How To Do Medicine Ball Abs Workout For Weight Loss?

Do you want to know about the medicine ball ab workout? Congrats! You are in luck! The post is about a discussion on various aspects of this topic. You can opt for one of the many available ball sizes. Moreover, choosing one with a comfortable weight is also essential. These balls help to elevate muscular power as well as athletic ability.

Medicine Ball Ab Workout - Medicine Ball Workout

A Brief Overview Of Medicine Balls.

These are weighted balls. Their key contribution is to resist some specific exercise formats. You already know, medicine balls are available in various sizes. Therefore, you must opt for one with which you can exercise with ease.

Different balls come manufactured with different materials, such as leather, nylon, etc. However, sand or air can be there as fillers. The dynamax medicine balls were the first ones in the line-up. They are safe when it comes to exercising at increased velocities.

As the grip is an essential part of medicine balls, they come with attached ropes. Sometimes, the attached handles or textured exterior is also there.

You can choose either a soft medicine ball or a hard one, as per your choice. Are you going through a busy work schedule? Then, the medicine ball chair is an ideal product for you. Thus, you can enhance the power and robustness of your core even in the working mode.

Do not confuse slam ball exercises with medicine ball ones. The main goal of slam balls is to enable you to perform throwing workouts.

Some Popular Medicine Ball Workout.

You may already hear about overhead medicine ball throws. However, do you know its benefits? It works for core as well as triceps. As an excellent power work, it also promotes the endurance workout.

Furthermore, med ball slams are also popular activities. They help to enhance endurance, speed, and strength. These activities greatly work for shoulders, quads, triceps, and so on. Apart from elevating the heartbeat, medicine ball slams help to get rid of excess calories.

Medicine Ball Workout Strategies.

Medicine Ball Ab Workout - Effective Medicine Ball Exercises

Are you looking for some effective medicine ball exercises? You got to the right place. Let us start the discussion.

Follow The 20-Minute Regimen.

Before starting medicine ball ab workout, you must warm up first. Devote ten minutes for the same. You can opt for walking to make yourself prepared. Once you are all set, the exercise will challenge your power and tolerance.

Try to perform a minimum of five exercises from the list below. Keep on practicing them for twenty minutes in a cyclic manner. It must be a pure exercise session without any frills. Thus, you can expect to extract the most out of the medicine ball weight.

Mountain Climbers.

Are you looking for medicine ball core exercises? Then, mountain climbers can be an ideal option for you. It promotes proper blood flow and the entire movement of the body.


  • First, attain a plank posture by taking the ball under the hands.
  • Maintain a straight posture of your neck as well as your back. It is time to take the knee up in the direction of the chest. Now, extend the same.
  • Next, follow the same process for the left knee. You must involve the core during the exercise. It is one of the medicine ball exercises for chest.
  • Try to do it at high speed but you must keep the form intact. The time duration is 30 seconds. Allow more 30 seconds to rest. Again, repeat the entire exercise twice. You can refer to it as one of the medicine ball workouts for beginners.


Are you suffering from excess fat in your shoulder? Then, you can try out this exercise. It is all about a slow workout while retaining control. However, the movement is amazingly effective.


  • Stand by keeping a distance between your feet (equal to the shoulder’s width). Now, take the ball in a straight overhead position.
  • Now, support the core followed by starting a movement by extending the arms. You must maintain a clockwise movement.
  • Repeat the process for eight to ten circles clockwise. Now, do it anti-clockwise. Perform three pairs.

Overhead Squat.

Medicine Ball Ab Workout - Overhead Squat

Which is one of the best arm workouts for men or women? It is the Overhead Squat. You must involve the core as well as lower back in this exercise.

However, it will help to enhance your strength. When you will hold the ball overhead, it will involve your shoulders. Moreover, you will also need to stretch your arms as well as the upper back. Let us discuss how to perform the medicine ball squats.


  • Stretch your feet more than your shoulder’s width. Keep on holding the medicine ball in the overhead posture during the workout.
  • It is time to squat down. Now, take a position like sitting on a chair. Stop once the thighs come in the aligned position with the ground.

Russian Twist.

If you are searching for a medicine ball abs exercise, you can choose the Russian Twist. Your workout session will not complete without proper ab exercises with medicine ball.


  • Bend your legs by maintaining an angle of 45 degrees. Do not up your feet from the ground. Now, extend your arms. Take the ball in the front position.
  • Take the support of the core and adjust the torso. It is time for moving the ball to the right-hand side. Once it reaches the floor (almost), come back to the neutral position. Execute the steps for the reverse side. It is one of the ideal medicine ball ab workouts.


Medicine Ball Ab Workout - Push-ups

Do you want to go for challenging push-ups for chest? Then, you can try out this one.


  • Take a push-up posture. Position the ball under the right hand. You can up your elbows more than the regular ones. However, you must maintain the neutral posture of the back.
  • Once you are done, repeat the steps for the left hand.


This exercise focuses on the lower back as well as glutes. Furthermore, the medicine ball in the workout will strengthen your upper body.


  • After lying down on the stomach, just stretch the arms. Next, grip the ball in the overhead position. Your feet must be in the opposite direction of your palms.
  • Take the support of the core. It is time to take the help of the glute as well as back muscles. Now, try to raise the upper body portion. Try to up your legs as much as you can.
  • Hold on for one second in an elevated position. Then, come back to the neutral posture.

Wrapping Up

Along with medicine ball ab workout, you must take care of your diet. The keto diet is a great way to shed extra pounds from the body. Moreover, green tea, coconut oil, etc are some magical ingredients in this regard.

So, which workouts are you going to start soon?

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