Easy Chin Tucks Exercise For Neck Pain

You might wake up with a stiff neck failing to turn around flexibly. Nerves in the neck can be disturbed by poor posture, stress, or any other condition. You might need an easy chin tucks exercise for neck pain to relieve yourself. Some of the easy exercises to do include the normal chin tuck exercise, chin tuck with extension, seated chin tuck, and many others. These exercises are good in easing tension and pain caused by a pinched nerve in the neck.  In this article, you will be taken through the easy types of chin tuck exercises in detail.

What Is Chin Tuck Exercise?

Chin Tucks Exercise - Neck Pain

Chin tuck is one of the simple and best exercises that you can when you are suffering from neck pain and stress. This workout pertains to movements based on your chin. Your chin will be the main focus as you do exercises. You can tuck it in your chest or shoulders as you try your best to get rid of the burning sensation pain around your shoulders and neck.

When To Do Easy Chin Tucks Exercise For Neck Pain.

The chin tuck exercise can be done to heal various pains associated with the neck. Most people spend most of their time working. Those who spend their time behind their electronic gadgets like laptops rarely spend a week without feeling the neck pain. The chin tuck exercise can be done to correct that bad posture that is largely influenced by our line of work. You can do chin tuck exercise hourly while you are working to free your muscles.

If you are suffering from depression or a bad posture, chin tucks exercise would be helpful. More so, the exercise can be done regularly when you are not feeling well. If you spend your day doing a job that strains your neck, you can dedicate a few minutes to chin tuck exercise.

Chin tucks exercise can relieve you of various diseases.  For instance, if you are suffering from neck arthritis, the chin tucks exercise can ease the pain. You can also do the exercise to lower the symptoms of a pinched nerve in the neck and shoulder. You might be asking yourself what a pinched nerve feels like.

Chin Tucks Exercise - bad posture

There are various symptoms that you might experience when you are suffering from a pinched nerve. You might feel burning pain, numbness, neck pain, pins and needles, and other symptoms.

Tissues around the neck cause pain if they are stressed. As such the spine, neck and shoulders might feel painful and weak.  A chin tucks exercise would be helpful to relieve the pain. Additionally, your muscles can loosen up.

3 Types Of Easy Chin Tucks Exercise For Neck Pain.

If you have neck pain, there are various types of chin tuck exercises that you can do to relieve yourself. They are easy to do. More so, you don’t need props to do them. Chin tuck exercises can be done anywhere whenever you feel like there is a need. Below are the examples of chin tuck examples and the steps to do them.

1. Chin Tuck.

You can do this exercise while standing or seated. Be stable so that you don’t hurt yourself when doing the movements. You do not need to be propped up to do the exercise. Prepare your neck and make sure that it is relaxed.  While facing forward, you can draw your chin closer to the neck point and try to tuck it in.

After successfully tucking it in, you can stay in that position for 5 seconds. Afterward, you can bring the neck to its normal position. Then repeat the movement for 10 to 15 times. You can increase the time of staying in “tucked position.” You can do this exercise more than twice or thrice per day depending on your situation.

This activity can be done the other way round using your fingers. Put your finger or fingers on your chin and draw your chin towards the neck. Pull your neck closer to the neck until you feel your base of the head stretching. You can stay in that position for 5 seconds and release your neck to a normal position. Repeat the exercise 5 times.

This position is good in relieving your neck pains. You can feel better afterward as it promotes flexibility. Additionally, the exercise loosens up the tension around your neck.

2. Chin Tuck With Extension.

The chin tuck exercises come in various ways. This exercise is a spiced-up version of the normal chin tuck. You can do the exercise while standing or seated. Start by positioning your head. Lean backward and then tilt your head to face the ceiling.

Afterward, you draw your head downwards to tuck the chin to the neck. Relax for 5 seconds in that position and then draw your head backward to start afresh. You can repeat the activity 5 to 10 times depending on your ability and energy.

increase energy level

This exercise is helpful in making your neck flexible. If your neck is painful, this exercise can ease tension and pain.

3. Seated Chin Tuck.

According to its name, you have to this exercise while seated. You should sit down and be comfortable on a stable surface. While seated, bring your shoulder blades together by squeezing them. You should stay in this position as you do the exercise.

Afterward, draw your chin on the backward position pressing it against the neck. You can stay in that position for 2 to 5 seconds then relax. You can repeat this activity for 10 times to 15 times.

This exercise is also helpful when you are suffering from a painful neck, pinched nerve, stress and other neck-related pains. You can do exercise 3 to 5 times a day.

Safety Tips For Chin Tucks Exercises.

  • Do not do the exercises if you are feeling dizzy.
  • Do not overdo the exercises; doing one exercise at least three times a day is effective.
  • Avoid forcing your body to do the exercises. If your body does not permit, stop the activity.
  • Do the exercise in a comfortable position; stop the chin tuck exercise if you feel discomfort.
  • You may seek the advice from a specialist if you have severe neck pain before doing the exercise
 professional advice to start

If you feel unrelieved after doing chin tuck exercises for several days, you may visit the therapists or a doctor for professional advice.


If you are suffering from a pinched nerve in the neck and shoulders, the chin tuck exercise will be helpful to tone down the pain. To make things easy, you can do the exercise once during breakfast, during lunch, and in the evening. You must do the exercise in a comfortable position.

The chin tuck exercise is helpful in easing the neck pain. It can also reduce the tension on your painful neck. If done properly by following the steps provided above, you can feel relieved after doing the exercise.

Which type of chin tuck exercise do you prefer? Share your experiences with the exercise.

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