What Are the Ways of Doing Crossfit Tabata Workout Routine?

Are you interested to perform Crossfit Tabata workouts? Then, this post is going to be very helpful for you. In fact, first, it is essential to know what is a Tabata workout? And then, you will get to know about the top six Tabata workouts for beginners. The best part is you can do these exercises at your home. Hence, without any ado, let us start the discussion.

Tabata training is a type of cardiovascular workout. However, its format is unique by nature. The exercise offers incredible advantages for health. And it is difficult to expect such benefits in most of the regular workouts.

Crossfit Tabata - high-intensity workout

Moreover, Tabata exercises are a high-intensity workout format. It comes with eight rounds. Furthermore, every round contains a vigorous activity of 20 seconds. The next round is about resting for 10 seconds. And it will be concluded with eight rounds.

More About Crossfit Tabata.

Do you know Tabata is among the popular HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) regimens? The best part of this protocol is being a versatile one. It consists of weightlifting, sprinting, and so on. Moreover, one can perform a CrossFit Tabata workout at the gym as well as outside.

It helps an exerciser to work out with the utmost intensity in a short span. Moreover, the person will start feeling tired after merely eight rounds. And that is a matter of four seconds only. So, you can easily understand the efficacy of the Tabata workout.

Why Tabata Workout.

You might know some health benefits of exercise. Now, it is time to know why you should think about starting the Tabata exercise.

In the coming section, you will get to know about six Tabata workouts for beginners. However, you can wonder why you should go for this exercise regimen. The biggest benefit of Tabata yoga workout is fat loss. That means overweight or obese people would find this option rather effective.

In short, the Tabata workout can enhance metabolism. Also, it increases heart rate in a short span. In fact, increased heart rate ups metabolism. It is a high-intensity workout. Therefore, the body needs to try hard to keep the same pace.

increase the heart rate

Moreover, the metabolism would remain high post-exercise as well. It suggests the exerciser’s body will keep on shedding excess pounds all around the day.

Apart from losing weight, Tabata workout also helps to maintain muscle and fitness. You might know weight-loss poses a risk of losing muscles. However, Tabata workouts Crossfit can help develop and safeguard muscle tissues.

Top Six Crossfit Tabata Workouts For Beginners At Home.

Kettlebell Swings.

When it is about Tabata workout exercises, Kettlebell Swings is one of them. Many athletes want to opt for some heavy exercise. And so, they choose to perform Kettlebell Swings. However, it is essential to ensure one’s capability for the kettlebell movement.

It is because this workout calls for the movement at a particular weight above the head.

Crossfit Tabata - Kettlebell Swings workout

Nonetheless, Kettlebell Swings does not need too much technicality. In fact, it is possible to go for multiple repetitions in 20 seconds. It is not possible with a heavy power lift within the same duration.

The Bodyweight Trio.

What is about this trio? This popular Tabata workout consists of push-ups. Moreover, hollow rocks, as well as burpees, have also made a way in Tabata. They have created a great mix and match for the Tabata exercise session. Furthermore, the trio is also easy to perform. These three workouts call for the bodyweight of the exerciser.

Wall Balls.

What can be other options in the Tabata exercise routine? One of the other is Wall Balls. And it needs no big introduction. The available weights are 14lb and 20lbs. Just you need to opt for a size and start your journey.

Since it is a Tabata exercise, you can also expect it as HIIT. Therefore, the high-intensity movement calls for maximum effort from the exerciser. Moreover, it needs the participation of multiple muscles in the body.

Furthermore, the workout is about performing squats. Therefore, the exerciser needs to bring strong muscles of the lower body into action.

Moreover, the last step of this workout is push-press. Here, the exerciser needs to throw the ball as opposed to a wall. Therefore, it calls for the contraction of the upper body muscles.


The daily workout routine of Tabata can also comprise of Double-Unders. It is a great option to enhance movement skills. I hope you could remember the main goal of Tabata. It is to make one perform as many repetitions as possible within eight rounds.

However, consistency is also an essential factor. It is like a challenge whether the exerciser can maintain the repetitions per round.

Remember, this workout may not offer a rigorous cardiovascular burn. However, it can provide scope to think about multiple repetitions in a small duration.

Jump Rope.

Jump Rope Exercises

Daily exercise in the Tabata genre can also consist of Jump Rope. It comes as a portable and rigorous training.

If you are looking for an effective cardio exercise, you can add this move. Moreover, it is also a great leg exercise. Furthermore, a jump rope can also contribute to shaping the chest and arms. However, it also goes well for the shoulders.

An ideal platform to perform a jump rope is a wooden floor. Nonetheless, a plywood piece as space is also okay. It can help the exerciser to stay safe from injuries.


Tabata fitness workouts also comprise of lunges. However, it calls for extra power as well as strength. It is due to its difficulty that is higher as compared to conventional lunges. Jumping lunge works on glutes, hamstrings, and quads.

Moreover, it also contributes to boosting cardiovascular fitness. It is essential to repeat the process as many times as possible within 20 seconds.

More Tabata Workouts.

Tabata daily exercise can also include Ups. In fact, it is a simple Tabata form, which is nothing but push-ups. If you are in search of a proper upper body exercise, think about opting for Ups. However, it is essential to repeat the step as many counts as possible within 20 seconds.

Moreover, another popular workout in this genre is Superman. It is a strengthening workout for back and core. Moreover, it also works on hamstrings as well as glutes. And the strategy is the same here as well- as many as repetitions in 20 seconds.

Plank Jacks is another common Tabata exercise. They are easy to perform. Furthermore, they also help to tone the core and offer a great cardiovascular exercise. The rule is the same- as many repetitions as possible in 20 seconds.

Crossfit Tabata - Mountain Climber Exercise

Tabata workout also comes with Mountain Climbers. It enhances the exerciser’s heart rate as well as boosts the lung capacity. If you have just started your journey in the Tabata exercise, it can be your option. Mountain Climbers is excellent training for the core. And it is a brilliant core exercise as well.

It helps to increase strength and endurance.

These high-intensity workouts help to build a great torso as a whole.

Wrapping Up

There are incredible benefits of exercise. Whether it is simple exercises or rigorous ones, a Tabata workout session is rather beneficial. Now, it is time to ask your trainer and opt for the correct exercise stets for you.

So, when are you going to onset your Crossfit Tabata session?

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  1. Tabata workouts work but are insane lol! I have done them in the past with great results.

    I have performed all the exercises you mention. However, I must confess I’m not a fan of lunges or pushups. I hate them with a passion, but I know they’re great for our bodies.

    Jumping the rope is a great exercise. You can start doing it 10 minutes a day and then gradually increase your time.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, sure, I agree with you. that is great workout, if someone interest, that is the most effective workout for the best results. Because your experience is also a major witness for it. Thanks for your valuable comment and I like to ask, if you have any suggestion, please keep a comment on my post. That will be more helpful for me to think more.

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