What Exercises Build Your Upper Chest Effectively?

Some of the best Upper chest exercises for men to ensure training the chest is not a futile exercise and a waste of time is what we will discuss in this article. If you are tired of trying different chest exercises without visible evidence, then this article is for you. There are many benefits of it in the body that has made many to look for the exercises.

However, it is good to know that one of them might be best for you. You might derive more joy and get better from one of the kettlebell exercises than the other. There are also many kettlebell exercises for women and different equipment for it such as machine fly. We took out time to research that and the ones you’re about to read have been tested and considered as the exercises for men.

Best Upper Chest Exercises - workout with dumbbells

You should select 1 – 3 chest exercises in your routine. Perform these exercises using dumbbells for three to four weeks to get the best result.

The Best Upper Chest Exercises For Men.

However, you don’t need to visit the gym often to workout as you can do it at home. You should do the following best exercises to get the best health and chest benefits faster and better.

However, thanks chest exercises for men are:

1. Chest Exercises-Reverse Grip Dumbbell Press.

This is one of the chest exercises for men in 60 days that has proved to be beneficial. It is also one of the exercises at home. Thus, you can do these exercises using dumbbells and it gives the upper chest enough power.

Then, you can even benefit more from reverse grip press exercises when it is performed on an incline press. Not only will you improve your chest you can also lose weight in your face fast from reverse grip chest exercises.

However, you can start practicing the reverse-grip of it using a standard grip for additional work. As you lift while performing reverse grip press exercises, always rotate. This should be done often when you perform on an Arnold press.

How to Do Reverse Grip Press Chest Exercises?

As one of the chest exercises using dumbbells sits down on an inclined structure like a bench.

  1. Then, you should hold the dumbbells used for these chest exercises in your two hands.
  2. Begin with the weights that were held with your two hands facing you.
  3. Thus, you need to position your chest to be strong.
  4. You should now press down the weight to your chest on a 3 count. Stop for a complete count and stretch your chest.
  5. You will lose weight and build muscle when you perform reverse grip press. Dumbbells are one of the home gym exercise equipment.

2. Dead Stop Pushup Is One Of The Best Upper Chest Exercises.

This is considered by many as one of the exercises for men. Dead stop pushup chest exercises are good ways to push your core and pecs. Dead stop chest exercises have been tried and found to be a good method for perfect pushup form development.

You will concentrate on strength from a dead stop when you workout from the floor. Doing dead stop exercises all muscle groups inside of you to pay for bad form. You need to focus on the movement of the subtleties while performing dead stop exercises.

You can equally apply them all to any other dead stop pushup variations you do. If you are looking for any of it at home or kettlebell exercises to do, do this one.

How to do Dead Stop Push-Up?

  1. It is needed to first lie down with your chest on the ground.
  2. Further, you should place your hands outside your armpits in doing dead stop exercises.
  3. Also, keep your toes in a good position for a good push-up.
  4. Next, you should squeeze your glutes, block your feet, and flex your abs.
  5. Don’t forget to practice this dead stop exercises move if you must get the best benefits. As one of the chest exercises for men, you need to follow the steps sequentially.
  6. Now, you should now lift your two hands. Squeeze your shoulder blades the same time as you lift your hands.

Furthermore, you should be aligned when assembled you continue to squeeze your glutes. Go back to the floor in an organized manner through the bending back of your elbows. You should do all these dead stop exercise moves by maintaining your position.

3. Best Upper Chest Exercises-Batwing Fly.

Many who work out with batwing fly exercises consider it as one of the chest exercises for men. Then, you should start batwing fly exercises with light weights to master the move.

Best Upper Chest Exercises - batwing fly exercises

If you have any questions or confusion about this batwing fly exercise or fitness in general visit for help.

How To Do Batwing Fly Exercises?

  1. Batwing fly is one of the exercises using dumbbells.
  2. Hold the dumbbells used you sit down on an incline bench.
  3. Begin with the weights you are holding with your two hands at your pecs. Your chest should be kept strong.
  4. Thus, you should straighten your arms and maintain the position of your strong chest.
  5. Stop for a count as you extend your arms and stretching the muscles. These can also be regarded as back exercises for building muscle.

4. Incline Dumbbell Press Chest Exercises.

You will get the head of your chest clavicular worked out when you press from an incline bench. After, you will add an extra pop to your pecs when you do incline dumbbell press chest exercises. However, you can lose weight in your legs through this incline press exercises.

How To Do Incline Dumbbell Bench Exercises?

  1. At a 45 degree incline lie down on a bench and hold the dumbbells with your hands above your chest.
  2. You should straighten your palms and arms towards your feet.
  3. So, bring down the dumbbells to your chest level, and go back to your starting position by pressing the dumbbells back up.

5. Dumbbell Squeeze Press.

These dumbbell squeeze press chest exercises Improve the growth of muscle.

How To Do Dumbbells Squeeze Exercises?

  1. Hold the dumbbells used you lie down.
  2. Then,  straighten your arms above your chest.
  3. However, your palms should face together. Allow the weights to touch, they squeeze them hard.
  4. After that,  squeezing together for the whole time as you keep the dumbbells in contact.
  5. Reduce the weights of your chest sides and go to the starting position by pushing them up. This is one of the chest exercises for men.

6. Best Chest Exercises For Men—Neck Bench Press.

It is important to note that you can lose weight around your hips in neck bench press exercises. You will need a spotter for neck bench press exercises for safety.

How to do Neck Bench Press Exercises?

  1. Now, you lie down on a bench. However, put a spotter behind you for safety.  Thus, you should also hold a barbell over your neck.
  2. Your shoulder blades should be kept together.
  3. Reduce the bar slowly and in a controlled manner to your upper chest over your lower neck and collarbone. You should now press it overhead.

7. Cable Fly Chest Exercises.

You will offer your front deltoids and pecs a new stimulus through cable fly exercises. It is one of the kettlebell exercises that give tension constantly from the beginning to the end of the movement.

Best Upper Chest Exercises - Cable Fly Chest Exercises

How To Do Cable Fly Chest Exercises?

  1. Add 2 stirrup handles to a pulley cable that is high. With each hand grab a handle and stand in the center of the station in a staggered stance.
  2. Now, you outstretch your arms but bend them slightly. Then, Avoid rounding your back.
  3. Thereafter,  bring your two hands together and don’t change your arm bent position as you do this cable fly exercises.
  4. Thus, you should reverse the movement slowly.

8. Chest Exercises-Decline Dumbbell Bench Press.

Your chest will build well from decline dumbbell press exercises.

How to do Decline Dumbbell Exercises?

  1. Hook your shin below the leg support as you lie down on a declined surface, for example, a bench.
  2. You should grab two dumbbells over your chest. So, straighten your arms as you do this.
  3. However, put your palm to face your feet and the weight outside your shoulders. Bring down the pair of dumbbells to your chest.

9. Band Chest Fly for Men.

First, you should try band chest fly warm up before carrying out kettlebell exercises. However, you can also do this before a great burnout to finish one of the many exercises. This move is very similar to the cable fly but it is more accessible because of stretch band usage.

How To Do Band Chest fly Chest Exercises For Men?

  1. You should put two bands to a stable base just like a tower or a power rack. With your, both hands grab the two bands ends and wrap them around your palms.
  2. Next, you need to stand up in a staggered stance now. Stand in the center of the station. You should outstretch your arms.
  3. Nevertheless, your arms should be bent slightly. You should now lean forward at your hips slightly and don’t allow your back to go round.
  4. Bring your two hands together but don’t change the bend in your two arms.
  5. Thus, you can now reserve this movement slowly but make sure you keep the bands controlled.

10. Dumbbell Chest Exercises Round The World.

First, you have to lie on the bench while doing these dumbbell exercises. Hold the dumbbells with your palms. Lift the dumbbells in a circular motion at the same time from your hip to over your shoulder top.

11. Archer Push-up For Men.

Your abs, shoulders, chest, and triceps are developed from archer push-up exercises. Then, you should extend your arms (right) straight as you assume to be in a push-up position with your left arm below your shoulder.

Further, you should bring down your left elbow to lower slowly your chest to the floor. Push yourself back when your chest is under the floor.

12. Close-Grip Bench Chest Exercises.

Close-grip bench press exercises give benefits to people with a shoulder problem. Close-grip exercises develop strength in your chest. Use an overhand grip and hold a barbell over your sternum. You should straighten your arms as you do this. Bring the bar down to your chest.

13. Plyometric Push-up Chest Exercises.

As one of the chest exercises for men, it gives the chest much-needed growth. However, do it by staying in a push-up position. Keep your feet shoulder wide apart and hands out your chest.

Now, you should brace your core. Your chest should be brought lower to the floor. Then, you should now press in a way your two hands will come off the surface of the floor.

14. Weighted Push-up Chest Exercises.

Weighted push-up exercises give serious muscles when performed.

First, you should wear a sandbag draped above your upper back as you take a pushup position. Straighten your arms as you spread your hands wider than your shoulder. Bring your body down until your chest will come very close to the floor. Stop and bring your body back up.

15. One Arm Dumbbell Bench Exercises.

You will get your abs and chest sculpted to a higher degree from single or one arm dumbbell exercises.

Best Upper Chest Exercises - One Arm Dumbbell

Go flat on a bench with your back and hold a dumbbell in your hand (right) above your chest. Do this till your arm is straightened. Lower the dumbbell slower to the chest right side. Stop and press the dumbbell back up.


Reading this article on the best upper chest exercises for men with questions in mind is not something to be worried about. You are not the only person who needs more clarity or wants to ask questions. So, feel free and use the comment boxes for your questions. We will gladly attend to them.

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  1. Whenever my uncle is doing  chest exercise, I do pity him because of the too much stress he is enduring. Although there is no exercise that doesn’t need endurance but his own was too much from my chidish thinking. The chest exercise he love doing very early in the morning was push-up The one I just knew from this review as ‘Dead Stop push-up’. It is indeed a dead stop because am very sure it is not an easy chest exercise. It took my uncle like about 2 year before he could came out with the result. Maybe he didn’t follow the instructions well ,that was why it took that long time before reasonable result came out. All thesame, he achieved what he wanted and doesn’t relent in the continuous practice. Am more familiar with dead stop push-up than the rest in this review. Nevertheless, this is a very interesting review and will go a long way in helping people. This 60days result require alot of hard work, commitment and perseverance.

    • Yes, of course, it is harder, but results you can see after 60 days. No hesitation, if you obey instructions, and daily with a target if you start, I think, results will see more accurately. Thanks for your comments 

  2. Whilst I no longer go to the Gym, found that the sub-article on what not to do really interesting, it also made a lot of common sense.

    The main subject of “the best chest exercises” was quite a fascinating read, could identify with a number of the suggested routines from my training days, in the dim and distant past, it was surprising to note that some of them have not changed in years.

    Thought that the entire article could be very useful to anyone wishing to have a better chest.


    • Really, it will be more useful for you, if you are interested to build muscles in your chest. And that will be more support for your healthy lifestyle. Thanks for your valuable comments and I like to invite if you have any question and suggestions, please keep a comment on my page thanks


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