Google My Business
  • And many other topics, etc.

From this live training (webinar) Wealthy Affiliate provides you to access live video classes on different topics. Then, it may more support you to a range of different purposes of helping.

Money Making Online Business.

It helps you to develop an online business and continue a productive online discussion. Such video courses you can get every Friday of the week. So, it is available for all premium/plus members. At the same time very important live question and answering too.

And Also, if you are a Premium Plus member who can join everyday online training, which is conducting Kyle, Jay, and some of the top expertise members in this field by sharing their experience among the members.

However, if you are unable to join the live class, no problem,  there is a possibility to watch all the videos later. Because all videos have been recorded and stored on the platform based on the date category. And, then you can watch them whenever you want in your free time.

Site Support Or Technical Support.

This site support allows Wealthy Affiliate members to get help when something technically goes wrong with their websites. Actually, this is appreciable support with the Wealthy Affiliate technical team for their promptness.

As a member, you can get 24 hours technical support premium and premium plus members, but, if you are a Premium Plus member, you can get instant assistant from the technical team.

According to my experience, this team provides a great deal with Wealthy Affiliate members to solve their website technical problems as soon as request. So, this team is highly appreciated by the Wealthy Affiliate member for their instant technical solutions.

Wealthy Affiliate Communications.

Live Chat Interface.

This one is another best place to share experience and direct answering and questioning from the community. So, you can chat with your general information too. But, it is not generous; time is more important for your online business. So, use this place to answer your important unsolvable questions with the community, and also kyle is also joined with you.

Community Support.

According to the interface says,  “ask questions and get answers from the community.” This place is important for you and others too. Because, If you have a question, you can create and publish to the community.

Then, some of the experienced members can provide answers to it. So,, it will see more different answers or best suite answers from the members that will benefit you and others who have questions like you. Thus, Old members will help you by answering your questions, and even Kyle is active here to answer for you.

Private Message Service.

This service is a private message that allows you to contact any Wealthy Affiliate member privately. For example, if you have a question, a help, or a private matter, you can send it through a private message service to anyone you expect to communicate. So, even Kyle and Carson can contact through this private message directly.

Cost For Membership Plan.

How many membership plans are there in Wealthy affiliate? There are only three membership plans you can see in this complete Wealthy Affiliate Review.

  • Starter membership
  • Premium membership with one .com domain
  • Premium Plus membership with two .com domain

There is no cost for a Starter membership ($0).


Premium membership costs $49 only for the first month. But,  then the cost for $49 per month from the second month.  But, if you like to get yearly premium membership costs $495 per year.

But, if you like to be a Premium Plus membership, the cost for the first month is 49$, from the second month it will be 99$ per month. But, if you like to get yearly membership, it will 995$.

But, especially, with every year “Black Friday Sale“, those two yearly membership plans will reduce a considerable amount of the concurrent yearly plan.

Once you log in with your free account to Wealthy Affiliate, you can see your dashboard. Then, set up your profile: upload a profile picture and give a short description of “who you are?”.

And, then now you can start your affiliate career as a starter member. Then, several times, Kyle and Carson will contact you on how to set up your business from the basic level with selecting a niche. As well, the community members also contact and provide help to start a business to make money online. And I also keep the one-to-one contact with you to start and grow your business, if you are joining throughout this page links.

No Any Experience For Doing Online Business.

No matter,  you are a newbie to do an online business. Or no need for more skills in website building or computer knowledge. Thus, this will train you in all the ways that you need to develop a powerful online business.

Regular Job and Wealthy Affiliate.

Especially, many people like to earn extra money as a passive income. So, news from some members of Wealthy Affiliate,  those who had a full-time job in government or private sector, but not more earning for them. So, the decision was made by them to join with Wealthy Affiliate to earn extra income. And some of the members are fed up with 95% of their full-time job. Because they want to start their own make money online business.

How To Make Money Online Google With Wealthy Affiliate?

I think this will more clear because, with your Wealthy Affiliate Account, you will have all support to start traffic generated niche-based website. Google also provides all supporting reports and analyzing tools to rank. With the help of both Wealthy Affiliate and Google, this online business converts into a make money online business 24 hours a day in 7 weeks.

Can I Earn From Wealthy Affiliate? Really Yes.

I will explain how? if you can earn credits for any task such as training video, text tutorial, and domain registration, then you can use as 2 credits as 1$. Therefore, if your training makes 100 credits with the help of the Wealthy Affiliate community, you can earn 50$ from your Wealthy Affiliate Account. So, this is a more easy method to earn you simple pocket money to expend some of the expenses you want to use for your started business.

Success Stories In Wealthy Affiliate.

There are more success stories can find every day. But, I will very few of them are following,

Motivational Blogs For Members.

  • What are the economics of making $1,000,000 per year? By Kyle
  • Your Chances of Success Are HIGH. By Kyle
  • Secret To Achieving Vegas by Littlemama
  • Happy 4th July – $500 in 7 days! By sgregcrx
  • Yay! My Sale S$9,465.22 Yesterday – Google Adwords Campaign Success! By JewelCarol
  • New commission record $2,000+ in 1 day By JohnMks
  • $3,700+ in 1 day from Affiliate Earnings By JohnMks
  • How I Added $1500+ To My Monthly Income By nathaniell
  • $100K Week. Hard Work Paid Off Huge! By JerryHuang

These motivational articles can see on your profile page by creating free starter account, clicking on following orange button

OK, I explained all the information about the Wealthy Affiliate review. So, now, you also know about that and what can do from this site. But, you have more different questions; I don’t know following,

  • How to start a profitable business?
  • How can I find a profitable niche?
  • How to find an SEO friendly domain?
  • How to find long-tail keywords and LSI keywords?
  • How to find an SEO friendly, responsive, fast loading speed WordPress theme?
  • What is a thing should I configure on my site?
  • What are the make money online strategies? so on

Yes, You can learn everything about the online business, after joining Wealthy Affiliate. And then, you have to participate in the training too.

Still, you wonder of Wealthy Affiliate!,  if it is a scam or a legit company? I don’t think so, now you know everything about it and you will clear all about the Wealthy Affiliate and its activities.

Yes, my answer is the same Wealthy Affiliate scam? No. It is a totally legitimate and more supportive training platform that helps you to build a successful online business to make money with google at home. Thus, it provides the necessary training to develop a successful business. And also, my complete Wealthy Affiliate Review makes you trust the Wealthy Affiliate.

My suggestion is, don’t you be serious about starting a business. Start as a free starter member, then, you can check and collect every information on Wealthy Affiliate. Thus, you are ok!. Take a decision to start your online business now.

The Final Thought.

Special thanks to you. You read my complete review to understand it. So, I suggest this will be a long-term business and a significant investment for your future life.

Then, I suggest if you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate?

Feel free to contact me by putting it down!

And, If you have any experience and additional information than this on Wealthy Affiliate, please join with me to share it by leaving a comment down. Finally, I highly appreciate your support.

Then, I think you trust with my Wealthy Affiliate review and request to get any action to first step on your online business, you will reach the top of the business sure in the future. So, I think you can understand how to make money online with google at home.


If you want any clarification about any of the details on this page or online business, please contact me using the comment below section. Then, I am sure, I will engage as soon as possible. I just suggest you, if you have time please just create a free account, and check what is inside of Wealthy Affiliate legitimate businesses to make money online with google. So, No need to pay any single pence. Sure, this will revolutionary changing task of your total life in the future.

Do An ACTION Today Not TOMORROW, You Will Be The Highest Level In The Future

And then, I suggest If you like this Wealthy Affiliate review, don’t hesitate to share this post with your friends and family, it will be your kind help for me and your lovers too.

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  3. Wow I love wealthy affiliate, there are numerous trainings that I need to complete on this website so I can finally start making some money. I have seen numerous affiliate marketing websites and offers that are scam but wealthy affiliate is genuine so I have to focus on these trainings so that I can learn more. I have completed my training on how to build a website and I have started my first free website all that is left is to start getting traffic.

    • Thanks your valuable comments, I think, this will encourage support to readers and newcomers who are expecting to join with Wealthy Affiliate Family.

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    After reading this blog I have to say I’m impressed with not only their history but also everything they offer.
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    I’m convinced this is worth trying.
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    You can also get a better deal by paying for a year and be on the lookout for specials. You have to enjoy writing if this is going to work for you.

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    Its great that this program has training, support and allows you to host as many sites as it does. And the price is a steal when you consider everything you are getting with it. A key word tool also. Pretty wild.

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    • Sure Rob, it is a great place to start a business they provide much support to start and continue their business. It may business support and technical support. they provide all support to businesses. I really recommend anyone start their business with the Wealthy Affiliate.

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    You touched on many good things that I have never really seen when it comes to Wealthy Affiliate review such as the history and all.

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    Wealthy Affiliate is a very good platform to start out any online marketing business, and building it out with all the tools you need to succeed, on one platform.

    The website hosting service is very fast and the site support is very quick to respond and take action if you have any problems.

    The education you get is also very good and has been taken to another level after a huge upgrade of the platform last year.

    The only thing I would have loved to see Wealthy Affiliate add as a function is a direct access to the CPanel to manage my domains in a more detailed way, instead of having to ask site support to do it.

    Thank you for sharing the detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate. It will be a good asset helping people to decide where to start their online marketing business.


    • Hi Roy,
      Yes, we all have a very detailed understanding of Wealthy Affiliate and its facilities to start a any kind of online business. Actually, no one knows about that because of many scammers everywhere. Without our helping them, they will lose their money and time. And also, Google will support them to find the best platform to start an online business, many of the members try to explain Wealthy Affiliate review. I also doing such an important thing as a member.
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    I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and would never have got as far as I have on my own.

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    If anyone had told me a year ago that I would have come this far, I wouldn’t have believed it. It’s thanks to the step-by-step lessons and help from the community that I have been able to do it.

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    • Hi Jean,
      Yes, sure, now, we can create more than one websites for different niches, it will be a more profitable field and more interesting information.

      Thank you.

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    • Of course Yvonne, it is a great way to start a business and make passive income for everyone. Thanks for your comment.

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    • Yes of course Andrew. I totally agree with your comment. I also learned and trained from this Wealthy Affiliate platform. Before joining with Wealthy Affiliate I had little knowledge about such kinds of concepts as affiliate marketing, Adsense, or blog posting. I learned more about which I want to start an online business. Not only me but also others will learn more like me. You, me and others also now, make money from this learning/training and business.
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    Thank god I stopped myself from that and tried WA. You don’t get to see many affiliate marketing platform like this. It’s a community that encourages you to learn and thrive. Love them for a system they have created.

    This has been a detailed and informative read about WA. Keep it up!


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    For me, the best thing about this WA platform is the training. As you are doing your lessons and completing the tasks assigned you are actually building your amazing website from scratch. Not only you are learning a lot but you are practicing your new skills.
    Another amazing thing about WA is the community. Very supportive and encouraging.

    • Hi Anna,
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    • Hi Mathew&Deloris,
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    • Hi Christine,
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    Thanks for this article reminding me of how good Wealthy Affiliate is! I landed on it two years ago, and I am grateful for it every single day I use the service. They put the members on the top priority, so they do everything they could to support all WA members worldwide.

    Besides the legitimate training to start your affiliate marketing business, you’ll also get powerful features and functions inside the platform. It worth every penny that I pay for every month. So, if people are interested in Wealthy Affiliate, I suggest they take action to try the free trial today! 🙂


    • Sure, I am also here with Wealthy Affiliate and Learn more on Online business with Wealthy Affiliate. I like more their style and legitimation support to start a business. and I appreciate your comment. Thank you.

  19. Saman,

    Thanks for your review! It seems like Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to start an online business. Clearly, there are things people need to do, but content creation is paramount in that line of work. In your review, you mentioned how Wealthy Affiliate has a helpful community, and I like that.

    I believe that there are other website hosting businesses out there as well. How does Wealthy Affiliate compare to those other website hosting sites? Perhaps, the thing that sets Wealthy Affiliate apart from others is the amount of training it has available to all levels of subscribers. Even people who do the free version get a lot of training. Thanks for the review! It’s good to get to know other sites that do this like Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Yes, Robert, the main essential things, the Wealthy Affiliate provides to start an online business it also supports continuing his or her work. As well as their training support and question and answering mechanism is more important for us to solve many issues.

      Thanks for your valuable comment.

  20. Hi Saman, Thank you for the great review on Wealthy Affiliate! Yes, I can relate to all that you are writing. I read again the testimonials of the super successful members, and I learned really, very much. To keep going when you write your content and nothing happens very difficult but essential. We could always stand in front of the port to breakthrough. So writing about 400 posts and reviews makes the difference. It could well take about 2 years before something happens. I will go for it! 🙂

    • Hi Sylvie,

      Yes of course, everything is easier to build a large business with time. With the support of Wealthy Affiliate, we can create a powerful long-term business.
      Thank you so much for your comment.


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