How To Do Upright Barbell Row Muscles Worked

Do you want to know about upright the barbell rows exercise? Then, it is the perfect post for you. However, first, it is essential to know about the upright row or barbell bent over row. It is a workout, which focuses on the exerciser’s shoulder. Since the topic is upright barbell row, the context is about working with barbells. It is all about pulling a barbell in front of the body. Nonetheless, the position must be vertical. The rule is to lift the barbell up to the shoulder height.

Barbell Rows Exercise  - Barbell upright row

Furthermore, the upright barbell row comes as a free-weight workout. Most of the time, people prefer barbells over dumbbells in this regard. The latter is called bent over dumbbell rows. However, some people also go for one arm dumbbell row.

Moreover, it is a popular strength-training workout. Mostly athletes or bodybuilders opt for it to strengthen the body. The main goal of the barbell bent over row is to improve the muscle size of the shoulder. However, the same goes well for the upper back. However, the exercise also contributes to enhancing the neck circumference. And that is why soccer and rugby players also opt for it.

Proper Ways To Perform Upright Barbell Row.

kettlebell Upright Row

Are you looking for step-by-step guidance to perform bent over barbell row? Then, this segment will help you a lot. However, if you do not have a barbell, you can also make use of kettlebells, dumbbells, etc. Nonetheless, the steps will remain the same.

Opt For An Ideal Grip Width.

First, you need to choose the right grip width. Wider a grip will be, it will focus on more of the posterior shoulders. On the contrary, a narrower one would work more on the muscle. Nonetheless, both grip variations focus on both groups of muscle. Just go for an ideal grip, which will best cater to your needs. It must help you to develop your shoulder.

It Is Time For Standing Tall:

Now, you need to stand your barbell. It must be up to the posterior portion. It is time for pulling up your chest tall. Next, pull back your shoulder. However, the shoulder blades should put the back at rest at this position.

Up Your Elbows:

This is the third step of the barbell row. Pull your elbows in the upward direction while being outward a bit. However, it is a must to lift the barbell in the proximity of your body.

And it must not go away from your torso. Otherwise, you cannot maintain your elbows above the wrist. In this case, your elbows would be more likely to go back.

What Should You Consider During Barbell Rows?

The barbell upright row comes with some considerations. However, the same goes well for bent over rows dumbbell. First, the exercise needs the person to go for significant medial shoulder rotation. It produces considerable torque in the shoulder joints.

Nevertheless, the amount of torque puts a load on the muscles. Note that the load is susceptible to cause an injury. And the injury-prone muscles balance the shoulder joint’s stability.

shoulder pain

Some row exercise performers find it a disadvantageous posture to cause shoulder pain. Are you not comfortable with this posture? Then, you can opt for shrugs for the trapezius.

Choose Your Preferred Variation From Several Row Exercises.

Are you looking for an ideal barbell row form for you?

Alright! The upright row goes best with a barbell. However, you can also use dumbbells to create a variation. Some people also prefer to use a low cable machine in this regard. Moreover, the common way of performing it is with a conventional hand-width grip. However, some exercises also prefer a shoulder-width grip.

Nonetheless, another variation of this workout is high pull. It makes use of a specific leg thrust. As a result, the exerciser can pull heavier weights than other times. However, it is a popular weightlifting exercise. Also, athletes perform it to enhance their endurance.

Moreover, another variation of row exercise is pendlay row. It is one sort of barbell row, which emphasizes strengthening back muscles. Moreover, this workout can also help you to perform many other lifts.

On the other hand, standing row is another popular weight-training workout. It is all about grasping grips. And the overhand grip helps the exerciser in this regard. Pulling the grips straight at the maximum of the collarbone height is necessary.

Which Of Your Muscles Will Work During Row Exercises?

Whether it is a barbell upright row or dumbbell row, row exercises are compound. Moreover, such exercises make use of various joint actions. That means it will work on different muscle groups of the exerciser.

However, the upright row mainly focuses on the upper trapezius muscles. Moreover, it also works on biceps as well as deltoids. Apart from the key muscles, smaller muscles also contribute to this workout. As a result, it gets easier to perform this workout.

trapezius muscles

Moreover, the core muscles need to produce tension. Otherwise, it would not be possible to help the spine for uplifting the weight. However, the tension is also essential to take off the weight.

Some Common Mistakes And Solutions During Row Exercises.

Elbow Position.

It is one of the common mistakes in row exercises. Hence, you must position your elbow upwards of the forearms. Never try to elevate your arms above the parallel level. Otherwise, you could end up facing shoulder impingement.

Wrist Position.

Note that row exercises can pressurize your wrists. That is why it is essential to make use of a wide grip. That means you must opt for shoulder-width. Moreover, it is also essential to maintain flexibility throughout. Thus, you can ensure a better position.

Back And Body.

It is essential to maintain a static position of the body during row exercises. Moreover, the abs must be in the braced condition all around the elevation.

Turing, as well as twisting, is strictly a no-no. Furthermore, you must maintain a straight back posture along with the elevated chest. Also, you need to focus your eyes forward. And maintain a stationary position of your legs.

Extremely Heavy Weight.

Are you an experienced exerciser and sure about the shoulder joints? No? Then, you must not pull heavyweight. Otherwise, it can cause shoulder impingement.

Barbell Rows Exercise - heavy lifts bad

Moreover, poor posture is also responsible for the same. Remember, the shoulder is a complex body part. Hence, heavy lifts can result in injuries and affect your workout goals badly. Furthermore, shoulder injuries take a long time to recover.

Tips For Newcomers.

Have you just started your journey with the upright row? Then, you should onset the workout without adding any weight to your barbell. As a result, you can get to feel the impact of the lift on your torso.

Moreover, you could also experience the movement and needed positions. Then, you can start adding weight slowly. First, it is essential to prepare your shoulders for the upright row.

Wrapping Up

I hope the post about the upright barbell row was insightful for you. This workout can tremendously help to boost shoulder strength. Undoubtedly, some exercisers would find it not their cup of tea. It is because of the needed shoulder mobility to ensure the movement.

Moreover, most of the newcomers do not have proper shoulder mobility. Hence, they should first opt for beginner movements, such as reverse flyes.

What do you think about rows exercise? Is it your cup of tea?

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