What Is Kettlebell Windmill Exercise Benefits For Weight Loss?

Are you looking for incredible mobility and stability in your body? Then, kettlebell windmill exercise is there for you. Many athletes and coaches do prefer this regimen. It comes with tremendous benefits for most of the tissues as well as joints. In here we are going to explorer about how to do kettlebell windmill exercise for losing weight.

In short, the kettlebell windmill exercise offers power and strength. It further helps to boost the hip mobility. Moreover, the workout session also enhances shoulder stabilization and power. It also supports the motion patterns of the non-sagittal plane.

Are you already familiar with kettlebell workout?

Windmill Exercise - Kettlebell Windmill Workout

Then, you must know about kettlebell deadlift or kettlebell squats.

Kettlebell windmill exercise is a brilliant combination of strengthening and stretching. Stretching focuses on the hip that means hip rotators as well as the piriformis.

Moreover, it can also work on some hamstrings. However, the movement calls for a proper t-spine movement. These kettlebell workouts may also stretch the anterior chest portion. That means it also works as a kettlebell chest workout.

The windmill exercise with kettlebell focuses on the upper body. Moreover, it can also emphasize several muscle groups. The workout regimen can boost the stability of triceps, core, and shoulder.

Furthermore, it also contributes to hip mobility. Do always use the best kettlebells to get the best workout experience. You should always start with the beginner’s workout to advance yourself.

Windmill Exercise: Proper Strategies.

Kettlebell windmill exercise mainly emphasizes the midsection of the body. Nonetheless, it also focuses on the scapular/shoulder stability. The exercise stretches the hip as well as the posterior chain. Strengthening is also an integral part of this regimen.

Nevertheless, heavy windmills enhance the overall effect. Then, you would obviously need a single or double kettlebell. You need to execute step-by-step instructions to perform a kettlebell windmill exercise.

how to do kettlebell windmill exercise - Kettlebell Windmill

The kettlebell windmill exercises focus on the glutes as well as the hamstrings. It helps to boost the hip function and improves hip extension. Furthermore, these workouts also work on abdominals and obliques. It helps to improve the injury of a lifter. Also, it contributes to core strength.

Start the session with the right foot and place it under the hip directly. Make a small angle with your left leg. Hold the load in your right hand and take it overhead. Turn your toes to the left. Next, place the weight into the right hip.

Now, take your left hand and position it along your thigh. Stretch your palm.

Once you are ready, rotate the torso a bit towards the ground. It is time for placing the load into the right hip, as you move downwards.

You need to feel your weight in the right hip at the base of the windmill. As a result, you should experience a stretch in the hip as well as the right leg. It is time to stabilize the load with the right hand.

Contraction of the right glute and hip is the next task. It results in the extension of the hips in the forward direction.

Windmill Kettlebell Exercise: Advanced Version.

Have you mastered the basic kettlebell windmill exercise? Then, it is time to move forward to the advanced version. It is about adding another kettlebell to your bottom hand.

You are already experienced in the windmill by holding the kettlebell in your bottom hand. Is not it? Now, it is time to hold another one in your top hand to boost the movement.

Windmill Exercise - boost your hamstrings

The two kettlebells will improve your core muscles’ demand. Also, they help to boost your hamstrings.

Whether you are using one or two kettlebells, you must maintain a slow yet control motion. The inexperienced exercisers will feel the exhaustion in their shoulders in a short span. Hence, it is essential to keep the low reps.

The steps are as follows:

Start with Kettlebell Windmill with your left hand for five reps.

Now, it is time to perform Kettlebell Windmill with the right hand for five reps as well.

Take rest for 60 seconds and repeat the process for up to three circuits.

Windmill Exercise: How To Progress?

When it comes to windmill exercises with a kettlebell, you must follow proper sequences. The kettlebell windmill comes as an extremely beneficial workout. It focuses on the hips as well as the shoulders. Furthermore, it can also boost the hamstring flexibility.

Do you want to avoid injuries and want to extract the maximum benefits from this workout?

Then, the following steps will help you. It will help to design proper workout routines for beginners with a kettlebell.

Windmill Warm Up (Without Kettlebell).

Windmill Exercise - Windmill Workout

Start your session with movements but without your kettlebell. Maintain a straight posture of your legs. Now, observe whether it is possible to touch the ground or your opposite ankle. Allow as much time as you need. Note that it is a powerful stretch, which comes with gravity.

Can you perform five repetitions on each side?

Remember, proper execution is imperative.

Overhead Kettlebell Hold.

Do you know the kettlebell windmill can work on the shoulder stabilizers?

When you move downward during the movement, you can feel kettlebell overhead instability.

As a result, shoulder stabilizers need to work extremely hard. It is essential to practice to hold the kettlebell overhead with the ace.

Is it possible for you to hold your kettlebell overhead for 60 seconds?

Remember, your arms must be straight.

Bottom Hand Kettlebell Windmill.

Now, it is time to practice kettlebell windmill by holding it in your bottom hand. Take your other arm overhead and pretend that you are holding a kettlebell. It is time for moving down slowly by keeping proper control.

Can you manage to touch the ground with kettlebell while maintaining both legs straight?

Top Hand Kettlebell Windmill.

Windmill Exercise - Top Hand Kettlebell Windmill

It is the fourth and conclusive step of the windmill workout with a kettlebell. Here, you need to hold your kettlebell in your top hand. Next, descend at a slow pace by taking the hips to the side by a bit. Stare at the kettlebell throughout the movement.

Is it possible for you to touch your opposite ankle or ground while your legs are straight?


In short, the kettlebell windmill comes as a great exercise. It focuses on the shoulder as well as the core muscles. Moreover, it also helps to boost the hip mobility.

However, it is essential to move forward logically in this workout. Start your journey without a kettlebell. Then, hold a kettlebell to your bottom hand. At last, take one in your top hand. Nonetheless, the advanced version makes use of two kettlebells in both hands.

You must take enough time to descend slowly with proper control. Practice the workout well to enhance the windmill’s depth. However, do not fail to maintain the perfect method.

Continue with the low repetitions during the session if you are doing warm-ups. It applies to the standalone movement as well. Do not overdo the exercise. Otherwise, injuries can happen.

The windmill workout with a kettlebell can enhance the flexibility of the hamstring and hip. Besides, it can also boost the core muscles of the oblique.

Do you want to increase the stability and mobility of your shoulder? Opt for kettlebell windmill exercise.

When are you going to start kettlebell windmill exercise? Do not forget to leave your comment below.

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