Kettlebell and Muscle Building: Are Kettlebells Good For Building Muscle?

The ability of your body to resist force and pressure has earned a popular term for itself, ‘strength’. It is quite obvious that the increase in strength of your body increases your resistance capacity as well. However, the strength of one’s body is seldom associated with his weight or health. At any rate, this article is the perfect guide for you to help you carry out the best kettlebell workouts using the rogue fitness kettlebells.

It is ideal for every person to stay healthy to carry out their daily routines seamlessly. However, healthy food doesn’t necessarily give strength to the body. A proper strength training is a panacea for a healthy heart, cholesterol control, and the right posture.

Rogue fitness Kettlebells - Types of Kettlebells

The inventory of benefits doesn’t just end here. It isn’t anything new for strength training to burn calories. However, it is also a contributor to the stabilized metabolism of the body.

Part of the Daily Workout Routine?

As a matter of fact, your muscle growth is directly proportional to the mass of weights you lift. Lifting heavier weights will ultimately help in the making of a stronger body and bigger muscles. Muscle building and strength training basically, requires the following procedures.

1. Getting Gradually Stronger.

Rigorous bodybuilding doesn’t necessarily result in bigger muscle building. Bodybuilding increases strength to some extent. The more is the strength, the bigger is the muscle. Therefore, to increase the muscle mass, the following strength exercises need to be gradually enhanced. Squad exercise to 140 kg, bench press exercise to 110 kg, and finally, deadlift workouts to 180 kg.

2. Enhancing Weightlifting.

Exercises related to adding weight to the bar are not enough. One should gradually enhance weightlifting exercises. Thereby, the performer will get stronger and the muscle mass will increase as well.

3. Adopting Compound Exercise Routine.

Rogue Fitness Kettlebells - overhead presses

For activation and enhancement of various muscles, compound exercises are essential. Thereby, several muscles would work in the same period. Compound exercises enable the performer to lift heavier weights and the ultimate gain in overall muscle growth. The exercises are heavy squats, bench, deadlifts, overhead presses, and barbell rows.

4. Using Kettlebell or Barbell.

Using a kettlebell or barbell acts like a miracle. It enables one to lift heavier weights. Barbells or kettlebells require more muscle strength, so muscle growth is inevitable. As an advice, lifting free weights and start that from lightweight.

5. Daily Exercise.

The more one lifts weights, the heavier he/she can lift later. One should frequently do workouts like squatting, pressing, and pulling.

6. Protein-Rich Diet.

Protein is the body’s prime ingredient for muscle building. At least 1.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is essential for muscle building. However, gaining strength and building muscles take time.

How is Strength Training and Muscle Building Any Different From Rogue Kettlebell?

Apart from the regular ones, Rogue Fitness has set a new benchmark for itself with the debut of competition kettlebells and rubber-coated kettlebells. Rogue Fitness provides premium kettlebells in 17 weight increments, starting from 9 LB to 203 LB. As a matter of fact, these kettlebells are available at affordable prices, starting from $24 to $246. know more about Rogue Kettlebells.

A Brief Insight.

Rogue Fitness Kettlebells - Several sizes of kettlebells

Similar to a cannonball which comes with a handle, the kettlebell is ball-shaped, made of cast iron or steel with a suitcase handle attached at the top. It comes in several sizes such as 8 lbs, 12 lbs, 18 lbs, 26 lbs, 35 lbs, 44 lbs, 53 lbs, 70 lbs, 80 lbs, 88 lbs, 97 lbs, and 105 lbs.

Kettlebells weighing 105 lbs are specially made for super-strong people. In terms of the kilogram, the widely used sizes for general fitness ranges from 4 kg to 24 kg. The ideal size is 8-16 kg. Kettlebell training isn’t just limited to physical fitness. It also provides physical strength and mental toughness.

Check the Yes4All Powder Coated Kettlebells on Amazon. These kettlebells are available in a variety of weights and have color-coded rings. Moreover, the labeling of all kettlebells is in LB as well as KG.

Which Exercises You Can Perform with Rogue Kettlebell?

1. Standard Weight Training Exercises.

The standard weight training exercises are bench presses, curls, and rows.

2. Fast Exercises.

Examples of fast exercises are snatches, swings, cleans, and jerks. Such workouts if regularly performed result in muscular endurance and excess fat melting.

3. Ballistic Exercises.

Exercises like Turkish get-up, bent press, and windmill help increase shoulder flexibility and stability. Listing the Reliable Features and the Not-So-Promising Ones Rogue Fitness Kettlebells need to pay heed to.


  1. Promising durability and great value for money.
  2. Great looks and good finishes.
  3. Suitable for CrossFit gyms.


  1. Possibility of an attached rubber plate at the bottom to snag ground.
  2. A coarse grip feels rough to some.
  3. Relatively expensive for the same weight.

A Comparison of Rogue Kettlebell with Barbell and Dumbbell:

You can perform all the above-mentioned exercises with a barbell, dumbbell as well as the kettlebell.

The suitcase handle of the kettlebell is extra thicker and thus, gives a better grip during workouts. Moreover, the centered weight feature of the kettlebell is ideal for muscle-related exercises. Lastly, the toughness and shock absorbing features of kettlebell make it most preferable for combat athletes and combat sportsmen. Tough athletes in wrestling, MMA, football, and hockey enhance their practices with the kettlebell.

Which Kettlebell Features Should Be Taken Into Consideration Before Getting One?

Rogue Kettlebell - Before buying kettlebells

Kettlebell is widely adored worldwide for its versatile features. Children, women, men, and athletes are all behind it. It is available both online and offline. Before buying and using, one should go through the following features.

1. Accompanied by Workout Guide.

Kettlebell comes with an audio-visual guide concerning complete workouts, muscle strengthening, and cardio training.

2. Durability.

A durable rubber base of kettlebell protects its base against knocks. In comparison to numerous kettlebell developing brands in the race, Rogue Fitness has managed to remain the first choice of its customers.

3. Gripping Handle.

Wide handles of rogue kettlebell give an ergonomic grip. To do a lot of motion workouts, handle grip is important. Moreover, the gripping handle should be slip-resistant.

Know over 25 grips that can be employed with kettlebells.

4. Warranty.

Nevertheless, the warranty period differs from company to company. Therefore, you must look into this important aspect. Normally, the company provides a warranty period of 2 years.

5. Handle Diameter.

Handle diameter should be between 30-38 mm.

6. Value for Money.

A good number of kettlebell companies sell products both offline and online. These are Physique Kettlebell, Reebok Kettlebell, Burn Rubber Kettlebell, and USI Kettlebell.

Exercises increase right posture

Final Thoughts

At any rate, it won’t be wrong to say that Rogue Kettlebell isn’t just good looking, valuable and durable. These kettlebells are an all-rounder. However, the only flaw that the above-mentioned comparison was able to note in regards to this product was that the coarse grip felt rougher to some.

The manufacture of Rogue kettlebells depends on several requirements such as, premium material, single-piece casting, void-free surface, finish, colors, and wide flat machined base.

At any rate, you are most welcome to post your views and suggestions in the comment box. After all, the ultimate aim is to suggest better products to help all achieve their fitness goals.

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