The Cardio Core Exercises for Bad Knees And Weight Loss Plan For Men?

The importance of cardio exercise has made many to ask for cardio core exercises. These exercises help anyone to burn calories and to lose weight faster especially men. You can easily lose weight in your face as well as lose weight in your legs with cardio exercises. So, your heart rate will increase when you engage with the fitness exercises to lose weight.

This will result in the burning of calories in glucose form. However, not all cardio exercises are good for health and weight loss. From researches made, high-intensity cardio is more effective than moderate-intensity cardio exercises for body fitness.

Battle Rope cardio exercises

Anyway, you can hurt your joints and loss of muscle in moderate cardio exercises. So, it is important to know the exercise for bad knees.

This leads to faster weight loss than normal walking. If you want to know the right workouts, this article is for you to keep until the end to collect the total information. Some of the cardio exercises for men to be discussed in this article will help you lose weight in your hips too.

The Best Cardio Exercises For Men.

The cardio exercises that can also serve as back exercises for building muscle are:

1. Intermittent Sprints.

This is one of the important workouts for men that involves no cardio exercise machines. Then, you can lose over 1000 calories in 30 minutes when you do it. Although you need intermittent sprints workouts to burn fat faster,  Intermittent sprints are a good alternative for running.

Steps in doing the Intermittent Sprints Cardio Exercises

  • Put the treadmill to be in 30 before running at 6 mph.
  • Add more speed—10mph after 1 minute.
  • Keep running for close to 3 minutes.
  •  You should increase the pace to 15 mph to get the best from intermittent sprints exercises. Run continuously for 30 seconds after increasing the speed.
  • Then, reduce your speed to 10 mph continue running for close to 3 minutes.
  • Sprint close to 30 seconds at the end of 3 minutes.

2. High Intense Interval Training Workouts.

You do not need the cardio exercise machines for this. It is taken as a cardio exercise to lose belly fat and battle rope. Now, you can lose close to 500 calories from this high-intensive training for just 35 minutes. It is one of the best abdominal exercises for men.

Steps In Doing It.

Cardio exercises like high knees squat jump exercises, burpees, step, and lunges jump can be done at high-intensity. Then, you need to do them in the right form to lose weight faster. It is regarded as one of the fat-burning exercises for men.

  •  For every exercise mentioned above, do 10 reps and rest for 10 seconds.
  • You must avoid extending the break period to get the best from it.

3. Rowing Workouts.

Rowing is one of the commonest and cardio exercises for bad knees. And, it is also one of the workouts for men and women. Try to practice rowing with a rowing machine. Unlike the cardio exercises discussed earlier, a rower which is one of the best cardio exercise machines is needed.

This is certain of burning close to 300 calories in 30 minutes rowing. Rowing is one of the fat-burning exercises for men you should do to lose weight.

Cardio Core Exercises - Rowing Workouts

Steps In Doing The Rowing Exercises.

  • Now, grab the rowing machine chord handle.
  • You sure down on the rower.
  • Then, your feet should be placed on the footrest of the rowing machine.
  • Keep your chest out, shoulders rolled down and spine straight.
  • Engage your back and abs muscles and pull the rowing machine handle toward your abs. Rowing is one of the best abdominal exercises for men. It is also considered as one of the arm exercises.
  • So, you should stop rowing when your elbows are at your back. Your shoulder blades should equally be squeezed.
  • You should avoid leaning back.
  • Go back to your rowing starting position.

4. Rope Jumping Cardio Exercise.

Rope jumping is one of the best workouts that made our top 15 exercises. No need for many cardio exercise machines other than a jumping rope for this exercise. This will burn 200 calories in 10 minutes of rope jumping. Rope jumping has similarities with battle rope exercises. You might need to read more about the cardio exercises.

Steps In Doing Rope Jumping Workouts.

  • Hold the handle of your jumping rope with your two hands. You do rope jumping by flipping the jumping rope above your head.
  • Now, you can begin hopping slowly and jump the jumping rope.
  • Increase your rope jumping speed at the end of 25 jumps, and jump for more 50 times.
  • Suggest, you need to rest for 10 seconds before jumping again.

5. Cardio Swimming Exercises.

The cardio exercise machines used for the swimming pool and swimming kits. It will help you to lose over 700 calories in 1-hour swimming. If you are looking for the best exercises for bad knees do swimming. Swimming is one of the back exercises too.

Steps In Swimming For The Cardio Exercises Lose Belly Fat.

  • Wear your swimming goggles, cap, and swimsuit.
  • Then, enter the swimming pool and perform freestyle strokes.
  • Do close 10 laps in order to engage all your muscles. You will also get a good workout when done.
  • You can swim faster by learning other strokes.

6. Brisk Walking As A Cardio Workouts.

None of the best cardio exercise machines is needed for brisk walking. You only need to wear comfortable shoes and clothes. As simple as this exercise can look, 200 calories are burnt in 30 minutes.

Steps In Brisk Walking.

  • You should perform a 5 minutes warmup and walk at a speed of 5 mph. Then, brisk walking is considered by many as one of the these for bad knees.
  • Thereafter, you should keep walking for 5 minutes.
  • Then, reduce your brisk walking speed to 4 mph.
  • After that, you should walk for 1 minute at that speed of —4 mph.
  • Thus, you should walk more for 5 minutes when you increase your speed to 7 mph.

Walking has a good effect on the knees. This is why brisk walking is one of the cardio exercises for bad knees. Brisk walking is also one of the many of those. You need to brisk walking and muscle building.

7. Cycling.

Cycling is the 7th cardio exercise out of 15 cardio exercises for men. The cardio exercise machines needed for a geared bike or a stationary bike. It will help you to lose up to 300 calories from 20 minutes of cycling.

Cardio Core Exercises - stationery bike

Cycling is the cardio exercise to lose belly fat you to do. Then, Cycling is also regarded as one of the fat-burning exercises too.

Steps In Doing The Best Exercises For Men – Cycling.

  • You should sit comfortably on the bike
  • And, you should start pedaling the bike at a reduced speed (medium).
  • Increase the speed of your pedaling after 1 minute. You should do this to experience the thigh burn.
  • You should continue pedaling for 3 minutes
  • Reduce your speed for 1 minute and for the next 3-5 minutes perform faster biking.

8. Kettlebells Exercise.

Kettlebells exercises for 30 minutes can burn close to 600 calories. Only you need a kettlebell as the required equipment. Kettlebell is considered as one of the cardio exercises to lose weight because it combines muscle building and cardio training.

Steps In Doing Kettlebells Exercises.

  • You should hold a kettlebell and perform squats with it. Then, you should use it and do walking lunges, kettlebell lifting, and others.
  • Now, you will get the right resistance that will assist you to burn more fat when you add weights.

9. Stair Climbing Cardio Exercise.

The climbing stair is one of the best abdominal exercises. You will lose or burn 200 calories in stair climbing for 10 minutes. None of these best cardio exercise machines is needed for stair climbing. Thus, it makes stair climbing one of the cheapest and cardio exercises for bad knees.

Steps In Doing The – Stair Climbing.

  • You should walk up or climb the stairs.
  • And, you should keep climbing the stairs.
  • Change your climbing pattern by lunging.
  • Try to change or alter lateral with forwarding lunges.
  • Rest for 10 seconds and walk up to the stairs again.

10. Elliptical.

An elliptical is one of the best fitness exercises and fat burning exercises for men. You will lose close to 500 calories with just 30 minutes of elliptical exercise. This also makes elliptical the best cardio exercise. And, the cardio exercise machines needed are bleachers or a flight of stairs.

Steps In Doing Elliptical.

  • You should stand on the machine.
  • You should hold the handles of the elliptical machine with your hands and begin pedaling.
  • The quick-start button should be pressed. Then, Resistance should be added to level 2.
  • Try to continue breathing as you pedal faster.
  • With the same speed, Pedal the elliptical machine backward.

11.  Burpees.

Burpees are one of the best exercises you can do to lose fat faster and bad knees too. Then, You can lose over 100 calories for just 10 minutes. An iron will, shoe and high impact exercise experience is all you need for the cardio exercises.

Steps In Doing  – Burpees.

  • You should squat on the floor.
  • Then, you jump to a plank position.
  • Jump back in and stand up.

You can add this like jumping rope, marching, step touches, jogging, and others to burpees. As one of the exercises for men, burpees are really hard.

12. Squat Jumps.

Squat jumps the best exercise to lose weight increases the heart rate. You will have increased power in your legs. As a result squat jumping is not one of the cardio exercises for bad knees. You need a happy knee, God shoe, and experience. And squat jumps are high-intensity cardio exercises. This makes it burning exercises for men.

You don’t need any special skills to do this best cardio exercise lose belly fat. Only, you can add jogging, step touches, to a 60-second squad jump cardio workout.

Cardio Core Exercises - Squat Jumps

The incorporation of these exercises to squat jumps has a good effect on the abdomen. So, a squat jump is among the best abdominal exercises.

13. Climbing Mountains Cardio Exercise.

One of the best fitness exercises for men and fat burning exercises too is climbing mountains. It will support you to build your core strength and endurance and have your heart rate raised. You don’t need any skills for climbing mountains exercises. For this cardio exercise, strong wrists are required. You should add mountain climbing to your cardio circuit.

14. Bear Crawls.

This is one of the high intensity best abdominal exercises for men and cardio exercises. So, bear crawls exercises are very beneficial to the body. They build endurance and strength and increase the heartbeat rate. Try to consider bear crawls, if you are looking for the best fitness exercises.

How To Do Bear Crawls Exercises.

  • You should squat on the floor.
  • Walk your hands out to perform a push-up.
  • Walk your hands back.
  • Then, you should stand up just like a bear.

Marching, jumping rope burpees can be incorporated with bear crawls cardio exercises in a cardio workout.

15. Stationary Jogging.

This is one of the simplest of it to lose weight. Stationary jogging is also one of the easily accessible fat burning exercises. Through this cardio exercise lose belly fat the heart rate is raised. Then, it is equally abdominal exercises to do before an intense exercise.

You should use it to warm up before participating in any intense exercise. It is a good exercise for preparing your body ahead of strenuous exercise.


The benefits of the cardio exercises for men discussed above can’t be overemphasized. You will not only boost your confidence, but you will also improve your muscle power and stamina. These exercises have proven positive effects by preventing anxiety and depression.

Try to sleep better when you do any of the aforementioned cardio exercises. Coming in the knowledge of the benefits of these abdominal exercises is one thing. Another thing is your ability to do them. Did you have any difficulties in any of the exercises? If yes, use the comment boxes below and let us know how to help you.

Please try to use the comment boxes to write your experiences after these fat burning exercises. There are many exercises for men but the ones you have read are the 15 best cardio exercises.  It has been proven that these exercises for men reduce heart diseases.

You can do one that has a good effect on the knee and vice versa. These best exercises target every muscle in your body. Then, you will attain fitness from these fitness exercises for men. So, go ahead and do them.

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