What is the Battle Rope Exercises For Beginners?

Just from the name, exercises for beginners involves the use of heavy and super-sized ropes. The battle rope exercises for women and men have many advantages. It adds resistance to the working of the muscles. You don’t need to worry especially if you are a beginner in how to start this exercise. This is because of the availability of battle rope exercise routines in gym or houses.

Apart from the work of exercises for beginners does in the muscles it also strengthens the arms, shoulder, and arm. This exercise also helps in leg engagement. You are here to know how to get a great workout. Those are the vigorous workout that gives one good fitness benefits.

This makes it an exercise beginner should practice.

Battle Rope Exercises - battle rope beginners

However, since one does not just jump into any exercise it is advisable for beginners to have knowledge of the following 14 essential battle rope exercises.

1. Battle Rope Alternating Wave Exercises

These exercises for beginners as earlier stated are a good fitness workout. You will not get your body strained to do the exercise. You need the alternative wave battle rope exercises as a beginner.

All you need to do is to stand and face the anchor point. Your feet shoulder-width should be kept apart. You should also keep your two knees slightly bent.

You should now take the end of the battle rope in your hands. Raise one of your arms to your shoulder level and quickly go back to start. You should do the same thing with the other hand as you lower your back to start. You should do this continuously and as fast as possible.

It is also possible to lose weight fast for women through battle roping.

2. Battle Ropes Double Wave For Beginners.

This is one of the essential exercises for beginners. You have no need for confusion on how to start because of the battle rope exercise routine in the most gym.

You can start double wave exercises by standing and facing the anchor. Just like the alternative wave exercises, you should keep your feet and shoulder apart.

You should grab or take the battle rope end with your two hands. Before moving your arms bend your need and brace your core. Double wave exercises create waves in the rope. You can lose weight and build muscle through double wave battle rope exercise.

3. Shoulder Circles Battle Rope Excises.

Shoulder circles battle rope exercises might look simple but their benefits are numerous. This battle rope exercise for women who are either boxers or swimmers gives the shoulder enough strength.

You can start shoulder circle exercises just like the two aforementioned essential exercises for beginners. After bending your knees slightly, you should hold the rope.

Your palms should face down as you grab the battle rope. You lift your arms to be above your shoulders as you move them in a circular motion. You should perform shoulder circles battle rope exercises in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions for 30 seconds respectively.

4. Low Alternating Wave.

The movement of low alternative wave exercises is the same as the alternating wave that was earlier mentioned. However, low alternative wave exercises have an effect on the lower body. You will now be squatting in this battle rope exercise for beginners rather than standing.

This battle rope exercise routine engages your core and enhances your fitness.

Battle Rope Exercises - Low Alternating Wave

One thing you must know about this low alternative wave battle rope exercise is that both genders can do it. Engaging in this exercise will make you lose weight in your legs.

5. Snakes Style Battle Rope Exercises For Beginners

This is one of the commonest exercises every beginner should do. Beginners simply mean both men and women who want to strengthen their shoulders and increase general body fitness. This battle rope exercise routine is considered a killer shoulder exercise workout. You start this battle rope exercise for beginners just the same way as mentioned above.

You need to squat after you are done grabbing the battle ropes in your hand. Then, pull your two arms wide apart and keep your two arms parallel to the surface of the floor. Your major goal for snake style exercises for beginners is making the battle ropes look like snakes on the surface of the floor.

6. Battle Rope Reverse Lunge Wave.

Are you are looking for any of the battle rope exercises for beginners that will benefit both your upper and lower body? You should then engage in this battle rope exercise routine.

This battle rope exercise for women does not only target the upper and lower body. You will also get your abs, biceps, quadriceps, and forearms targeted.

You should go start with the alternative wave for beginners before this one. You can lose weight in your face fast in this exercise. When you arrive at a good wave, move your leg—right one back to the lunge. You should now go back to standing and repeat while you now move or step the other leg—left back to the lunge.

Continually alternate your legs as you practice this battle rope exercise routine. However, your chest and head should be up from the beginning to the end of this exercise. You should visit this YouTube link to watch the reverse lunge alternative wave exercise for beginners.

7. Battle Rope Shoulder Press For Beginners

Shoulder press battle rope exercises have many fitness benefits to the body. You don’t need any shoulder pressing limitation to dumbbells and barbells.

In shoulder press exercises for beginners using the battle ropes totally is possible. You can start shoulder press exercises by holding the battle ropes. These ropes are might be on the shoulders.

You should ensure the ropes are experiencing tension. You should then press the battle ropes in an upward direction. As stated before, this exercise engages the whole body. As a result, you can lose weight around your hips.

Battle Rope Exercises - Battle Rope Shoulder Press

However, do this by strengthening your arms above your head. You should now bring the battle ropes down to the starting position. Apart from walking for weight loss, you can lose weight through shoulder press battle rope exercise.

8. Power Slam Battle Rope Exercises.

Battle rope exercises target almost all the body parts and as such beginners have a strong desire to practice it. Power slam battle rope exercise for beginners just like the name is a powerful exercise.

As a powerful exercise, it involves strength. However, when you follow the battle rope exercise routine you can do it even as a beginner.

You can start by standing up with your feet and Hip widely spaced out or apart. After you are done doing this, bring your two arms up to be above the head.

You can now slam the battle ropes down forcefully to the ground. You should lower the battle rope to become a high squat. Then, release and go back to standing. You should now do the power slam exercise continuously.

9. Alternating Wave Lunging Jumping.

From the aforementioned exercises—number 1 and number 8, it is expected you are now conversant to both lunging and waving. You need to up the ante more to get more body fitness.

You don’t need to worry about how to start this exercise. You need to first move your leg—left one backward. Put this right leg in a reverse lunge. You should jump up after doing so. However, when jumping into the air, your legs should be switched in such a way that you will use your left leg to land.

You should alternatively do this often without losing form. Also, alternative wave lunge jumping for beginners involves you keeping your chest and head up. Do these exercises often to build and get more fitness benefits.

10. Double Arm Jump Squat With Battle Ropes.

These exercises have a close characteristic to the other type of alternating exercises for beginners explained above. Alternative wave jumps squat exercises target the human cores.

So if you are looking for any of the many battle rope exercises that will have a great effect on your core, do this one. You can jump into the air after performing low alternative waves. However, you should only jump when the waves you make are steady and nice. You should land in a square after jumping up into the air.

You should continuously practice this battle rope exercise for women to benefit more. However, as you do it, make sure you keep the waves going from the beginning to the end of it.

11. Star Jumps Battle Rope Exercises For Beginners.

This is one of the essential exercises for beginners as well as battle rope exercises for women to do often. The importance of this battle rope exercise routine in the body is many. You may think star jumps exercises are out of the world because of the name. However, you will feel the burn through this exercise.

Also, your heart rate will increase as you engage in star jumps exercises. You will feel this more when the battle ropes are well involved. You can do this exercise often you want to engage your back. Start jump battle rope exercise is one of the back exercises for building muscle.

You would be anticipating the steps to carry it out after having known the benefits of star jumps battle rope exercises. By standing in a slim squat you have taken the first step. You can now grab the battle ropes end with your hands. One hand for one battle rope end and another hand for another battle rope end.

You should now jump up as you kick your two legs out. Also, swing both your arms and ropes out. You should swing it above your head and softly land in a squat position. You should land keeping your hands in front of your hips.

12. Battle Rope Side Slam Exercises For Beginners.

Through side slam exercises you will get more fit physically and in oblique. You should face the anchor and bend your knees slightly when doing side slam exercises. Also, keep your shoulder and feet wide apart. You should hold with your hands the end of the battle rope.

Battle Rope Exercises - Side Slam Exercises

However, make sure your palm is facing in as you grab the battle ropes. Then, hold the battle ropes in your body’s left side and raise your two arms above the head. You should now slam the battle ropes down forcefully to the body’s right side.

Continuously change sides as you practice these side slam exercises.

13. 180 Degree Jumps For Beginners.

This is one of the battle rope exercises to do especially when you are a beginner.

It is not hard to do when you follow the right steps. You can start 180-degree jumps exercises by standing up. However, you are not just meant to stand up to carry out the exercises for beginners. Your body—left side should face the anchor when standing.

Also, put the ropes to be in your front when doing this. You should reduce it into a squat. When you are done lowering into a square, jump up into the air.

Nevertheless, this should be done by rotating your whole body to 180 degrees and also turning to the anchor. All these movements should be carried out as you swing the battle ropes above or over your head. You should land in a squat softly after jumping up.

14. Squat To Above Head Press Battle Rope Exercises.

One of the reasons why people do exercises is to make the shoulder betters. You should add a square to achieve this through battle rope exercises for beginners.

This is the last battle rope exercises on our list that involves you positioning your feet wider than your shoulder. You should also grab the battle ropes in your shoulder. Gradually go down to a squat and press the ropes above your head simultaneously. You should go back to your starting position and do it again.


You may have questions or confusion after spending time reading this article. However, you don’t need to worry as we are always glad to attend to your questions, suggestions, or areas where you need more explanation. So, write it down using the comment boxes and we will gladly help you to get the best out of battle rope exercises for beginners.

12 thoughts on “What is the Battle Rope Exercises For Beginners?”

  1. Hi Saman, thank you for these tips. I’m a woman dealing with arthritis, so physical exercises are actually recommended to me to increase mobility and endurance. I was looking for some that would help increase my arm muscles, but most exercises I tried were very difficult. Because of my arthritis, I can hardly perform an exercise for more than 1-2 minutes. I still haven’t found a right exercise for my arms so maybe you could help with that. I feel like a rope exercise would be easier than regular ones, since I can hold the rope (that would make it feel easier). I’m not overweight, so losing weight isn’t a factor for me when choosing an exercise. What would you suggest?

    • Of course, if you are not overweight, this battle rope exercise is more helpful, it uses to burn calories and workouts. if you don’t need to lose more weights, you can very slowly not too hard. Ok, if you have a suggestion and comments please keep on my page. Thanks.

  2. This is the first that I have ever heard of Battle Ropes, so was fascinated to read this article.  At first sight it does seem like hard work, but I suppose that like any form of exercise you soon get used to it, as the muscles begin to feel the benefit.

    Thought that detailing routines for the beginner was an excellent idea giving those reading it an insight into what they can expect and how they can hope to improve various muscle groups. Do beginners need any pre-exercises before they start? such as warming up as we do in some other forms of exercise?

    May have missed this but how much would a set of these ropes cost?

    Most informative article.


    • Yes, thank your comment. The battle rope prices depending on the length of it, normally it may 40 to 80 dollar for single rope. I really like to help people to burn or lose fat for their body for long life and a healthy life. If you have any suggestion or question, feel free to keep a comment on my page

  3. I have always enjoyed any exercise that has worked my core. It has no be said though, that most of those have been fairly low impact. This looks like it would put quite bit of stress on the muscles and or joints. I do say that from the standpoint of someone who has never tried them. I have seen them at the gym and picked them up to see what they felt like. They were much heavier than I thought they were going to be. I also realised that I had no idea how to use them properly and would probably have ended up injuring myself. Do they vary in weight depending on which gym you’re in or are they same wherever you go ? It certainly looks like an exercise that would work your muscles in a different way than the standard equipment would. At least now I have a guide that will enable me to at least try them next time.

    • Really nice comment. Really no, all the Gym are not same, there are some good and supportive trainees provide more information how to do exercise and what are the fast result or not, like more information provide many of the Gym coaches, if you have personal coach, that is very good. anyway, Thanks a lot and I’d like to make, if you have question and suggestion please keep a comment on my page.

  4. Hello there. My friends suggested that I start some easy workouts, since I’m very skinny and have been so all my life, no muscles at all. I don’t want to go to my local gym and I was just looking for some exercises that I can perform at home. Which of these would you recommend for someone who’s a total newbie at workouts in general, doesn’t have a lot of strength and doesn’t really want to lose weight? It’s the first time I hear about rope exercises but I’m so into this idea, it just makes these workouts more attractive. When I was small we used to have a lot of team games with rope pulling, so I feel like rope exercises would make it a bit more pleasurable, since I’m not a fan of workouts at all. Hope you can help.

    • Really, yes, these battle rope exercises are very well, but, there should more continually be doing these workouts, it will be fast results, if you don’t like to go to the gym, you have to use little battle rope for your exercise or you can read my other articles, there are many articles, that will more support to your workouts and it will be helpful for you to lose weight. Thanks for your questionable comment and I invite you, if you have any question, please keep a comment on my page.

  5. Good to know about another interesting topic. So I’m happy that you decided to write about the Battle Rope Exercises topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for everyone who is interested in this topic.

    Especially Battle rope exercises are the vigorous workout that gives one good fitness benefits. This makes it an exercise beginner should practice. Which are more desired for the people of this generation? I have to try this.

    Again thanks to you now I am sharing your post to my friends.

    • Really, it will more supportive to get fast results and more support to burn calories because there should be more energy continually doing single or double wave battle rope exercise. Thanks and I highly appreciate you, please and I’d like to invite you, join with us, if you have any suggestions and questions. 

  6. Battle rope exercise is one of those exercise I love doing at the gym. Because of many benefits that come with it . This is a very educating yet simple breakdown tips about different battle rope for beginners. Whenever am doing this exercise, am always after cardio improvement first and other impression follows. For cardio, I make sure I get the the  exercise expecially the alternate wave and double wave done as fast as possible to get quick result. I understand this might not be too easy for a beginner but with frequent practice, they will get use to it. I think, individuals have the styles that they find more comfortable and more yielding.

    • That is a good opinion for beginners, because, they don’t know what should do for fast results and effective results, this will be more supportive information for them. and If you are interested this is the more effective exercise for man and women too.  Thanks for your comment and I like to invite if you have a suggestion and question, please keep a comment on my page. 


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