How Long Does It Take To Burn 500 Calories On An Elliptical Machine?

Whether you do 2 miles on an elliptical machine or you spend a few minutes, the machine is good at weight management. Calories burned on elliptical machine are significant. It is possible to burn around 500 calories by training for an hour. In the following paragraphs, you will know how to use the elliptical machine to burn significant calories. Does exercise build muscles? Exercising on an elliptical machine does not only help you in managing your weight, you can also develop your muscles.

Calories Burned On Elliptical Machine - build muscles.

Besides that, you will also get more advantages of using the machine. By the end of the article, you will be knowledgeable on how to use the elliptical machine to burn calories and build muscles.

How To Burn 500 Calories On Elliptical?

The machine is one of the best and handy machines that you can take advantage of to lose weight. The number of calories burned on an elliptical machine can help you to lose weight in a smart way. In addition to that, you can also develop your major body muscles. However, you must be careful about how you use the machine to lose weight.

Some tricks that you can employ are increasing resistance. Increasing resistance is good for burning fat and in addition to that, it also makes you stronger. Moving faster on the machine will make you burn fat faster. However, you must increase the resistance in a smart way. You must do it smoothly so that you can be exercising on high resistance but at the same time be able to make a conversation.

In addition to that, increasing the incline level is good for burning fat faster. This is good for working your lower body muscles such as quads, hamstrings and glutes. Above all, you should be consistent when doing your exercise. Additionally, make sure that you get enough time to rest.

A normal person has a capability of burning 250 calories in 30 minutes of workout on an elliptical machine. Therefore, an hour workout on an elliptical machine can make you burn 500 calories. You can choose a moderate or high resistance to make it possible to burn such a number of calories in an hour. However, people have different bodies and they may burn calories in a different manner.

Calories Burned On Elliptical With Resistance.

The number of calories burned on an elliptical machine is really significant and worth noting. Burning fat on an elliptical machine depends on various factors. Some factors include gender, body weight, intensity, and more. For instance, a person who trains in low intensity may not burn the same number of calories as the person training in high intensity.

Before starting your workout on the machine, make sure that you enter your actual weight on the machine so that it can count the calories burnt without mixing up numbers. Most importantly, you should always remember that the number of calories burned on the elliptical machine is estimated.

A woman weighing around 68kgs may burn around 250 calories by exercising in 30 minutes. Then a man weighing 80kgs may burn around 375 calories in 30 minutes.

Calories Burned On An Elliptical - elliptical machine

According to studies done at Harvard Medical School, a person weighing around 72 kgs can burn 345 calories by training for 30 minutes.  Therefore, losing weight is driven by different factors.

Calories Burned Calculator.

There are different types of calories calculators that you can use to track your progress. The calculator can help you to know the results of your training and exercises immediately. These calculators require different information. You may need to feed it with information such as weight, time spent exercising and intensity. Then you can calculate the number of calories that you might have burned.

Calories Burned On Elliptical Vs Treadmill.

As discussed above, the number of calories that you burn on an elliptical machine depends on various factors such as the intensity, time spent training, your weight, and more. These factors also apply to the number of calories that you burn when using the treadmill. Interestingly, the two machines offer you aerobic exercises. But does the two machines burn the same number of calories?

Treadmill or elliptical for weight loss? A person weighing 70 kgs may burn 225 calories training on a treadmill for 30 minutes using a 10 minute mile. The same person with the same weight can burn 355 calories in 30 minutes using an elliptical machine at moderate intensity.

As such, the elliptical machine is good at burning more calories more than the treadmill. Additionally, an elliptical machine is highly recommended for beginners. It is easy to use and compared to a treadmill. However, all the machines are good to use if you want to maintain your weight. And they can also be taken advantage of if you want to build the muscles.

Calories Burned Walking.

Burning calories is defined by a number of factors. Some most important factors are the distance that you cover while walking, your weight, the pace, and more. You are likely to lose more weight by walking a longer distance at a faster pace.

Calories Burned On Elliptical Machine - walking on elliptical machine

The shorter the distance and low pace; the lesser calories you burn. A person who weighs 80kgs is likely to burn 100 calories by walking a mile regardless of the speed taken to walk a mile.

Elliptical Calories Burned Calculator Distance.

When training on the machine, you can calculate the number of calories you burn. The formula for calculating the number of calories burned on an elliptical machine is

(time x MET x weight) / 200.

In the formula, time represents the time that you take exercising, MET is for Metabolic Equivalent of Task, and weight represents your weight figure.

Actual Calories Burned Elliptical.

Having actual numbers of calories that you burn when using an elliptical machine, can be difficult. The number of calories that you burn when working on the machine is estimated. The weight that you enter on the machine when training, can be used to determine the number of calories that you lose. As such, the calories that you burn cannot be fully relied on because they are estimated.

Elliptical 30 Minutes A Day 2 Months.

There are different elliptical machine challenges. You can take a challenge to burn calories and strengthen your body. You can try the challenge for 2 months. The elliptical 30 minutes a day for 2 months challenge can be the best idea.

This means you will be using the elliptical machine for 30 minutes a day up to 2 months. You can make your 30 minutes different days to make it more interesting and challenging. For instance, you can change the pace, resistance level, stride length, and more.

With this challenge, you can burn significant calories. In the above paragraphs, an average person can burn 250 calories in 30 minutes. As such, if you decide to train daily for 2 months, you can manage your weight successfully.

What Muscles Does The Elliptical Work Going Backwards.

You might be asking yourself the impact of working on an elliptical machine backwards. Or you might be wondering; which muscles do elliptical machine work?

going backwards on elliptical machine

There are several muscles that you exercise by working going backwards. When you work going backwards you work the quads and calves muscles more than any other muscles. Then if you work on a machine going forward, you work your hamstrings and glutes muscles.

Does Elliptical Build Muscles.

The elliptical machine is good for working your major body muscles. It is good at strengthening and developing your lower body muscles such as calves, hamstrings, glutes and quads. In addition to that, your upper body muscles can also benefit from using the machine.

Advantages Of Elliptical Machine.

Using an elliptical machine comes with various advantages. Some advantages have been discussed in the above paragraphs. Below are some of the advantages of using an elliptical machine.

User Friendly.

Using an elliptical machine is simple and the machine is also beginner friendly. Beginners are advised to use the elliptical machine. They can easily start with low resistance. This can make them learn how to use the machine easy and in a simple way.

Good For Weight Management.

The elliptical machine is good at making you lose weight significantly. Spending 30 minutes training on the elliptical machine can make you burn significant calories.

Work More Body Muscles.

The machine is good for working more muscles. It works almost the major muscles in the upper and lower body. For instance, the muscles that you work include quads, calves, hamstrings, glutes, chest, triceps, biceps, back and shoulder muscles. 


Another good thing about using an elliptical machine is that it is versatile. You can work on it pedalling forward as well as backward.

Final Thoughts

Using an elliptical machine comes with various advantages. For instance; calories burned on an elliptical machine in 30 minutes are so significant. Dedicating an hour training on an elliptical machine can help you burn 500 calories or more. The machine is also good at helping you build muscles.

Besides that, the machine does not strain your muscles. It is beginner friendly and you can choose whether the level of resistance that you want to use. You can also choose to work backwards or forward depending on the muscles that you want to focus on. Have you ever used an elliptical machine? Share your experience below.

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