To Start Tabata Workout Plan For Beginners, Wait Here

When it comes to fitness workouts, there are hundreds of styles and variations available. The aim of every exercise is to help you attain your fitness goals. Everyone has a different purpose, like developing a broader chest, shoulder, abs, back, etc. In this tabata workout plan, you can learn more keep until the end of this post.

Even though many of them yearn to attain peak fitness, not many are successful as they can’t put consistent efforts by working out daily. In this article, we’ll be looking at the Tabata workout plan for beginners and how you can use it for a 30-minute bodyweight workout to stay healthy, fit, and strong.

What Is A Tabata Workout?

Tabata Workout Plan - high-intensity exercise routine

Tabata is a high-intensity exercise routine, also called HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) routine. Tabata workouts last for only 4 minutes, but the intensity maintained during that short duration is normally very high. Hence, people looking to burn fat or lose weight take up this Tabata workout.

History of Tabata?

Tabata was discovered by a team of scientists headed by Dr. Izumi Tabata in Tokyo. The team was conducting a research for the National Institute of Sports and Fitness.

The study was conducted on two different sets of athletes. One set of athletes performed regular workouts with lesser to moderate-intensity for one hour for six weeks. The athletes trained continuously for five days a week.

The second set of athletes trained for only 4 days a week and the Tabata workouts crossfit were of high intensity. But the major difference is the workouts lasted only for 4 minutes or so.

After six weeks, the athletes from both the groups underwent a body checkup, and the second group performing high-intensity workouts showed better results in both aerobic and an aerobic systems.

Tabata Workout Plan - intensity workout and aerobic

The first group with moderate-intensity workouts only showed some improvements in their aerobic system. Hence, the Tabata team concluded the research with the result that high-intensity interval training is much better than moderate-intensity Tabata exercises.

30-Minute Bodyweight Tabata Workout Plan.

Various studies reveal the fact that bodyweight workouts provide excellent results. While strength training, free training, and bodyweight training come with their own set of benefits, bodyweight training requires less investment, equipment or time.

The crossfit Tabata workout provided below consists of exercises under 4 minutes with 10 seconds of rest between each set.

1. Mountain Climbers.

Mountain climber is a full-body workout inspired by mountaineer actions of climbing a mountain. It largely helps in increasing the endurance levels of your body and agility.

Another advantage of this workout is that it also helps in burning fat to a great extent. And if you are planning to conquer Mount Everest, this could be your first step.

Tabata Workout Plan - Mountain Climbers

The only difference between actual mountain climbing and this workout is that you don’t need to search for a mountain. You can perform this workout from the comfort of your home. Instead of a mountain, you will treat the floor as the mountain and start climbing.

Step by Step Instructions.

  1. To get started with this exercise, get down on the floor into a plank position. In other words, get into a position as if you were about to start a pushup.
  2. Now pull your right knee in a position that is close towards the chest. You can either rest the right knee on the floor or keep it hanging.
  3. Next, do a little jump to switch your legs so that the other leg is brought close to the chest
  4. Now repeat this as quick you can for 15-20 seconds. Remember, this is high intensity training and you can get tired quickly. If you get tired in just 15 seconds, then stop and take rest for 10 seconds.
  5. Then repeat it to improve your muscle and fitness.

2. Sit-ups.

Sit Ups workout

The next exercise in the Tabata training plan is the sit-ups. Like the crunch workouts, the sit-ups are a bodyweight exercise that is focused on strengthening the abs and condition the muscles involved. Even though these workout exercises are not directly involved in burning fat, they help to show your belly toned and flat.

Step by Step Instructions.

  1. To get started, lie down on your back on the floor
  2. Keep your feet anchored and the knees bent
  3. Lock your fingers and place your hands on the back of your head
  4. Now, slowly raise your upper body towards your thighs
  5. While you raise the body, exhale slowly
  6. Next, lower your body to the floor and inhale slowly now.
  7. Repeat this

3. Push-ups.

Pushups is another bodyweight exercise that is mainly performed for strengthening the upper body. It largely helps in building strong and powerful triceps and shoulders. For this daily workout routine, you don’t need to visit a gym or need any equipment. Then, you can just do this workout from the comfort of your home. Even though many consider it as an upper-body workout, with proper technique and variations, this could very well turn into a full-body daily exercise.

Step by Step Instructions.

  1. Start the workout by lying down with your stomach facing the floor.
  2. Now gently raise your torso, chest, and thighs from the floor, so only your hands and toes support your body
  3. Ensure your body is parallel to the ground in a straight line
  4. With your core engaged, slowly go into a plank position
  5. Now get back to the original position
  6. Repeat these movements

Want to know why is exercise important?

4. Squats.

squat workout

The squat is another exercise that targets your thighs and glutes. It is your leg muscles, including your calves, hamstring, and the quadriceps get involved during this workout. So, it not only improves muscle mass but also helps in muscle growth as well. Simple exercises are good for improving the stability and balance of your body.

Step by Step Instructions.

  1. To get started with this exercise, stand on your feet.
  2. Ensure that your feet are spread a little wider
  3. Now slowly get into a squat position
  4. Squatting is not new to us as we often get into this position many times in our daily life
  5. While this is common in our childhood days, it is not the same when we grow old
  6. Once you are in a squat position, get back to the standing position
  7. Repeat getting to squat and back quickly

Get answers for all your questions about high-intensity interval training here.

5. Reverse Lunges.

If you are an athlete looking to develop a healthy and powerful lower body, then you can go with the reverse lunges. It is a great workout for strengthening your lower body. So, There are many variations of lunges, including walking, lateral, curtsy, reverse, and pendulum lunges.

Step by Step Instructions.

  1. To get started with the reverse lunge, stand on your feet with your hands placed on your hip
  2. Take a step backward with your left foot
  3. Now gently lower your hip to make sure that your right thigh gets into a position parallel to the floor
  4. Get back to the starting position
  5. Repeat this by switching legs, lowering your hip and getting back to your original position
Tabata Workout Plan - reverse lunges workout

Final Thoughts

The above workout plan is intended for beginners.  And if you are a serious professional, then you can consult with your coach to increase the intensity levels.

Thus, hope the above article has provided you with all the information about the 30-minutes Tabata workout plan for beginners .

8 thoughts on “To Start Tabata Workout Plan For Beginners, Wait Here”

  1. I think this workout routine will be great for me as i just started exercising myself, and i dont really like the long and tedious workouts. Thank you for this routine and is it possible to get like a video version of the routine as it would be easier to follow. I think you should do a video cause i’m not the only one who hates long workouts. Please let me know if its possible. Thank you.

    • Thanks for your comment, I think you can apply this workout and share with your friends. As you know, this workout is not a long time workout and you can get fast results within this workout. Actually, I like to do a video not only this post, but, also others, But, the problem is no supporting equipment to create a video. Anyway, in the future, I sure keep in mind your suggestion. Thanks 

  2. At first, I thought that this was an insane workout.  I used to be into the competitive sports a very long time ago, some 40 years later I have really slowed down.  Unfortunately, that has meant my endurance and energy have also dropped significantly off.   I like the Tabata HIIT for 30 minutes – which seems to be all the time that I get every day to work out.  I am grateful for your step by step instructions.  Everything appears to be very doable – do you think a nearly 70 year old in decent physical shape could do this or there is a different program you would recommend?

    • Thanks for your comments. and I appreciate your interest about workout at the 70-year-old. According to my experience, this is you do as a beginner, then you can start form aerobic styles, but you are in the middle level, you can do others as your way, but there are more advance Tabata workouts those for hardest workout. This style of workout, I did not recommend you because of the age level. I think you can start your based on this post, and you continuously increase your time to start from 10 min to 30 min. OK. try to do your workout and if you have any query, please comment below, I will surely help your question. 

  3. Hello, Thank you for this very detailed article, I have always wanted to do something physical exercise, but the nature of my job won’t allow me, but still I have to start up something becuse I don’t want to joke with my health, since I have time now due to the corona virus pandemic, I could start with this beginers plan. Thank you for sharing.

    • That is very good for your idea. But, I think, you can start from aerobic style workouts, then step by step you can develop you workout method, then you will allow losing more bodyweight in your body within a few time. Thanks for comment us. And I like to suggest, if you have any queries, please comment below my post, I sure I will support your question.

  4. Hey nice article you have there. I have been thinking of something like this to engage with, in other for me to burn my fat especially in this pandemic period. Questions that that seeks for answers to me is that as a beginner which of these tabata workout plan is best to start with, how long will it takes to get my fat burn ?.

    • Thanks your comments. Actually, you can start from aerobic based exercises, then it continues up to 1 or 2 weeks, then, you can start my other mountain climber, sit-ups, push-ups, then gradually, you will increase your workout duration starting from 5 to 10 mins. Then, these methods you can apply, very easily you can lose your body fat. if you have additional things to know, please leave me comments. 


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