Are Weighted Decline Sit Ups Good?

There are a lot of sit-ups variations that you can do to deal with your abs. This article gives detailed instructions of how to do weighted sit ups. It gives variations of weighted sit-ups such as using different types of weights. In addition to that, the article discusses the muscles that you work when doing the sit-ups. By the end of the article, you will know the benefits of weighted sit-ups. The article also explains why sit-ups are good.

Some exercises mentioned in the article include overhead weighted sit-ups, weighted sit-us with a plate, and many other variations. However, if you cannot do these exercises, there are alternatives that you can do to exercise your abs and other related muscles.

Weighted Sit Ups With Plate

Like the normal sit ups, this exercise is good for working the rectus abdominis which is known as abs. It tones your abs and it also makes them stronger. In addition to that, the exercise strengthens the hip flexors, obliques, lower back, shoulders, and quads.

Using the weight when doing the sit ups makes the exercise more intense thereby speeding up the process of toning your muscles. In terms of form and posture, there is no difference between the standard sit ups and the weighted sit ups. Follow the steps below to do the sit ups workout;

  1. Start by lying on your back and keep your knees bent at about 90 degrees with your feet planted on the floor.
  2. Grasp a weight plate with your hands and hold it against your chest.
  3. Raise your upper body towards your thighs. Pause at the top of the movement with your forearms touching the thighs.
  4. Lower your upper body to the floor.
  5. Repeat to meet the number of your desired sets and reps.

Weighted Sit Ups With Kettlebell

Weighted Sit Ups With KettlebellWeighted sit ups for abs are amazing. You can use various types of weights to make the sit ups more intense. Using the kettlebell when doing the sit ups works the similar muscles as the standard sit ups. For example, you work your abs, shoulders, core, and other muscles. There are various ways of doing this exercise. You can hold the dumbbell close to your chest as you do the sit up, or you can hold the dumbbell and keep your arms fully extended as you exercise. Follow the instructions below to do the exercise;

  1. Lay on the ground and keep your knees bent to form a 90-degree angle. Make sure that the feet are planted on the floor.
  2. Grasp the kettlebell with your hands and extend your arms above your chin level.
  3. Raise your upper body while pushing the kettlebell higher. Keep your arms fully stretched throughout the movement.
  4. Lower your body and extend your arms overhead.
  5. Repeat the movement as much as you can.

Weighted Sit-Ups Muscles Worked

The weighted sit ups works the same muscles as the standard sit ups. Below are the muscles that you work when you do the weighted sit-ups.

  1. Rectus Abdominis – these are also known as abs muscles. They are located on your abdomen and they usually form the famous six packs if you exercise them correctly. The muscles are important for keeping the core in good condition.
  2. Hip flexors – these are hip muscles that assist with knee and leg movement. Therefore, making it stronger lowers injury risks such as hip flexor strain.
  3. Obliques – the obliques are closer to the abs, just outside the abs. These muscles are good at stabilising your spine and it also flexes the trunk.
  4. Quads – these are hip muscles and strengthening them makes it easy to move your legs
  5. Shoulders – As you hold onto weight while doing sit ups, you engage your shoulders. The weight makes your shoulders stronger and lean.
  6. Lower back – the sit ups also keeps your lower back stronger thereby improving body posture.
  7. Arms – the weight increase the muscle mass of your arms thereby strengthening your arms.

Weighted Sit Ups Dumbbells

Weighted Sit Ups DumbbellsLike other weighted sit ups, doing sit ups while holding the dumbbell make the exercise more challenging. To do the exercise, follow the steps below;

  1. Lie down on your back and bend your knees with your feet planted on the floor.
  2. Hold a dumbbell across your chest with your hands.
  3. Raise your upper body until your forearms touch the knees or thighs.
  4. Lower your body to the starting position.
  5. Repeat the move as much as you can.

Weighted Sit Ups Crossfit

As mentioned above, the weighted sit ups are a high intensity exercise. And it qualifies to be in a list CrossFit workouts. The workout gives your abs a great challenge. And you can speed up the development of your abs due to the intensity of the exercise.

Are Weighted Sit-Ups Bad

The weighted sit-ups are more intense than the standard sit ups. As such, they appear difficult to some people. They might not be recommended for beginners. If you cannot do the standard sit ups properly; you might injure yourself by doing the weighted sit-ups. Therefore, weighted sit-ups are ideally good for advanced trainers.

Weighted Sit-Ups Decline

The weighted decline sit ups exercise targets the core muscles. It makes your core muscles stronger and stable. Therefore, you can do your day to day activities easy without being worried about injuries. Additionally, the weight bench sit up also works your spine muscles making them more flexible. This exercise is the same as the weighted incline sit ups. The form is the same, just the difference between the names. To do the exercise, follow the steps below;

  1. Lie on a decline bench facing upward and make that your feet are secure.
  2. Hold the weight of your choice against the chest.
  3. Bring up your upper body towards your thighs. Pause at the top of the movement.
  4. Return your body to the starting position.
  5. Repeat to meet the preferable number of your sets and reps.

Overhead Weighted Sit-Ups

This is another intense exercise that hits your abs muscles as well as your spine muscles. In addition to that, your arms also benefit as you hold the weight above your head. To do the exercise, follow the steps below;

  1. Lie on the floor on your back and place an ab mat on your lower back. Keep your knees bent and balance on the floor with heels.
  2. Hold the weight of your choice above your chest with your arms fully extended.
  3. Raise your upper body and at the same time bringing the weight above your head. Keep your arms fully stretched throughout the exercise.
  4. Lower your body to a starting position.
  5. Repeat as much as you can.

Weighted Sit Up Machine

The weighted sit up machine makes you work your muscles like a standard sit-up. There are different types of machines that make you do the sit-ups. Other machine makes you exercise while seated while others make you exercise while lying. As such, you can do sit ups on a machine and also do other sit ups without using a machine. This can make you balance your workout.

Weighted Sit Ups Alternatives

There are various exercises that you can do as a substitute for weighted sit-ups. Below are the exercises that you can try;

Weighted Russian Twist

weighted sit ups - Weighted Russian TwistThe Russian twist is a good exercise that works your abs. Using the weight of why doing a Russian twist makes the exercise more challenging to develop the abs faster. To do the exercise, follow the steps below;

  1. Sit on the floor with your knees bent and feet planted on the floor.
  2. Slightly lower your upper body so that your thighs and upper body forms a ‘V’ shape.
  3. Hold a weight of your choice such as the weight plate, dumbbell, and keep your elbows slightly bent.
  4. Then twist your torso to the one side and then to the other side. Keep your knees and feet close to each other.
  5. Repeat to meet the number of your desired reps.

Swill Ball Pike

The Swiss ball pike exercise works almost the entire major body muscles. For instance, it works abs, quads, glutes, traps, deltoids, lats, and many other muscles. It strengthens these muscles and also it has the capability of adding muscle mass. To do the exercise, follow the instructions below;

  1. Place a Swiss ball on the floor and put your legs on the ball. Make sure that you are balancing on the ball with your shins.
  2. Plant your hands on the floor and keep them at shoulder width apart. You must be in a plant position with your body forming a plank.
  3. Then push up your hips and roll the balls towards your hands. Pause for a second or two before lowering your hips.
  4. Reverse the movement and lower your hips to the starting position.
  5. Repeat as much as you can.

Final Thoughts

The weighted sit ups is a variation of sit ups workout. As such the exercise primarily targets the abs muscles. It is indeed a good exercise that speeds up the development of abs. It makes it faster to develop the basic muscles due to the intensity of the exercise. The weighted sit-ups are more difficult than the standard sit-up.

However, almost every exercise has its shortfalls. The weighted sit-ups are not ideal for beginners. Doing the exercise in the wrong form can injure your back muscles. Therefore, you must master the standard sit ups before doing the weighted version.

Which sit-ups variation do you like doing and why?

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  1. Hey!!

    Lets just say I am trying to tighten up my mid section after having baby number 4 and it has been hard! I honestly never really heard about weighted ab lifts like this could just be my problem. I lost all my weight after having my son but as for access skin in my mid section has really been a tough road.

    Learning that these exercises help with your hips , lower back, shoulders, and so much more makes me want to get on the floor and do them now. These are like my main pain areas after having children and to be honest I have never been the “healthy” one as you could say and that’s why I am here to learn more about fitness and body, then put it to use!

    As I am seeing on the ad that all we need is a small weight, what is the recommended weight of the weight to se and not to to much stress on my body to start? If that makes sense. 

    • Thanks your comment, I really appreciate you with 4 babies. But, I don’t know how your body strength and how your body weight? . I like to mention, are you still beginner, try to get advice from the trainer with your body strength and body weight. This is just idea to start your workout. Or if you want more details on this regard, I really like to help, please comment here.

  2. Hi,

    From my online findings on weighed sit ups to do weighed sit up there are many types you can do grab a dumbbell or even weighted plate and sit on the floor. You will hold the weight against your chest and lie down on your back, when holding the weight, slowly contract your core and raise your upper body toward your knees until your forearms touch your thighs with this you are exercising your abs and related muscles. It is good to exercise your body to live healthy.

    Thank you.



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