How Can I Build A Muscle With A Total Gym Full Body Workout Plan?

You can go to a gym and ask for the best exercises and moves that you can practice out and help you burn your excess fat and loose muscles with a total gym workout routine for weight loss. They will just show you an open place and tell you to start doing some exercises that will leave you totally exhausted and panting on the floor in a situation in which you can’t go on with the exercise again.

These exercises called the burpees, which involve moves such as hip-hinge, plank, pushup, squat, and jump. As you see it involves up and down movements that will consume a lot of energy and needs dedication for you to master them and be able to them all freely and softly without panting a lot. These exercises not only make you tired but also help you to lose fat on your body and in turn to replace by muscles other natural exercises that will enable you to lose weight can find them.

During these exercises, your body consumes a lot of energy that will make your respiratory tissues require extra substrates to burn in order to produce the energy required by the muscles.

The available raw material will be stored fat in your body.

Benefit of Workout For Losing Weight

Working out offers numerous benefits for losing weight, both directly and indirectly. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Calorie Burn: Exercise burns calories, which is essential for creating a calorie deficit necessary for weight loss. The more intense the exercise, the more calories you burn during and after the workout (due to the afterburn effect).
  2. Increased Metabolism: Regular exercise can boost your metabolism, making your body more efficient at burning calories even when you’re at rest. This effect can contribute to weight loss over time.
  3. Preservation of Lean Muscle Mass: When you lose weight, you want to minimize the loss of lean muscle mass. Strength training exercises, in particular, can help preserve and even build muscle while losing fat.
  4. Appetite Regulation: Exercise can help regulate appetite hormones, making you feel less hungry and reducing the likelihood of overeating.
  5. Improved Insulin Sensitivity: Exercise helps your body use insulin more effectively, which can lower blood sugar levels and reduce fat storage, especially around the abdomen.
  6. Enhanced Fat Oxidation: Regular physical activity increases the body’s ability to use fat as a fuel source, which can aid in weight loss.
  7. Mood Enhancement and Stress Reduction: Exercise releases endorphins, which can improve mood and reduce stress. This can help prevent emotional eating and support healthier habits.
  8. Better Sleep: Regular exercise is linked to improved sleep quality, and getting enough sleep is crucial for weight management. Poor sleep can disrupt hunger hormones and increase cravings for unhealthy foods.
  9. Increased Energy Expenditure: Incorporating physical activity into your daily routine increases overall energy expenditure, contributing to weight loss over time.
  10. Long-term Weight Maintenance: Regular exercise is essential for maintaining weight loss over the long term. It helps prevent weight regain by supporting a healthy metabolism and promoting positive lifestyle habits.

It’s important to note that while exercise is beneficial for weight loss, it should be combined with a healthy diet for optimal results. Additionally, it’s crucial to find activities you enjoy and can sustain over the long term to make exercise a regular part of your lifestyle.

To Strong Muscles And Replace Fat

They can break down to produce energy and remember this exercise is gradual thus it will take a quite long time for the effect and realize and that is why we encourage you to do these exercises daily or frequently for best results.

The burning fat that turns to replace the muscles will be stronger. These burpees are very important when it comes to do full body workouts for weight loss.

To master these moves you have to know how they can do, you need to know their procedure and how can they do it correctly.

So today I am going to get rolling into details and come up with the 16 Total Gym full-body workout moves that will help you burn fat and build muscles.  I prove to these are workable and with high positive results. They include:

Barbell For Gym Full Body Workout

This is a burpee movement because it also involves the up and down movement but it is an advanced movement that is not just a walk in the park.

This is an advanced method because it involves carrying a weight.

You start this move by placing your chest on a two-wheeled weight and do a press up while holding the axle of the wheel once then stand up carrying the weight with and lift it up until your hands are straight upwards in the air.

Then return it to the original position and repeat the procedure 10 times, take a break while jogging around to get enough breathe before you come, and repeat it again until it is 3 sets.

Jump Rope – Gym Full Body Workout

One might see jumping ropes as children games on the street and for boxers who want to perfect their speed.

It is also suitable for you as it makes your muscles relax and be able to perform other moves easily, as it increases the flexibility of your body.

You need to wear proper dressing and if you are a lady does not recommend skirts. You stand in an open ground with the rope held with both your hands.

Make sure it is touching the ground but not too long and it should be at your back. Be attentive to it move it slowly to the front via your head and be prepared to jump when it reaches your legs.

Repeat until you gain a swift movement that has no interruptions. It can advance by increasing the speed of the rope.

Medicine Ball Workout Routines

This is one of the best exercises because it not only helps you to burn fat and build muscles but also relieves you from the stress and other forms of boredom you might have had during the day.

Because it requires concentration also for you to be successful in it. You hold the ball in your hand and move it up over your head until you are on toes.

And then with all your body that is the core, hips, and arms slam it down on the floor with a lot of energy.

After you have slammed it down be careful as you will need to catch the ball against your chest as it bounces back.

At first, you will be having problems with the procedure but once you have done it severally you will be swift with it and you will be enjoying it. Keep repeating the procedure until you are tired.

Leg Workout Routine For Men.

This method invented by an American gym coach who intended to help people with exercising their tummy muscles and to burn excess fat.

You have to stand straight upwards with your legs spread a little more than the length between your shoulders and place your hands on your chest.

When you have a dumbbell you have to hold it vertically between your hands and if it is a kettlebell just hold it by its hands/horns.

Slowly start squatting and ensure your hands go in between your knees and go as low as possible then slowly go back to the original position. Repeat it 20 times in three different sets.

Best Dumbbell Exercises.

This is the method that can use by the Olympics commonly to improve the metabolic process of the muscles on their backsides.

It is done by lifting the weight of the barbell or the dumbbell; you stand firmly with your legs well spread to make sure you have enough support during lifting.

The weight should be in front of you and you have to start by pulling it from the ground and place it on your knees and the next thing is you bend a little and gain more energy and immediately lift it to the chest and finish the last step by lifting it above your head.

Then slowly return it to the original location and repeat it 5 times in four different sets.

This move is no joke but it massively helps in the burning of fat and building of muscles, you can start by lifting smaller weights before you move to larger weights.

Dumbbell Skier Swing Or Alternating Kettle Swing.

In the dumbbell skier swing, you have to stand in an upright position with your legs put together to avoid hitting yourself during the swing.

Hold the dumbbells of relevant weight in your hands and slightly bend forward so that to minimize the movement of your legs and maximize the movement of the hips and the entire torso.

As you move the weights in front make sure your hips go back furthest.

In alternating kettlebell swing, position yourself similar to in dumbbell and hold the kettlebell weight in your hands but this time your hands will be moving in the opposite direction that is when one hand forward to the other one is at the back.

Dumbbell Farmers Walk.

When others here walking is also an exercise that will help you burn fat and build muscles they will laugh but for real this walk is a superb exercise that yields positive results.

This is not that ordinary exercise but an advanced one. You walk but you add dumbbell weights to your hands that are almost half of your weight. Then start walking for some distances slowly.

You should carry enough weight that will make you feel them.

Box Squat Jump Exercise and Total Gym Workout

This is a move that is meant to make you stretch your tummy and thigh muscles by limiting the moving space of your legs.

You should have two boxes one of shorter height while the other is slightly taller. The space between the boxes should be smaller and limited only for your legs.

You stand in the middle of the boxes facing the taller one. Slowly squat and sit on the small box and jump immediately on top of the tall box and then return to the original position and repeat the movement severally.

Step Up Jump Workout Exercise.

In this workout, you have to find the place that raises maybe a bench or those gym tables that one lies on when carrying the weights.

It should be of a certain height such that when you place one of your legs on it, your knees are in line with the hips.

So you place one of your legs on top of it and when you jump up to bring the leg that was on top-down and exchange it with the other leg.

Repeat it 30 times in three different sets.

Battle Rope Exercises and Total Gye Workout

In this, you have two ropes held in both hands to battle with while either you are sitting or standing to make them produce a different pattern of waves.

You can start by making them produce similar waves; produce alternating waves; produce inner and outer waves; seated hip toast which is commonly known as the Russian twist or the counterclockwise movements.

I have just mentioned a few patterns which you can battle with the ropes to produce but there are many patterns including your creativity.

Bear Crawl Exercise

This method is similar to that young child who is about to walk that is he/she moves with hands and legs but without the knees touching down.

You have to clear the floor and have enough or go to an open ground such as the field and set yourself as if you want to do press ups that are supporting yourself on the ground with your legs and hands.

Start moving around on fours around and move several meters before you rest then continue again.

Walking Lunges Exercise

This exercise also involves walking but in an advanced way. You start by standing upright with your hands akimbo or touching your waist with both hands.

You move one leg forward by making a big stride and in the remaining leg, you bend its knees until it touches the floor slowly and lift it up and move it in front of the other leg and repeat the same procedure.

Box Thruster Exercise

An exercise that will make physically fit such that when you go to the place where you are told sit and stand every time you won’t care.

In this, you place a box down on the floor in which you will be sitting during the exercise.

Stand in front of the box facing away from it with the dumbbell weights in both your hands or other relevant weights and place them on your shoulder and sit. You stand to lift them up and return them and then sit.

Repeat 30 times in three different sets.

TRX Shoulder Exercises

A machine that has long two belts attached to it which you hold.

To do this exercise you must have nonslippery shoes to prevent you from falling and injuring yourself.

You hold those ropes in your hands and leans back without bending your body and support yourself with the ropes.

Then return to an upright position by folding your arms, repeat it as many times as possible.

Blast Off Push Up Exercise.

This is just like the normal push up exercise but it is a little different because it involves a total movement of the body.

That is after the push up you have to bring your body back till your hips are up to your toes and then you repeat the push up procedure.

Skater Jump Exercise.

This is the simplest move that involves total body movement.

You jump up sideways left and right alternating the legs that can use to step down. In this move, you should not allow your legs to meet down at the same time.

When you move to the right your left leg has to suspend and vise versa.


These are some of the most successful methods with total Gym full body workout routine ever known in the process of losing fat and muscle building. In order to do your exercises successfully make sure you dress accordingly and if you are a lady always avoid wearing dresses or skirts during the exercise.

A tight trouser or a short is more preferred with a fitting top or vest for men. These exercise at the beginning they might seem demanding but with the time you will be comfortable in doing them because as you practice your fitness increases thus the ease in doing them.

There are other methods to lose especially belly fat that is not mentioned here but you can find them here at best abs exercise to lose belly fat. Never give up in doing these physical exercises because persistence will always give positive results.

If the article has benefited you don’t forget to leave a comment below and share it with your family and friends so that they can benefit too.


How long should you workout on a Total Gym?

Your first new exercise routine should consist of two to three sessions per week, with each session lasting anywhere from twenty to forty minutes, with the ultimate goal of increasing the length of your workouts to sixty minutes within the first month.

Is Total Gym an effective workout?

If one arm pushes or pulls more than the other, you are going to notice it. A workout on a Total Gym is challenging enough for almost anyone, but it really excels at forcing your muscles to stabilize your joints as they exert power. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about accidentally dumping any weights on yourself at any point.

Can you really build muscle with Total Gym?

It doesn’t matter if you’re working on your legs, abs, biceps, triceps, chest, or shoulders; just make sure that your motions are calm, smooth, and controlled. Developing larger, better, and more powerful muscles may be accomplished with the assistance of The Complete Gym by simply using the apparatus in the correct manner.

How long does it take to see results from the Total Gym?

When it comes to your muscle fitness, you should anticipate seeing very minor changes in the first few weeks. If an individual commits to a consistent resistance training program and works out three to six times per week, they can see a 25 to 100 percent improvement in their muscular fitness within three to six months.

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  1. This is great advice for anyone.  I am a diabetic and I am over weight so I am always looking for good exercises to help me with weight loss.  At age 51 it is getting harder and harder on a daily basis to make the fat come off.  I will absolutely be trying a few of these to see if they work for me.  Im not scared of hard work for something that is going to work.  Thank you for all the great advice.

    • That is good for you really, because, fat man or woman is more essential those 16 workouts, I think this practices are more useful such person like fat person. Actually, I also practice not only same time, but different time in the day. Anyone like to maintain their body with strength and powerful,  those 16 workouts are more helpful. And thank so much for you comments

  2. I’ve been looking to give my workout a much needed boost. Currently I have just been using the treadmill.  I can’t wait to get in the gym and try some of these. 

    I notice you don’t really break these up into any specific body part, do you think they should be done in this order?

    Do you think I should do these all at once or split them up into different days?

    • Thanks for your interesting, I think this will more supportive information for all. According to your question, I don’t think so, these exercise order only follow to burn fat, I think anyone can make them comfortable order that is good. The best thing is, can anyone follow these 16 workouts, that is important. There is no time to do all the 16 workouts at once. I again suggest anyone can do their comfortable way to practice 16 workouts. Anyway, I like to suggest, if you have any suggestions, discussion, feel free to tell me with a single comments

  3. Awesome list of ways to lose fat and build muscle.  I alway love learning new and effective ways to get results at lot faster.  I’ve been going to the gym, but doing the same routine can get mundane and your muscles aren’t challenged.  I really love everything kettle ball exercise there is. I find that really kicks my butt.  I haven’t done my workout videos for kettlewox in a while and this was a good reminder that I need to get back to it to achieve faster results.  Thanks again!

    • Those really nice workouts for all, if you get fast results with building muscles for anyone. Thanks for your comments and I like to mention you if you have anything to suggest, discuss regarding this article, feel free to contact me using single comments

  4. Great article Saman! I must say that this exercises are a real fat burners. Many years ago I needed to lose 10 pounds and many friends recommended rope jumping. I would recommend it as primary weapon against fat cells. One more thing that is important is nutrition. Without proper diet all of this exercises are useless.

    • Of course, these are more effective ways to fat burn and build muscles for men and women too. This is rather hard but more effective way. thanks for your comments and if you have anything to discuss, suggest, feel free to leave comments.

  5. Having been a personal trainer in the past, I can concur that the 16 workouts you have listed below will definitely help a person make gains. 

    I have always enjoyed working out, but due to cancer was unable to. But now that I’m better, I can’t wait to get started. Like everything else unless practiced, you can easily lose the fluidity of getting back into it.

    The exercises you have listed below are something I will focus on to get into the groove or working out. I have to say my favorite is the ropes, do they every workout the arms. I used stand on the a bench and making those waves fly. 

    Now I can’t even grip the ropes. Going to get back out there to start again. Thanks for the motivation. Exactly what I needed to read today.

    • Really, this will more help for not only for man but also women. If anyone like makes the shape and with a fit body, you can use such 16 best workouts. thanks a lot for your comment and if you have any suggestion and comment, feel free to leave me

  6. To burn fat and build muscle your body must work like a furnace.  Just keep burning fuel and fat to keep the furnace lit.  It takes a lot of work and dedication to work this hard.

    Anyone can do what they put thier mind to and if you have a strong mind it will help you to create a strong body.  You have to remember that you can’t give up and it has to be consistant, because it does not work if you do it once and expect results.


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