Why Do I Need Weight Loss Apps? 5 Weight Loss Apps To Consider

Most people are always carrying their mobile phones wherever they are. As such having the best weight loss apps on your phone can help you in various ways to shed off some pounds. The applications are available for various mobile phones to give weight loss tips and guidelines.

They come with various features which make it easy to plan your healthy meals, track your weight and more. People use these applications according to their fitness needs. One application can be rated differently by the users depending on their interests. This article will give you the best mobile applications for weight loss for kids and adults. Some of them include Kurbo, Noom, Weight Watchers and more.

Best Weight Loss Apps - Weight loss Mobile Apps

5 Best Weight Loss Apps.

1. Noom.

This weight loss application is ideal for adults. It comes with a price tag after a trial period of 7 to 14 days. Noom app cost $59 a month or $199 a year to use the weight loss application. This application monitor’s user’s lifestyle. For example; your nutrition, weight, height, medical history, and many other details will be used to guide you in losing weight. In addition, the application features tools to monitor your blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, meals and other crucial details.

Users also benefit from the abundant meal plans. For instance, there are over 3,5 healthy foods that you can choose from. Interestingly, the user gets a virtual coach. The coach assists the user to achieve weight loss goals.

Best Weight Loss Apps - track your weight data

Another interesting feature is that users access the workout plan that they can choose to follow and shed off significant pounds. Most interestingly, you can access a lot of health articles from the application. In a nutshell, Noom is good for counting calories, coaching, meal planning, workout planning and activity tracking.


  • Gives a detailed nutrition and workout plan.
  • Provides support through live chat groups.
  • Tracks progress in weight loss.
  • Monitors your body system; blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, height and more.
  • Users get a coach to guide and help them to attain the best results.

2. Weight Watchers.

If you are bad in managing food that you consume, you should consider using Weight Watchers application. This health and fitness application gives healthy diet plans that you can take advantage of to lose weight. For example, the app comes with great features for tracking food and a bar code to scan food as you buy it to help you know whether it is safe for your diet or otherwise. Users get spoiled with more than 8000 healthy recipes.

In addition, there is a diet coach that can assist you to toe the line. Therefore, if you are conscious of what you eat, Weight Watchers is the best application to download. But it does not come for free, you have to purchase it for $19.95 per month.


  • Tracks the user’s progress
  • Promotes interaction between its members
  • User can access a 24/7 live customer support for diet advice
  • The app provides  a variety of many healthy recipes

3. Rise.

Best Weight Loss Apps - gives the user feedback

This application is ideal for people who have a busy schedule. Following a nutrition and workout plan can be tricky if you are a busy bee.  Another important thing is that many applications require users to be entering information on a daily basis or an hourly basis. As such, doing this can be close to impossible if you have a busy schedule. Therefore, Rise make it easy to lose weight without being bothered. The user takes a picture and then uploads it to his or her account. For instance, as a user, you can take and upload pictures of breakfast, lunch and supper meals to your account.

Then the nutritionist reviews the meal. Afterwards, the nutritionist gives the user feedback. Importantly, you need to fork out some money to purchase the application. Therefore, you will need $48 for a monthly subscription to access the Rise app.


  • The application makes the user become accountable and conscious of the meals
  • The app can be shared by six family members

4. Lose Weight Hypnosis App.

Best Weight Loss Apps - Benefit of Weight loss

This is one of the best hypnosis weight loss app. It gives users a unique way of losing weight. For instance, users listen to hypnosis audio that influences them to be conscious about the food that they eat and the workouts that they do. It is good for changing the behaviour of those who subscribe and listen to the hypnosis audios.

As such, this weight-loss application is also good for mental health and body relaxation.  But the downside of it is that the application is only available to iPhone users.


  • Lowers inflammation rate.
  • It is a unique application focusing on the emotional side to motivate individuals to change their lifestyles
  • Improves body relaxation and mental functionality.
  • Good inspiration to lose weight.
  • Best weight loss apps for teens

5. Kurbo.

The Kurbo app is a health and fitness application that target kids and teenagers. There are a few weight loss app for kids. Those who are aged between 8 and 17 can consider downloading the application. It is said to be the best weight loss for kids or the best weight loss for teens. You can give it a try on a 14-day free trial period. After that, you can subscribe to a standard plan of $85 per month.

The application makes it easy for children to choose healthy food. For example, it put food into colour categories of red, green and yellow. That is bad or good food get listed under red colour and then healthy food under a green colour.

Best Weight Loss Apps - weight loss coach

In addition, the application comes with educative games and videos. Interestingly, there is a weight tracking feature. As an application that targets children, parents are advised to assist children in using the application. Users get a coach who can motivate them to attain their favourable goals.


  • It is an edutainment application. For instance, children can learn about healthy diet through videos and games.
  • Children learn about healthy eating ways at a tender age.
  • The users get a coach to guide them to reach their set fitness goals.

Do Best Weight Loss Apps Work?

Losing weight is not easy. As such, some fail to lose weight due to a number of various reasons. Therefore, there is a room for failure when using the weight loss application to shed off weight. Hence, use the apps hand in hand with other ways of losing weight. For instance, some applications focus on nutrition.

But nutrition alone won’t give you that youthful fit body. You have to exercise and have a healthy lifestyle to lose weight significantly.

Some weight-loss applications are controversial. For instance, the weight-loss application for kids raises a lot of eyebrows. Some people say that applications give children the wrong information regarding healthy food. For example, some health food can be regarded as bad food that cannot be eaten regularly. As such, people should not entirely rely on apps to lose weight.


There are many various weight loss apps that you can use to be fit and health. For instance, there are the best hypnosis weight loss apps that function uniquely by influencing the user to lose weight through listening to audio. In addition, some applications such as Kurbo targets children and teenagers while others.

Therefore, almost all age groups that are active in using mobile phones can find a preferable app to use for weight loss. Interestingly, these applications give users meal plans, workout plan, nutrition coach, and other features. These features help the users to work towards the goal of losing weight in a healthy way.

Which weight loss application do you prefer using. Why do you prefer it?

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  1. Oh! This is really good and sometimes, I get really amazed at how well that we have come when it comes to development of the technology and how the world advancement is making things a lot more easier for us. Personally,  I will try to make the best use of the apps shared here. I like the fact that they can give detailed information about progress and the little details that matters

  2. Losing weight can be really funny and there have been a really funny rate of people who are willing to lose this  weight but we are not aware and they too are not being cool with not making progress about it. Feeding habit matters a lot and that is one thing I tackle first and then coming to a good app is really important. These suggestions are really great and I would download one too

  3. Hello there! This is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure this will be of help to others as its to me. A friend of mine once told me of the Weight Watchers app and how it has been of help to her; seeing it here in your review is confirmation that its working well. Thanks!


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