Jason Blaha’s Ice Cream Fitness Program; What Is A 5×5 Workout?

Do you want to know about Jason Blaha’s ice cream fitness program? Congrats! You have come to the right post. Here, you will get to know about various aspects of this program in detail. Are you looking for boosting your strength? Are you in search of adding some structure when it comes to the workout session? Then, the Ice Cream 5×5 training (ICF 5×5) approach will help you a lot.

Remember, the main goal of a workout process is to enhance strength. Fortunately, the Ice Cream Fitness method comes with this foundation.

Ice Cream Fitness - Enhance Strength

However, it does not signify HIIT training does not offer any value. Nonetheless, periodized strength training also offers great advantages. Do you know periodized strength training can help to develop mass as well as power? And the best part is that it can do it without any potential risk of injuries. However, it is essential to consider injury rates before adopting a new workout plan.

Definitely, strength training calls for heavy loads and great resistance. Nevertheless, it comes with lesser injury rates than its counterparts do.

Ice Cream Fitness Program- What Is It About?

The ice cream fitness program is one of the best workout approaches available. Jason Blaha, an American strength Coach, designed this 5×5 method. So, what does this 5×5 mean? It is nothing but five repetitions with five sets.

The main objective of the 5×5 workout program is to develop muscles. Moreover, it can also boost the biomechanics in every lift.

This method does not come with a total repetition count of more than 30/exercise. Nevertheless, the goal here is to maintain the workout quality more than its quantity.

Now, who can try out this 5×5 workout? Are you a lifter of beginner to intermediate level? Then, you can start your journey with this method.

Nonetheless, experienced lifters can also have many benefits from such a workout session.

many benefits of workouts

The icf 5×5 comes with the division of two different workout days. Here, the major lifts do fall into different days. These lifts include bench, deadlift, overhead press, bent over row, and squat. Each of the workout days consists of push as well as pull movements. However, a full-body training approach is essential in every session.

It helps to boost muscles a lot and also develops hypertrophy as much as possible. The 5×5 program needs you to perform 3-day training every week. Nonetheless, you must take rest between every workout day. Furthermore, the approach comes with two different workouts. And it is separated into two-week cycles.

What Are The Advantages Of The Ice Cream Fitness Program?

Loads of striking benefits come with the ice cream fitness program. Firstly, it helps to build a strong base of robustness.

Moreover, you would learn how to do workouts with great biomechanics. Furthermore, the program will also teach you strength periodization. Remember, it is mandatory for brilliant success from gym sessions.

recovery of muscles

The rule of thumb is enough rest is equal to faster gains. Do you think losing excess pounds and to make stronger torso need a daily workout?

No, it is wrong! Proper rest of around 24-36 hours between workout sessions is essential. It ensures sufficient repair and recovery of muscles. That means you can prepare your body for the next session.

Nevertheless, the ice cream workout strategy uses a higher time for muscle recovery. That means you can develop faster and stronger muscles without potential injuries.

Moreover, lower repetitions are equal to higher hypertrophy. The 5×5 method makes use of repetitions under 30 that is rather low. However, lower rep counts can provide a higher hypertrophic response. What are the lowest reps for each exercise? It is for five.

The 5×5 workout results describe its great efficacy. It can boost raw strength. Moreover, this training can induce hypertrophy.

Furthermore, 5×5 can also accelerate biomechanics. It can create an ideal base of conditioning and robustness. Also, you would get to know about the basics of strength.

Guidelines Of The Ice Cream Fitness Program.

Do you want to start the ice cream fitness program? Then, it is essential to know about the important aspects of the same.

Repetitions, Sets, And Weight:

The repetitions and sets of a workout will imply the weight you are going to lift. Lower repetitions imply a higher weight. However, it does need a low count of sets as well. Most programs use a 5×5 approach.

Nevertheless, it needs you to make use of the weight of a moderate amount. Moreover, the program does not allow heavyweights for five consecutive sets. It can result in injuries.

You must emphasize the count of repetitions and sets for a specific workout. However, in case you are performing one set of 5 reps, you can continue with heavy. And thus, you can go on experiencing the pain.

Ice Cream Fitness - Proper warm-up session

Furthermore, you should not forget to go through a proper warm-up session with a 1RM (repetition maximum). Whenever you go through lower repetition ranges, you need to maintain a perfect form. However, nearly perfect is also acceptable.

About Overtraining In The 5×5 Training Program.

Some people may think the four-day recovery plan does not suit them. However, abiding by the rule of the recovery period is mandatory. Otherwise, overtraining could harm the body.

The main goal of this fitness program is to support athletes to boost their strength.

The best part is the exclusion of overtraining from this program. If you experience any numbness or pain (like nerve pain) while working out, stop at once.

What are the signs of overtraining? You would experience pain at different load-bearing joints. It includes a shoulder, elbow, knee, etc. Insufficient sleep is also a strong signal. The distal part of your muscle may cause soreness.

If you come across any of these signs, you are going through overtraining. You need to listen to the body to know its status. Nevertheless, it would take some time.

Ice Cream Fitness Program- The Schedule.

First Week.

Day: 1- Squat, Bench, Bent Over Row, Barbell Shrugs, Triceps Extension, Barbell Curls, Hyperextension, and Cable Crunches

Day: 2- Rest

Day: 3- Squat, Deadlift, Standing Press, Bent Over Row (10% lighter), CG b, Barbell Curls, and Cable Crunches

Day: 4- Rest

Day: 5- Squat, Bench, Bent Over Row, Barbell Shrugs, Triceps Extension, Barbell Curls, Hyperextension, and Cable Crunches

Day: 6- Rest

Day: 7- Rest

Second Week.

Day: 1- Squat, Deadlift, Standing Press, Bent Over Row (10% lighter), CG Bench Press, Barbell Curls, and Cable Crunches

Day: 2- Rest

Day: 3- Squat, Bench, Bent Over Row, Barbell Shrugs, Triceps Extension, Barbell Curls, Hyperextension, and Cable Crunches

Day: 4- Rest

Day: 5- Squat, Bench, Bent Over Row, Barbell Shrugs, Triceps Extension, Barbell Curls, Hyperextension, and Cable Crunches

Day: 6- Rest

Day: 7- Rest

Ice Cream Fitness - Some Exercises

Ask your trainer about the reps and sets of each exercise.

Wrapping Up

So, now, you are familiar with the ice cream fitness program by Jason Blaha. However, you need to remain focused on your joints and muscles. It is because of the extreme stress.

You should employ recovery tools to have some relaxation. Compression wraps and ice baths make great examples in this regard. Thus, you can expect to alleviate inflammation.

Moreover, you can make your body ready for the coming workout session. If you are interested in the  5×5 training program, you can visit StrongLifts. You can check strong lifts 5×5 results and start your journey.

Hence, when are you going to start the ice cream workout?

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