6 Best Shoulder Exercises: How Can I Strengthen My Shoulders At Home?

Do you want to develop attractive shoulders? Then, it is essential to tone the same. Note that open as well as relaxed shoulders can boost your confidence. Moreover, it will also make your waist look smaller. However, it is essential to follow proper guidelines to get into correct postures. Such exercises help to improve shoulder power and strength. Besides, it also alleviates the risk related to shoulder pain. Therefore, shoulder exercises for women are necessary regardless the age and fitness. These workouts do not depend upon the profession of a woman as well.

 strength delts for women

Furthermore, correct shoulder workouts help to add shape, size, and strength to the delts. Moreover, it does not take much time to show the results. Beautiful round shoulders can make any makeover extremely beautiful.

So, you should start today to bring your shoulder in perfect shape and condition. You can start your journey at a slow pace with challenging weight. Nevertheless, consistency is key. Thus, you can boost your deltoid muscle.

However, you need to opt for a heavy but safe weight. Thus, you can ensure the efficacy of a workout without leading to injuries. Determine the safety of the weight by lifting and returning the weight to the initial position.

If you are not comfortable with a specific weight, try out with a lighter version. Nonetheless, the weight must pose some challenge to your body. Otherwise, you cannot expect loads of benefits from it.

Shoulder Exercises For Women: Top Six Exercises.

Before starting your journey to the shoulder workout, warming up the muscles are a must. Dedicate ten minutes for this session.

Lateral Raises: One Of The Popular Shoulder Exercises For Women.

The target muscles of Lateral Raises are side or medial deltoids, pectoralis major, and lats. In short, it is one of the best shoulder exercises for women.

Shoulder Exercises For Women - Standing dumbbell exercise

Start the session by holding a dumbbell in each of your hands. It is essential to stand straight in this workout. Position your legs by the width of your shoulder. It is time for rolling back your shoulders. Now, bend the elbow a bit.

Next, lift the arms as long as they can reach your shoulder level. Take some pause. Now, bring down your arms. Perform three sets of twelve repetitions as a whole. Furthermore, lateral Raises come as an excellent back and shoulder workout.

Dumbbell Front Raises.

Dumbbell Front Raises come as one of the best shoulder exercises for women. It focuses on the front part of the anterior deltoids. Moreover, it also works on the lateral deltoids and pectoralis major, etc.

First, hold two dumbbells. Now, stand straight. Position the legs by the hip-width apart. Place your arms on the front side of the thighs. Next, lift the hands and take some pause at your shoulder level. It is time for lowering the same at a slow pace. Execute two sets of twelve repetitions.

Dumbbell Front Raises come with another variation. You can elevate one arm at one time. It is called single hand dumbbell front raise.

Reverse Fly: Among The Best Shoulder Exercises For Women.

When it comes to shoulder workouts for women, Reverse Fly comes up. It works back deltoids, rhomboids, lats, biceps, triceps, etc.

Shoulder Exercises For Women - dumbbell bend over exercise

Start the Reverse Fly by holding a dumbbell in every hand. Take your legs close to one another. Now, it is time to bend them forward at 45 degrees for which you need to bend your knees. Take your hands down.

Raise the arms to your side. Now, take some pause. Lower them. Perform three sets of eight repetitions.

Shoulder Shrugs.

Shoulder shrugs come as one of the best shoulder exercises for women. It focuses on side deltoids, levator scapulae, lats, posterior deltoids, and so on. Shoulder Shrugs is also a prominent dumbbell shoulder workout for women.

Start your journey by holding a dumbbell in each of your hands. Take the hands-on your side. Your palms must face inward. Do not forget to stand in a straight position. Maintain a tight core. Rollback your shoulders.

Lift the shoulders to the ears. Take pause followed by lowering the shoulders. Perform three sets of twelve repetitions.

Standing Shoulder Press

Another best-in-class shoulder exercises for women is Standing Shoulder Press. It targets front deltoids, biceps, side deltoids, pectoralis major, and so on.

Grab a dumbbell in each hand. Position your legs by the width of the hip. Rollback your shoulder.

Raise the arms to make upper arms parallel to the ground. Remember, your forearms must remain at 90 degrees with the upper arms. Your palms need to face forward.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

It is time for pushing your dumbbells over your head. You need to stretch your hands for the same.

Now, take a pause and take your arms back to the initial position. Perform two sets of fifteen repetitions.

Bent Arm Lateral Raises.

When it is about one of the best shoulder exercises for women, Bent Arm Lateral Raises comes. It focuses on lateral or medial deltoids, pectoralis major, serratus anterior, etc.

First, grab two dumbbells. Now, stand in a straight posture. Maintain the position of your legs by your shoulder-width. Take your hands by your side. Your palms need to face inward. Rollback your shoulder.

It is time to bend the elbows. As a result, the forearms can be at 90 degrees with the upper arms. Your palms must face one another. Now, bend the knees a bit and support the back.

Breathe out and maintain a locked position of your elbows. Next, raise your arms as long as these are present at your shoulder level. Take a pause and breathe in. Now, take the arms back to the initial position. Perform two sets of fifteen repetitions.

Shoulder Workout Regimen.

Do you want to shed excess shoulder fat?

Then, it is necessary to perform cardio three times a week. Moreover, taking a healthy diet is also mandatory to accelerate the fat-burning process. The process will take three to four weeks. Then, you can expect to witness results.

Next, you can onset your journey to strength training or weight lifting. These exercises can tone the shoulders. However, it is essential to raise weights under the guidance of an expert.

Shoulder Exercises For Women - guidance of an expert

You can also enhance the shoulder size at your home. Just you need to include barbells, dumbbells, and resistance bands in your shoulder exercise regimen.

Furthermore, it is also necessary to stretch and strengthen your muscles. It will support your rotator cuff, which is essential. Nevertheless, expert supervision is a must in this regard.

Another worth-noting aspect is that push-ups also work for shoulders. It can also focus on biceps, triceps, chest, and core. A regular regimen of push-ups helps to develop strong as well as toned shoulders.

Cooling down is an integral part just like warming up the muscles. It helps the exercisers to rejuvenate and prevent future post-exercise injuries.


Now, you are familiar with top six at-home shoulder exercises for women. Performing these exercises daily will boost upper body strength. Moreover, you can also expect improvements in your personality.

So, consult your trainer and onset your journey today. Remember, proper movements and consistency are essential. What do you think about the above shoulder exercises for women?

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