What Are Some Good Weight Lifting Exercises For Women’s Abs?

Are you a fitness freak? Many women nowadays go for weight lifting to tone their abdominal. What is the reason? It is because weighted ab workouts enhance abdominal strength. does weight lifting work abs? In this article will help you to increase your knowledge on ab workouts and weight lifting.

Moreover, these exercises help to burn abdominal fat. There is no surprise that an overweight abdomen can affect the overall appearance. Hence, a proper set of ab exercises are a must to restore beauty.

Nonetheless, the correct use of weights is necessary. Otherwise, it is not possible to get rid of stubborn stored fat.

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Nonetheless, weight lifting for abs maintains proper movements of the abdominal region. Moreover, it also controls the abs and works on the core muscles. Moreover, abdominal exercises also balance core muscles by adding weights. However, abdominal muscles can move in every direction.

It is not like only in two directions. Therefore, it is essential to perform multiple rotations. Furthermore, stability movements can also be a great boost.

Weight Lifting For Abs Workouts For Women.

The following workouts can act as core stabilizers. Moreover, they can also tone and strengthen one’s abdominal area. As a result, it is possible to boost balance as well as strength. Hence, it is imperative to include one or two of these exercises.

However, one must carry out the regular regime of personalized exercises. Two to three times in seven days is enough for these ab workouts for women. It is time to add at home ab workouts below:

1. Roll Back and Up.

It is one of the best exercises for abs. First, one needs to sit by extending the legs at the front side. However, feet need to be in a flexed position.

Now, it is time to stretch the hands in parallel with legs by holding a medicine ball. It is a must to keep the arms in a straight posture. Additionally, it is also needed to up the chest.

Furthermore, the back must remain straight. It is time for contracting the core as well as a gluteus muscle. Then, rolling back keeping the backside flat is the next task. Then, it is time to position the ball overhead.

Moreover, it is imperative to lead the chin to the chest. And then, returning to the initial position will strengthen the ab. This one of the good ab workouts consists of one rep.

2. Med Ball Russian Twist.

When it comes to a core workout routine, this workout makes a great addition. First, one needs to take a position on the floor. Moreover, the knees must be in a bent posture. It is time to hold a medicine ball by stretching the hands forward.

Now, the person needs to lean back keeping the trunk at a 45-degree angle. It is time to support the core. Moreover, the person must make a rotation to the right side, as per the capability.

After a short break, it is time for reversing the movement. The same movement will be repeated to the left-hand side. Moreover, Med Ball Russian Twist is one of the best ab exercises.

3. Reverse Wood Chop.

First, one needs to stand by keeping a distance between the feet. The distance must be equal to the respective shoulder width. However, it is time to hold a dumbbell with both of hands. The holding position must be outside the left ankle.

Moreover, it is a quick ab workout. It is time for supporting the core. However, the next position is to pull the weight overlooking the right shoulder.

Nonetheless, the rotation of the torso should be done to the right simultaneously. Next, it is time to perform the movements again in the reverse direction.

4. Front Plank With The Transfer Of Weight.

First, one needs to take the plank position. However, lightweight needs to be there outward of the right elbow. Moreover, it is time to hold the dumbbell with the right hand. And then it must be passed to the left hand.

Next, it is time for positioning the weight to the left-hand side. Nonetheless, it is time for reversing the movement. It is one rep. However, it is essential to support the abs to maintain the torso. It is a must to perform a rotation in times of lifting the weight.

Some of the best lower ab exercises are Flutter Kick, Frog Crunch, Lying Crunch, etc. Mountain Climber, Side To Side Tap, etc are also popular lower ab workouts.

Moreover, upper ab exercises are also there. They include Crunches, Swiss Ball Crunches, Knee Raises, Sprinters Sit-ups, etc. Some of the lower ab exercises include Pilates 100, Plank Rock, High knees, Plank pikes, etc.

A Proper Diet Is Necessary For Toning Abs.

Along with hard exercise works, it is needed to maintain a proper diet plan. Definitely, proper core workouts have tremendous benefits. However, if one is still experiencing an extra fat layer above the muscles, it is an alarm.

For what? Next, it is time to emphasize the regular diet. Nonetheless, the first step is to limit the intake of carbohydrates. The best time to consume carbs is during the morning.

Moreover, it is also a good idea to take the same before the exercise session. Furthermore, it is also essential to stay away from junk food items. That means a correct diet and killer ab workouts can do wonders! The following options can make a perfect choice for abs building. Let us have a look:


When it comes to building abs, it is necessary to add broccoli to the diet. This nutritious, dark green vegetable helps one to shed excess fat. Moreover, this fiber-loaded vegetable is low in calories.


Weight Lifting For Abs - number of calories in one egg

When it is about one of the best fitness-friendly food, eggs are there. Eggs are loaded with protein. Hence, a scramble or omelet can make a perfect pre-workout meal in the morning.

Moreover, eggs feature choline, which can promote metabolism. Furthermore, consuming eggs in breakfast streamlines the weight-loss journey. That means it can also work on building abs. However, hard-boiled eggs can also be a great afternoon snack.

Some other options include green tea, yogurt, lean meat, bananas, collard greens, etc. Some other options include canola oil, split peas, nuts, chia seeds, etc. However, it is also essential to have a customized diet chart.

The Bottom Line

I hope the weight lifting for abs workouts was insightful for you. Many women feel trouble when it comes to maintaining a flat abdomen.

It is because the abdomen area of women is wider. Moreover, women also have a longer waistline. That means getting firmer, flatter abs is a matter of dedication and effort. However, the above best ab workouts with weights will help a lot.

The best exercises for abs help to empower abdominal muscles. Moreover, they also enhance posture. However, spot reduction is a myth. Hence, it is not possible to shed some weight on a specific body part.

Therefore, it is significant to emphasize working on overall body fat. Moreover, maintaining a personalized diet plan is also mandatory. A set of consistent workouts for abs reduce stored fat. Therefore, the strong support of nutrient-dense foods is necessary. It is time to make a suitable ab workout routine.

Hence, which of the ab workouts at home are you going to start from tomorrow?

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