What Are The Best Full Body Kettlebell Workout Plan To Lose Body Weight?

When we talk of its shape, a kettlebell resembles a cannonball with a handle. This ball is made from iron and steel and has a suitcase handle attached at its top. Starting from 8 lbs to 105 lbs, kettlebells are available in a variety of weights. In this article is going to explorer about what are the list of best full body kettlebell workouts to increase strength and useful add for weight loss journey.

A pair of Kettlebells increase your muscle endurance, muscle building, fat burning, and strength development. Without deviating from the original priority, let’s start with the overview of full body kettlebell workout. Generally, when someone tries to shed some weight, he/she takes running, cardio, and weightlifting as the usual choices.

best full body kettlebell workouts - kettlebell workout

However, at times, a high-intensity method based on weights works the best. Because of such a promising method, kettlebells come into the limelight. Moreover, contrary to the troublesome cables and handles, kettlebells help you lose weight effectively.

How Is The Full Body Kettlebell Workout Beneficial For Your Body?

1. Kettlebell Workout Is Versatile.

Kettlebell workouts are not just for increasing your physical strength, it improves the mental toughness of a performer as well. If you wish to classify exercises, kettlebells are suitable for standard straining exercises such as bench presses, curls, and rows.

2. It Helps Gain Strength And Stability.

In addition to its versatile nature, an individual can use kettlebells to perform ballistic exercises. These exercises include, Turkish get up, bent press, windmill, double clean and press, double front squat as well as double swing. These exercises help you obtain vigorous strength, shoulder flexibility, and stability.

3. It Is Convenient To Perform Full Body Kettlebell Workout at Home as well.

Full body kettlebell workout is not just a gym workout. A person can perform this workout at home as well. Kettlebell is unique workout equipment that is capable enough to take you to a whole new intensity, even if you perform the workouts at home.

4. This Equipment Has Several Promising Miscellaneous Features.

Both the ones starting as well as experts adore kettlebells because they are affordable, feature easy gripping, and easy swing. Moreover, this equipment is available in a variety of trendy colors and in a wide range of weights.

5. They Have an Edge Over Dumbbells And Barbells.

Kettlebells provide more efficiency and comfort while performing exercises like swing, press, and pull. You don’t get an equivalent benefit with dumbbells and barbells. Moreover, kettlebells provide relatively superior core stability.

6. They Let Several Muscles Work At The Same Time.

Kettlebell workouts let several muscle groups work at the same time. This workout involves your arms, legs and abdominal muscles, all at the same time.

best full body kettlebell workouts - kettlebell abs workout

To improve your strength and cardiovascular fitness, you can perform a variety of exercises with kettlebells.

A Handful of Necessary Suggestions.

#1. For the ones starting, the 8-15-pound weight of kettlebell for women and 15-25-pound weight of kettlebell for men are ideal.

#2. For people interested in the advanced level of exercise, the 18-pound weight of kettlebell for women and 35-pound weight of kettlebell for men come under suggestions.

Category of Exercises in Full Body Kettlebell Workout.

1. Kettlebell Deadlift.

This type of exercise utilizes the large muscles present in your thigh as well as the muscles present in the back of your body. You can repeat the deadlift exercise for 6-8 times.

2. Kettlebell Swing.

Kettlebell swing focuses on your arms and shoulders. It even utilizes your glutes and quads effectively. This exercise enhances your strength and cardiovascular fitness. If you have just started, prefer to use lightweight kettlebells. After getting used to the workout, you can switch over to the heavier ones to perform this exercise.

3. Goblet Squat.

Kettlebell squats are meant for the lower part of your body. This exercise utilizes the muscles of quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes, and those present in the abdomen as well. You can repeat it 6-8 times.

4. Kettlebell Lunge.

Kettlebell lunge or kettlebell walking lunge utilizes your glutes and hamstrings. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best balance exercises.

5. Kettlebell Twist.

best full body kettlebell workouts - Kettlebell Twist workout

Kettlebell twist exercise utilizes the muscles present in your abdomen. It also utilizes the ones present on the sides of your abdomen and connects your hips to the ribs, known as obliques.


  1. At the time of this workout, ensure that you have a firm grip on the kettlebells.
  2. For a beginner workout routine, one set is enough. As the days go by, you can increase up to 3-4 sets of this exercise.

6. Kettlebell Push Up Workout.

You can perform this exercise to strengthen the core muscles of your body. Kettlebell push up workout utilizes your chest, triceps, and core muscles of your body.


  1. If you don’t have sufficient strength in your wrists to support the weight, don’t perform this exercise.
  2. In case of workout routines for beginners, it is advisable to perform one set only. Later on, the number of sets can be increased up to 6-8 times.

7. Shoulder Press Workout.

This exercise doesn’t just utilize your shoulder muscles, but also the triceps.


  1. Before starting with this exercise, check whether your shoulder is able to withstand the weight.
  2. A person can perform the exercise for 6-8 times with each arm.

All the exercises mentioned above help you improve your strength and muscle growth. Full body kettlebell workout does not limit your location. In other words, you can perform the workout at home as well at the gyms. At any rate, a performer’s capability determines his/her intensity of the workout.

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The Importance of Kettlebell Squats in Full Body Kettlebell Workout.

Kettlebell squat is a unique exercise that utilizes a large number of different muscles in your body and thus, burns plenty of fats and calories.

The main aim of this exercise is to maintain a proper posture and strengthen the core of your body.

best full body kettlebell workouts - kettlebell squats

Kettlebell squats utilize different muscles of your body. These muscles include quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, calves, forearms, upper back, lower back, and abs. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that kettlebell squats are a total body solution.

Kettlebell Cardio Workout – Is it any Different?

The cardio workouts with kettlebell increase your heart rate as they use a number of muscles by initiating multi-jointed movements of the body. An increase in the number of muscles in use leads to a greater number of cardiovascular activities because workouts elevate your heart rate quickly.

How is Kettlebell Core Workout Helpful?

Some kettlebell exercises utilize the muscles present in the mid-section of your body, called the core. Kettlebell core workouts provide strength as well as stability. Therefore, many regards these exercises as compound exercises and whole-body workouts, which require your whole body to work together.

At any rate, your core helps you avoid injuries. Therefore, a person must perform the kettlebell core workout with utmost sincerity and dedication.

Final Thoughts

The full body kettlebell workout is meant to improve your strength and stability. In this article, we have strived to include all the best kettlebell workouts.

These workouts help you perform your daily functional activities easily and with much more confidence. Kettlebells already have an edge over other free-weights in the competition.

As a matter of fact, there is no such weight which is superior to all others. However, it won’t be wrong to say that kettlebells are a member of the free-weight family which are most under-appreciated.

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