What Is More Suitable Cable Or Dumbbell Overhead Extension?

Overhead extension exercises are the workouts that develop and strengthen triceps muscles. There are various kinds of overhead extension exercises. For instance, there is a cable overhead extension and dumbbell overhead extension. The following paragraphs mainly focus on the cable overhead extension and the DB overhead extension exercises. It also gives the muscles that you work when doing these exercises.

Besides that, by the end of the article, you will be in a good position to perform these exercises. There is also a list of alternative exercises that you can do in place of these two exercises.

Overhead Cable Extension Alternative.

Overhead cable extension is one of the triceps concentrated workouts. There are several cable extension workout. Below are some of the alternatives that you can do;

Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extension.

Overhead Cable Extension - Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extension

This is one of the best alternatives to the overhead cable extension. The lying dumbbell triceps extension exercise is good at strengthening the triceps muscles. Additionally, this is an isolation exercise that is also good as a cable chest workout. It also works the chest muscles.

You will need a dumbbell as well as a flat bench to do this exercise.

  1. Firstly, lie on a bench on your back and grasp the dumbbell with both hands and position it over your head. . Make sure that your feet are planted on the floor with your head at the end of the bench.
  2. Then bring the dumbbell up and keep your palms facing each other. Bring the dumbbell up until your arms are fully stretched above your chest.
  3. Then lower your dumbbell to the starting position over your head. Pause in that position and count up to 3 before driving the dumbbell up.
  4. Repeat the moves to reach the number of preferred reps.

Alternating Kettlebell Press.

The alternating kettlebell press is another alternative exercise that you can do to develop your triceps muscles. Besides working your triceps muscles, it also strengthens your shoulder muscles. Interestingly, you don’t need a lot of gym equipment. With a pair of dumbbells, you can follow the steps below to do the kettlebell press;

  1. While holding a pair of dumbbells, stand with your feet at hip width apart.
  2. Then bring the dumbbells up to your shoulder level using a clean motion.
  3. Then extend one arm up over your head until it is fully stretched. Make sure that the palm is facing forward at the top of the movement.
  4. Return the kettlebell to the shoulder position and then extend the other hand up until the arm is fully stretched.
  5. Continue alternating your arms until you reach the number of your targeted reps and sets.

Besides these two exercises, other exercises that you can do as overhead cable extension include incline triceps extension, bench press, bench dips, triceps tiger tail, tricep cable extension, overhead cable pull, and many others.

Overhead Cable Extension At Home.

The easiest way to do a cable overhead triceps extension workout at home is to buy triceps press gym equipment. It is also the most expensive way since gym equipment is commercial. For those who can afford it, there are various options that can be considered.

For others, there are many ways to create DIY pulleys and overhead cable extension equipment. But you must be aware of the risks of making them by hand. This is not something highly recommend to DIY beginners since gym equipment demand extreme precision so as to function smoothly.

Additionally, such workout routines are good to be done under the guidance of instructors to perform them safely and also to benefit from them. It is compulsory to take the advice of a trainer before working on highly technical equipment like overhead cable extension press equipment. Additionally, DB tricep extension is one of the best exercises that you can do at home as an overhead cable extension. The exercise is ideal when you have access to the dumbbells at home.

Overhead Cable Extension Muscle Work.

Overhead cable workout, from the look itself it is clear that it is meant mainly on triceps. Technically called triceps brachii, our triceps compose of 60 percent of our upper arm and by extension provide the strength as well as endure the pain. Besides working the triceps, the overhead cable extension is also good for strengthening the chest, shoulders, and serratus anterior.

Overhead Cable Extension Or Dumbbell.

Overhead Cable Extension - Overhead Dumbbell Extension

Every form of workout puts in different results for different people. This is mainly because the body constitution differs from person to person. In general, though, cable overhead extension is more efficient. That is so because of multiple reasons.

For a machine or equipment in this world to be ‘efficient’, it must be easy to use while it produces a maximum result. There have been several discussions and questions when it comes to triceps exercises, mainly to find which is more efficient. The overhead cable extension is much better than the dumbbell extension. Overhead Dumbbell extension is unequal regarding the effect. In theory, both look similar.

The dumbbell extension puts more stress on the elbow for some, and if you have elbow issues it’s better to stick to cable. The cable overhead extension feels smoother while working out and it works both arms at once which creates equality in the effect. In Overhead dumbbell extension, is it possible that you naturally or by habit put more strength on your dominant hand? Cable extension provides more stretch and the hands move more naturally.

Further cable extension has the highest electromyography response. Electromyography or EMG is to measure muscle activity, more importantly, muscle response and nerve stimulation during exercise.

Overhead Cable Extension FST-7.

FST – 7, in full form Fascia Stretch Training, is a training principle by Hany Rambod. Typical FST-7 targets the chest muscles called pectoralis muscle. It includes a flat bench barbell press of 4 sets of 8-12, followed by an incline dumbbell press of the same quantum.

Following it,  you can do push-ups of the same number of sets and reps. Finally, you complete the FST-7 by doing the incline cable flyes, 7 sets of 8-12. The idea behind this is that on the final set you target the body part which you want to develop. Additionally, the FST-7 emphasizes strengthening the muscles. More so, the FST-7 stretches the fascia so it expands due to the volume of the workout.

This training ensures you get oxygen and nutrient rich blood in high quantities into the muscles. And this causes the fascia to expand and results in muscle pumps that have healthy tissues and looks impressive as well.

Seated Overhead Cable Extension.

Seated overhead cable extension, is a variation of the overhead cable where you need to sit down to do the same thing as the normal one. The exercise mainly strengthens the triceps. Another advantage of this exercise is that it helps the body be still as possible with your head straight up when moving just your arms. To do this properly,

  1. Firstly, set up the bench perpendicular to the pulley machine and facing away from it.
  2. Sit on the bench and face away from the machine, making sure that your feet are on the floor.
  3. Then grasp the rope from behind your head and pull the cable up until your arms are fully extended.

Cable Crossover Extension.

Overhead Cable Extension - Cable Crossover Extension

The cable crossover extension is good for strengthening and increasing the size of a chest. It is necessary to work on cross overextension from a variety of angles. This helps to hit multiple joints as a result of the compound moves. In addition, trainers recommend this exercise to those who wish to concentrate on chest muscles. The crossover cable is more complicated than the others. It requires 2 pulley machines which must be set apart with precision.

To Do It Properly.

  1. Firstly, stand in between the two machines and hold each handle of the machine with an overhand grip.
  2. Make sure that your feet are close to each other.
  3. Then cross your arms at your chest with the palms facing your chest.
  4. Bring both arms down by your body side and let them face away from you. Avoid keeping your arms closer to your body when extending them down.
  5. Reverse your arms to the starting position. While reversing arms, your chest must feel a slight stretch.
  6. Repeat the moves until you reach the number of preferable reps and sets.


We just discussed many kinds of workouts concentrating on triceps for you such as cable overhead extension. Now choosing the best suitable one for you is based on your body composition, genetics, and other factors. Always keep in mind that doing a triceps workout is good if you are a fit person. It is not something you can wake one morning and do because you are motivated. The triceps stage is a concentrated and advanced stage workout for gym enthusiasts.

If you are a motivated and proud beginner, we suggest you reach the level of stamina needed for an extension exercise first. This requires perseverance and determination, and you can be sure that it will pay off positively.

Which triceps exercises work for you perfectly?

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