What Exercises Fall Under Hip Hinge Category?

There are several exercises that improve hip strength and mobility. This article gives various hip hinge exercises. For example, there are hip hinge workouts for beginners, body weight hip exercises, hip hinge progression exercises, among others. Besides that, there is a list of hip exercises that you can do with a barbell, dumbbell or without weights. As such, in the following paragraphs, you can expect exercises such as squats, kettle swing, glute bridge, Barbell Romanian deadlift, and more. Additionally, the article also gives a list of the hip hinge workout benefits. In the course of this article, the above hip hinge exercises will be explained.

Hip Hinge Exercises For Beginners.

Newbies are advised to start with simple exercises before going into a more advanced hip hinge. As such, simple exercises that do not lead to body pain and injuries are highly preferred for beginners. But they can use weights. However, the weights must be not too heavy.

Because what matters is mastering the proper form. Additionally, beginners need to know their body capacity before considering taking a hip hinge exercise to avoid injuries. There are different hip hinge exercises that newbies can begin with.

Squats Exercise.

Hip Hinge Exercises - Squats Exercise with dumbbell

This is an essential bodyweight exercise that helps master the hip-hinge movement. In addition to that, the squats target the butt, hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, and calves. Interestingly, you use your body resistance to do the exercise. But, you can always spice it up and use weight, resistance band to make it more challenging. To do the traditional squat, follow the instructions below;

  1. Stand with your feet a bit wider than your hip. You can extend your arms in front of you.
  2. Engage your core and lift your chest and keep the back flat.
  3. Then bend your knees to lower your body until your things are parallel to the ground. Pause in that position for a second
  4. Return your body to a starting position.
  5. Repeat as much as you can.

Romanian Deadlift.

The Romanian deadlift improves hip hinge mobility. in addition, the exercise also works the glutes and hamstrings. To do the exercise; follow the instructions below;

  1. Stand with your feet at shoulder width apart and keep your knees slightly bent. Your feet must be under the barbell.
  2. Hinge the hips forward and bend to grab the bar with your hands at shoulder width apart or outside your legs. You grab the bar with an overhand grip.
  3. Bring the barbell up and hang it by your hips with your arms fully straight.
  4. Push your hips backward and bend to lower the barbell along your legs. Lower it down to below your knees.
  5. Finally, return the barbell up until you are standing straight.
  6. Repeat the move as much as you can.

Bent-Over Row.

The bent over row exercise focuses on the back muscle and it’s good for strength and size. Learning this as a beginner is quite difficult but advised to start with at least 5 reps as it will help in other exercises. Follow the steps below to do the exercise

  1. Holding dumbbells in both hands stand with feet at hip-width apart.
  2. Bend your knees a bit and lower your back. Push your butt back and engage your core.
  3. Extend your arms towards the ground.
  4. Pull the dumbbell up to your chest and keep your arms by your body sides. Squeeze your shoulder blades before returning the dumbbells to the starting position.
Hip Hinge Exercises - Bent Over Row with dumbbell

Glute Bridge.

The glute bridge exercise is good for targeting the butt. In addition to that, it also improves hip mobility. Follow the instructions below to do the exercise.

  1. Firstly, lie on your back with your knees bent and feet planted on the ground. Keep your arms fully extended on the floor by your body sides.
  2. Push up your butt off the floor to form a straight line from your knees to your chest. Pause for a second.
  3. Finally, return your butt to the floor.

Hip Hinge For Body Weight.

Most people desire to have good body weight and there are exercises that can help to achieve that. Below are some hip hinge exercises for body weight.

Kettlebell Lateral Lunge.

The lunge exercises are well known for working the hip muscles. In addition, using a kettlebell gives your body a great challenge, thereby strengthening those muscles at a greater degree. Follow the steps below to do the exercise;

  1. Firstly, you must start by holding the kettlebell with both of your closer bringing it closer to the chest. Then stand up with your feet apart.
  2. Use your left leg to make a big step out to the left and bending your left knee. At the same time bend your back forward in such a way that the right leg and hip are stretched and slant.
  3. Lastly; bring back the left foot to the start position. Repeat 10 times and use the right leg to step in and out. Do several sets as you can.

Kettlebell Swing.

This is another bodyweight exercise works your glutes, hamstrings, and other hips muscles. To do the exercises follow the steps below;

  1. Stand with your feet, shoulder-width apart with knees bent.
  2. Grab the kettlebell and hold it between your legs.
  3. Lower backs and bends until the kettlebell is between your legs.
  4. Extend your hips and swing the kettlebell upwards
  5. Bend hips and knees as weight swings between your legs.
  6. Hip and knee should be extended so that the kettlebell can swing on its own.
Hip Hinge Exercises - Kettlebell Swing

 Hip Hinge Exercises At Home.

There are different exercises that you can do at home to give your hips a great workout that can improve mobility. Whether you have the equipment or not, below are the exercises that you can try at home to improve the strength and flexibility of your hips.

Reverse Lunge.

You don’t have to go to the gym to the reverse lunge exercise. More so, the lunge is good for working the various hips muscles such as the hamstrings, quads, and many others. Follow the instructions below to do the exercise.

  1. Stand with your feet and hand together.
  2. Step back with your right foot, keeping the heel off the floor.
  3. Knees should be bent until both are parallel to the floor. The left knee should be above the right knee.
  4. Finally, return the left heel to the first position and repeat for the other leg.


Squats is the well-known hip hinge exercise that improves balance and reduces back pain. In addition to that, it also strengthens the butt and hip since we spend much time sitting. Interestingly, this exercise has a lot of variations. You can try the squat kicks, split leg squats, among others.

Barbell Hinge Exercises.

Using a barbell, you can do various exercises that target your hip muscles. Some exercises have been discussed above in detail. However, take a look at some interesting exercises that you can do.

Barbell Squat.

As mentioned above, the squat is a good exercise that works the hips and leg muscles. In addition to that, the squats have a lot of variations that you can do. Among them is a barbell squat. Using a barbell gives your muscles more pressure to build and strengthen your hips. Follow the steps below to do the exercise;

  1. Stand below a bar with your feet a bit wider than your shoulder width apart distance.
  2. Grab the bar with an overhand grip with hands a bit wider than shoulder width apart distance.
  3. Unrack the bar and lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the ground.
  4. Pause and drive your body up to the starting position.
Hip Hinge Exercises - Barbell Squat

Other exercises that you can do include barbell hip thrust, barbell Bulgarian split squat.

Hip Hinge Progressions.

The hip hinge exercises are meant for patients and they help them to learn using their injured hips. In addition, the exercises are therapeutic. Below are some of the hip hinge progressions.

Standing Hip Hinge.

This exercise targets the glutes, hamstrings, adductors, and erector spinae. Follow the steps below to do the exercise.

  1. Stand with your feet a bit wider than shoulder width distance.
  2. Hold a dowel with your hands on your back. One hand must be on your lower back and the other one slightly above your head. Make sure that the dowel touches your head, upper back, and lower back.
  3. Lower your upper body until its parallel to the ground. Pause for a second.
  4. Return your body up to the starting position.

Other exercises that you can do for hip hinge progression include the kneeling hip hinge, quad Rock with anterior pelvic tilt.

Dumbell Hinge Exercises.

There are various dumbbell exercises that target the hip muscles. Below are some of the exercises that you can try.

  1. Dumbbell sumo squat
  2. Side lunge with dumbbell
  3. Side dumbbells abductions
Hip Hinge Exercises - Side lunge with dumbbell

Benefits Of Hip Hinge Exercises.

  1. Improves hips mobility
  2. strengthens hip muscles
  3. Reduces pain and reduce injury risks
  4. Enlarges glutes
  5. Improve hip flexion
  6. Improves body balance and posture

Final Thoughts

There are many hip hinge exercises that you can do at a gym or at home. In addition, you can also do them with little gym equipment or without equipment. You will never go wrong with squats exercises to target your hips. The good thing about squats is that there are many variations. For instance, you can use weights, resistance bands, and other equipment to strengthen your hips.

Some squats variations include barbell squat, dumbbell sumo squat, and many others. However, the above passages give a lot of hip hinge workouts that you can try. For example, you can try the reverse lunge, glute bridge, Romanian deadlift, among others listed above. Therefore, you must not give an excuse for not doing hip exercises because this article gives a lot of exercises that you can choose from regardless of your ability.

Which exercises work your hips perfectly? Share your experiences below.

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