What Is The Best Weight Loss Challenge For Beginners?

Busy work schedules are common nowadays. However, it also connects with poor eating habits and wrong sleeping patterns. Therefore, the overall scenario is enough to deteriorate your health. A sedentary or inactive lifestyle can welcome some serious ailments in your life. Here we are going to explorer about what are the best weight loss exercises for beginners to start weight loss journey?

Therefore, you must know about some of the best weight loss challenge for beginners. It is because the maximum problems come with obesity. Does it sound good? Definitely, it is! Thus, you can expect to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, you can also energize yourself and boost your mental health. You are definitely aware of the weight loss benefits.

best weight loss exercises - healthy lifestyle

It is time to start the discussion. You will also know about various tips to fuel your weight-loss process in your busy schedule.

How Does Best Weight Loss Challenge Work?

You must shed more calories as compared to whatever you eat. Exercise helps to burn excess calories and it promotes weight loss. However, a proper weight loss schedule is a must to maintain consistency.

Nonetheless, you must conscious about your diet as well. Otherwise, you cannot expect to have the best results from workouts. An effective weight loss workout plan for beginners and a proper diet will ease your journey.

Some Of The Best Weight Loss Challenge.

Exercise can make you ready for the entire day. Thus, you can initiate your weight loss journey. A proper workout exercise helps to boost metabolism.

As a result, you can start shedding more calories. Furthermore, exercise can enhance lean mass. If you are serious about your weight loss goals, you must devote above 20 minutes. Remember, consistency is the key.

10-Pound Exercise.

Which is the best exercise for weight loss to start with? You can start your journey with a 10-Pound workout. Thus, you can expect to lose excess fat.

Morning is the best time to do it. The schedule includes Squats, High Knees, Lunges, Crunches, Jumping Jacks, and Push-Ups. It also comprises of Sit-Ups and Burpees. Ask your trainer about the counts and routine of each exercise. These are some ideal workouts to lose weight.

HIIT Workout.

Do you want to shed excess fat from the entire body?

Then, you can opt for the HIIT workout. You need to work hard during the session. However, your efforts will pay off since it can burn significant calories. It is among the best exercises for weight loss.

best weight loss exercises - HIIT Workout

How to lose weight fast with exercise? By HIIT workout! It can help to get rid of almost 226 excess calories all around the day.

Moreover, these exercise workouts can enhance metabolism for longer. Thus, you can accelerate your weight loss journey. HIIT can also alleviate blood pressure and blood sugar.


You can also incorporate Bodycombat to your weight loss workout plan. Do you know you can shed about 740 calories with less than one-hour of Bodycombat?

However, this scale may fluctuate with the body type and weight. It is a productive strategy to get into your dream shape fast. Therefore, if you wonder how to quickly lose weight, add Bodycombat to your session.

Busy schedules need increased stamina that Bodycombat can serve. It can also alleviate stress and boost muscle tone. It actually combines various moves, such as Karate, push-ups, Boxing, and so on. Bodycombat is an ideal exercise to lose weight.

Kettlebell Workout.

Are you looking for an ideal weight loss workout plan for men? Then, you can start your journey with Kettlebell Workout. A continuous 30-minute workout with a kettlebell can promote metabolism.

It works on hard-to-remove body fat. Therefore, it is one of the best workouts to lose weight. A kettlebell workout can boost your functional strength. It will further streamline your day-to-day activity.

It is all about versatile movements, which address all sets of muscles. Therefore, if you are searching for an extreme weight loss tips, opt for these workouts.

Yoga Workout.

If you are searching for a weight loss workout plan for beginners, opt for yoga. It will boost your weight loss process. These low-impact activities will help you to attain your dream figure.

Yoga helps to shed excess weight, improves focus, and promotes relaxation. Thus, you can experience a change in your food habits for good.

That means you will become conscious about your calorie intake. Make proper yoga workout routines for weight loss.

best weight loss exercises - yoga Workout

If you want to get rid of maximum calories, choose intense postures. It may also help you to stay away from putting excess weight. Power yoga is one of the best fat burning exercises in this category.

Some More Effective Tips On Best Weight Loss Exercises For Busy People.

Are you extremely busy in your work schedule? Then, you can purchase a gym membership. However, you must know about the gym workout for beginners to lose weight.

Planks, Knee Push-ups, Bridge, The Reverse Fly, and Static Lunge are some ideal workouts. Maintain a strict diet routine. Start taking a protein-rich breakfast. Avoid sugar-loaded beverages. Incorporate soluble fiber in your diet.

There are many food options available to fuel your weight loss journey. Some of them are Whole Eggs, Leafy Greens, Cruciferous Vegetables, Chicken Breast, etc.

You can also add coconut oil and green tea to your diet. Keto diet is also a good way to shed excess pounds.

You can change your diet if it is not helping in losing weight. Your diet must make a deficiency in energy. Thus, you can expect to shed excess pounds from your body.

It is crucial to make realistic goals when it comes to losing weight. You will not get visible results in one day. Rather you must devote some time to get rid of stubborn body fat.

Moreover, sufficient sleep is a must to maintain your weight loss process. Otherwise, you will start lacking energy in your day-to-day activities. Nonetheless, it will also affect your waistline.

The Bottom Line

Do you want to show your best performance and boost your productivity? Then, you must allocate some time for a workout. Staying fit and healthy is essential to lead a happy, peaceful life. Thus, you can also stay safe from various serious ailments. However, a proper diet and sound sleep are also vital to fuel your weight loss activities.

Which of the best weight loss challenge from above are you going to start tomorrow?

9 thoughts on “What Is The Best Weight Loss Challenge For Beginners?”

  1. I was looking for new workouts that I could fit into my busy schedule. I have been doing the insanity workouts from Shaun T for a few years now, and although they work great I sometimes get bored doing the same exercises 4-5 times a week. The HIIT and bodycombat work outs look like they will be exactly what I need, if I incorporate them into my schedule that should break up the monotony. Thank you so much for the review! 

    • That is a good selection with your life style. First, think you per day session, not week or month, only, start simple starting point. then you can continue step by step development with your life style. I thing, according to your comments, you have good schedule and good selection. Thanks and happy to about your participation.

  2. There are so many options for everyone to choose, I like that! I personally prefer yoga but used to go to gym regularly when I was studying at university and had a lot of time 🙂 That time I also used to spend a lot of time on stationary bike in the gym or jogging. 
    Now I prefer yoga because it’s also good for our minds. I believe diet is also a very important part of weight loss as you suggest.
    In my opinion, it’s important for everyone to choose what resonates with them because if it’s not the case, they just fall off after some time. 
    To answer you question what I’m going to start with tomorrow, I’ll start doing yoga more regularly as I feel my body needs it. I’ve been too busy lately and didn’t do any exercises and I know it’s not good.
    Thank you for this kick off!

    • That’s good selection for your life style. Your university life style changed after joining the job. I think, you are slim and there was good body shape in your university life. But, you apply yoga is not fast solution for your body. But, it more support your mind that will support your body too. This is will good weight loss method with mind relaxation and weight loss. I also recommend with yoga, at least jogging or walking, or cycling can apply for your body. That will be fast and effective results to lose weight. Thank so much your joining

  3. Hello Saman!

    As a computer programmer, I am sedentary as well, and while there are days I eat more food, I still manage to stay slim and fit by eating less in other days, going by foot (instead of by car or using public transportation) with fast steps, and also by making some exercise at my home.

    And most of the times, there are no breakfast and lunch – I often eat in the evening, and from time to time there are some “particular days” I don’t eat at all. This can also be considered as fasting.

    From the methods you exposed, the HIIT would be closest to what I do to stay slim. It is about moving the body. I’m also a lonely guy, so there is no Body Kombat :)!

    Years ago, when I was not living alone, I weighed more kilograms (or LBs), then my alimentation changed. But I need to take care of my weight anyway!

    Kind regards,


    • Yes, Peter, I think your busiest life style, you haven’t time to use some weight loss methods. But you can apply some fasting methods. According to my experience, your fasting methods are not clear order, if there is a correct and clear order, then, it will be support your body. Otherwise, if will impact your body health with losing weight. I suggest you to read my other articles, then you can get supportive information and suit with your life style. Thanks for joining to provide comment.

  4. Very Informative.  I like when you say that weight loss is mostly about what our diet is and how much you eat.

    can I just do 20 minutes of calisthenics every day to help me lose weight?

    I was thinking push ups, sit ups and jumping jacks, would that be ok?

    I like your website format. Very easy to read.  

    • Yes, sure, your suggestions are more suitable. According to my experience, no need more work per day, you can mix up and select little number of basic activities from the starting, then you can increase the based on your experience and your body health condition. Ok, thanks your valuable comments


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