Do You Like to Try This, Best Full Body Workout Plan For Beginners

People often segregate their gym sessions targeted explicitly at various portions of their body, including upper body, core, lower body. Some even go into more specifics like bicep training, tricep extension, chest workouts, abs sessions, and so on. But if you are looking to know the best full body workout plan, then please continue reading this article until the very end.

Full Body Workout Plan - muscle growth and strength training

In this article, we’ll be covering the six important exercises you should know to get your full body exercises worked in a quick time. No matter whether you are a beginner or professional, full body workouts are beneficial for your muscle growth and strength training. The exercises mentioned below will be helpful as they target every muscle group in your body.

1. Full Body Workout – The Push Ups.

Push-ups, also known as press ups, is a traditional calisthenic exercise that doesn’t need any special equipment. One can do this exercise simply anywhere, even in the comfort of their homes.

All you need is a bit of space that is enough for you to lie down. Even though push ups are considered mainly to strengthen the upper body, with proper care and techniques, push ups also help in providing a complete workout for the full body.

Traditionally, push ups provide a workout for the shoulders, chest, and triceps. But do you know that the proper form of push ups can also strengthen the core and the lower back along with your abdominal muscles?

This form of exercise is quite effective in building strength and muscle mass to a great extent. Consistent routines, including push ups, will mainly help in developing resistance to your upper body.

Types of Push Ups.

If you are in the mood for experiments, then there are a lot of variations including:

  • Military push ups
  • Wide hands push ups
  • Triangle push ups
  • Pike push ups
  • Sphinx push ups
  • Knuckle push ups
  • Backhanded push ups
  • One arm push ups
  • Single leg push ups
  • Narrow grip push ups
Full Body Workout Plan - Push up Training

Benefits of Push ups.

  • Push ups is one exercise that involves a lot of muscles in your body. It mostly helps in training your muscles to work in coordination and strengthen your body.
  • There is a kind of proteins in the muscles in your body called proprioceptors that plays a vital role in your posture, coordination, speech, and focus, etc. Push ups will help in training these proprioceptive muscles to keep your body stabilized and balanced.
  • Primarily helps in muscle density as well
  • Assists in developing a strong core

2. The Squats.

When it comes to total body workout, squatting is one of the best exercises that fitness experts recommend. While it mainly helps in strengthening your glutes, it also mostly focuses on the abs. Squatting is a natural way in which one can tone their body. Without any special equipment, a person can provide a full body workout to their body.

The squat is not a special form of exercise but is a daily activity that we do in our day to day life, and there is even a saying around the fitness sector that 40-50 squats a day will keep the doctor at bay. Squatting helps in making the joints and bones stronger and healthier.

Squat Variations.

There are many variations in squatting, which include:

  • Pulse Squats
  • Frog Squats
  • Goblet Squats
  • Single leg Squats
  • Bodyweight Squats
  • Barbell Back Squats
  • Plyometric Squats

Benefits of Squats workout Plan.

Full Body Workout Plan - Squat Variation

Our body is specially designed to squat comfortably. Even though we find it comfortable when we are young, it is not the same when we get older. But still, Squatting provides various benefits to our body:

  • Squatting is one exercise that involves a lot of joints and muscles including your hip and knee joints
  • A simple workout routines will provide strength and stability to your core along with every muscle in your body
  • Squats also help in the increase of hormone production in the body
  • Strengthens the knee joints
  • Reduces injury chances to a great extent
  • Improves flexibility

3. Full Body Workout – The Burpees.

Burpee is a favorite exercise for many, as it involves both aerobic exercises combined with strength training as well. Like push ups and squats, burpees also don’t require any gym equipment or it is a gym workout routine. You can do this simply in the comfort of your home.

Full Body Workout Plan - Burpees Variation

you need is yourself, and your body weight workouts plays a vital role in doing this full body weekly workout plan. It is not only an excellent full body workout but an excellent cardiovascular workout as well. If you are new to burpees, then you might find it difficult. But if you are already doing squats and push ups daily, then you won’t find it tough.

Types of Burpees.

Burpees also come with a lot of variations including:

  • Side Burpee
  • Push up Burpee
  • Superman Burpee
  • Star Jump Burpee
  • Dive Bomber Burpee
  • Mountain Climber Tuck Burpee
  • Box Burpee

Benefits of Burpee Exercises.

These workout programs for men and women come with a lot of benefits:

  • Burpees are excellent at burning your fat. Studies indicate that exercises like burpees help in burning 50% more fat than other traditional work at home exercises
  • A great full body strength workout that involves every part of your body, including your arms, legs, chest, abs, quads, etc.
  • Ideal for conditioning and improving your endurance levels
  • Tightens the core
  • Improves posture and body strength composition
  • Improves muscle coordination
Full Body Workout Plan - Type of Burpees

4. Lunges Full Body Workout.

While traditional lunges can strengthen only your lower body, there are many variations of lunges that can make for a full body workout. Like other bodybuilding routine mentioned in the article above, lunges are also a kind of work from anywhere activity that only involves your bodyweight.

You don’t need to visit the gym or need any special equipment to do this exercise. Lunges are also done by sports people as a warmup exercise to loosen up their muscles before taking part in a major competition.

Types of Lunges.

  • Walking lunge
  • Lateral lunge
  • Swing lunge
  • Curtsy lunge
  • Reverse lunge
  • Pendulum lunge

Benefits of Lunges.

Lunging can provide a lot of benefits that include:

  • Lunging helps in building lead muscles and burning body fat to a great extent. Hence, persons looking forward to losing weight can take up lunge exercises
  • Lunges provide a lot of balance and stability to the body
  • Helps in correcting imbalances in your body
  • Helps in muscle growth
  • Improves flexibility

5. Cycling.

cycling workouts

Cycling on the streets is best known for lower body workouts, but indoor cycling with gym cycling equipment is a complete body workout. Doing cycling workouts daily will primarily help in your cardiovascular functions as well as lifting your mood to a great extent.

Benefits of Cycling.

  • Primarily helps in building strength to the body
  • Helps in burning fat
  • Involves all muscle groups
  • Loosens the hamstrings
  • Promotes body balance

6. Swimming.

Swimming is another best full body workout that not only helps in strengthening the body but also a great time pass activity. Like cycling, this exercise cannot be done at your home, if you don’t have a swimming pool. Swimming is a great cardiovascular activity, as well.

Types of Swimming.

  • Backstroke
  • Freestyle
  • Breaststroke
  • Sidestroke
  • Butterfly style
Swimming Workouts

Benefits of Swimming.

Swimming provides a lot of health benefits including:

  • Provides workout to the entire body
  • Increases endurance levels
  • Builds strength
  • Excellent cardiovascular activity

Final Thoughts

I hope the above article has provided you with all the information you needed about the best full body workout plan  and their benefits. Remember, it is health that is the real wealth and not any amount of gold and silver. Stay healthy!!!

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  1. This is a great full body plan. I am someone who is very active and works out very regularly, Sometimes when you are advanced in your training, you tend to try to complicate things with the fanciest new  and cool workout. The reality is, simplicity and sticking to the basics is usually the most effective.

    Due to the covid 19 pandemic, these options you provided are available to everyone, and if they can’t cycle, there is always jogging, running or even walking!

    Thank you so much!

    • Yes, sure, in this period, no chances to work or do workouts,  out of the home, only do in the home. I recommend you to do workout to stay fit and keep shape your body. in this crazy environment, I think, we have only eating and sleeping no any workout or activities. I think, stay safe and well, you have to do some exercises to keep the body shape.  Thanks for your suggestion and comment 


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