What Is More Suitable Cable Or Dumbbell Overhead Extension?

Overhead Cable Extension

Overhead extension exercises are the workouts that develop and strengthen triceps muscles. There are various kinds of overhead extension exercises. For instance, there is a cable overhead extension and dumbbell overhead extension. The following paragraphs mainly focus on the cable overhead extension and the DB overhead extension exercises. It also gives the muscles that you … Read more

How To Do Single Arm Cable Row Workouts?

Single Arm Cable Row

The single arm cable row exercise is beginner-friendly. As such, it can be done by almost anyone to hit upper body muscles. Doing the exercise in the right way makes you work your back muscles successfully. In this article, there are several variations of the cable row exercise. In addition to that, there are also … Read more

How To Do A Rear Delt Fly With Dumbbells?

Rear Delt Fly

There are many rear delt fly variations that you can do using different gym equipment. This article explains in detail the steps that you take to do the exercise using dumbbells. In addition to that, it also gives a list of muscles that get worked by the exercises. More so, there are alternative exercises that … Read more

How Do I Make My Front Delts Bigger?

Cable Front Raise

Having that are broad keeps people doing different exercises to attain those results. In this article, there are different exercises that specifically target the front delts muscles. As such, if you want to make your front delts bigger and lean, you can spoil yourself with many and different exercises that you can do. Some exercises … Read more

What Muscles Do Cable Pull Through Workout?

Every training program allows integration of exercises and movements, either at the beginning of the main lifts, at the end of working out, or even, as corrections. These movements are meant to improve neurological patterning, muscle hypertrophy, and basically, the overall performance. Continue reading more with the details of cable pull through workouts and what … Read more