Group Exercise Classes For Adults: What Is The Best Workout For Seniors?

Older people are less active due to physical, health, and aging issues. Regardless of being less active, they fail to commit themselves to exercises. There are group exercise classes for older adults that can keep them exercising. Some of the groups include Zumba, Aquatic class, Yoga class, and more.

These exercises are good in rekindling the social lifestyle of the elders. Additionally, they can benefit psychologically. This article sheds more light on exercise that can be done by older people.

 5 Group Exercise Classes For Older Adults

Older people need group exercises that they can make them keep going. There are various exercises that they can do to keep their bodies physically fit and healthy. They need exercises that can improve their balance, strength, flexibility.

Group Exercise Classes - group exercise more fun

Additionally, the activities must be good enough in keeping their mind relaxed. Due to age, intense workouts are not ideal for older adults. As such, older people need group exercises to socialize and keep themselves accompanied. Below are the types of fitness classes:

1. Zumba Class.

Older adults can join a Zumba class and have fun while working out. The class is all about making dance activities while listening to music.

A Zumba class is more interesting when done as a group. It is one of the best fitness classes that adults can join. Adults can do gentle moves that are less intense.

Dancing is good in keeping joints flexible. It can also improve cardio health which is highly needed by older people. More so, having fun while exercising can motivate older people to keep attending the class.

Older people need the motivation to keep on attending group classes. More so, they may not enjoy Zumba activities when exercising as a solo. Being in Zumba fitness classes can make them meet up as agemates and enjoy socializing.

Additionally, there is another Zumba class called Aquatic Zumba. This class involves dancing or exercising in water. Being in the water is therapeutic.

Adults suffering from body pains and arthritis issues can enjoy the aquatic Zumba class. It can relieve them of their pains. Exercising in water as a group can calm their bodies and improve their mood.

Zumba Class Benefits.

Older people can benefit more than fitness if they join the Zumba class. They can socialize and gain friends.

They can motivate each other to be active in fitness groups. Fitness-wise; older adults can be flexible, improve their balance and strength.

2. Aquatic Class.

Aquatic workout classes are good for older adults who want to be in group fitness classes. The class involves exercising in water or a pool.

There are various exercises that they can do in the water. The common one is swimming. Swimming is a great exercise that improves cardiovascular healthiness.

Group Exercise Class - Aquatic workout classes

It also cools down a stressed body. Those with injuries, muscle pain, joint issues can heal better when exercising in water.

The other activity that they can do is dancing in water which is also known as aquatic Zumba. They can also sit and meditate in the pool. They can use dumbells while in water to spice up their activities.

Aquatic Class Benefits.

Aquatic exercise is livelier when you are a group of people than when you are alone. Group water exercises can benefit older adults socially and psychologically.

Some people may be scared to be in the water. Thus, numbers can make others be more comfortable in the water.

It can also motivate adults to keep on attending gym classes knowing that there are safe. Being in the water is gentle; adults don’t need high-intensity exercise. Hence, water classes are the best for older people.

3. Yoga Classes.

There are so many yoga classes. Elder people can be accommodated in some of those exercises. Firstly, there is yoga meditation. This type of meditation is good for older people because it does not require a lot of movement.

The yoga meditation class involves doing various breathing techniques, repetition of sounds, and less straining movements.

Older people can benefit from relaxing their minds which can further bring clarity to their thoughts. They can also sleep better after doing this exercise.

Secondly, there is also a stretch and align yoga. They can help each other to stretch their bodies. This is good in strengthening muscles and freeing muscles that might be in pain.

In addition to the two yoga activities discussed above, older adults can also do chair yoga and water yoga. Chair yoga is another simple exercise that is not intense. Adults can enjoy moving their legs while seated and chatting.

Those who are suffering from back pain can enjoy this exercise as they will be moving their body parts in the comfort of a chair.

Water yoga which is also known as aquatic yoga also is one of the classes that adults can join. Water can offer adults simple moves while being underwater. Being in water can free your body. It can offer adults therapeutic exercises.

Yoga Benefits For Seniors.

Group Exercise Classes - Yoga workout classes

Most importantly, yoga classes help adults to gain balance. It makes them move around with ease and they can also break a fall. Yoga exercises strengthen their weak muscles. Additionally, yoga classes are fun, they can easily socialize while exercising.

Some yoga exercises use props and this is good for older people with weak muscles. They can enjoy doing exercise by the mat while meditating.

Meditation is good and healthy in a rejuvenating the brain. It relaxes the body and the mind. Moreso, yoga exercise can boost good sleep and reduce stress levels.

4. Walking Class.

Walking is one of the easy group exercises that is less taxing. It can be easily featured in a group fitness schedule. This exercise gives adults time to do other activities.

It can be done outdoors. Adults can take a walk to nearby supermarkets. They would have killed two birds with a single stone by doing that. It is interesting to exercise without even noticing that you were exercising.

Walking Benefits.

Walking is easy and adults can control their speed according to their ability. They can do the exercise by mixing it with other activities such as shopping. Walking can give them time to view nature. That can make them refresh their minds.

5. Cycling Classes.

Older people also deserve to be behind the gym machines. They do not need to workout on fast-paced machines.

For instance, they can easily use a cycling machine in a gym and enjoy. Additionally, they can also take advantage of bicycles. They can cycle in pairs or more.

Cycling Benefits.

Group Exercise Classes - Stationery Bike Riding

Doing improves body flexibility.  More so, cycling strengthens the lower part of the body. Adults don’t need high-speed workouts. Therefore as they cycle at a low speed, they can chat and catch up. This benefits them physically and socially.

Final Thoughts

There are various benefits of group exercises for older adults. Attending gym classes as an adult can be a bit boring if you go alone. Group exercise classes more fun and adults can socialise better than spending most of the time being behind doors.

Group classes such as Aquatic Zumba and walking are the best for older people. They are easy to do and less straining. The exercises make them more flexible and they are also good in healing aching joints and body pains.

Which classes are mostly joined by adults? Share your thoughts regarding group exercises joined by adults

2 thoughts on “Group Exercise Classes For Adults: What Is The Best Workout For Seniors?”

  1. I totally agree with you that exercising as you get older does become more difficult, as your body does get lazier and all the aches and pains start to creep in. The best way to keep agile well into old age is to keep active and we have seen this proven time and time again.

    I am surprised that you don’t mention Pilates on this list. Yoga is great too, but Pilates is important to keep your spine flexible and your core strong, as well as help to balance out your body which helps control falls. I belong to a Pilates class where the average age is 60 plus and these ladies all put me to shame with what they can do with their bodies.

    • Yes, sure I agree with your suggestion. Yoga and Pilates are more important in some other posts, I mentioned that, but, next post, I publish a complete set of group exercises for the old adults. Thanks a lot for your suggestion because we are key openers with your constructive comments. I appreciate your suggestion.


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