Your Meticulous Guide To Excellent Ab Stretches For Sturdy Six Packs

On a particular scale, people abbreviate abdominal muscles as ‘ab’. These days, most men in the younger generation are obsessed with finding the secret of getting a flat stomach and sturdy six-packs. It is important to focus on abdominal muscles as they play a great role in strengthening the core of your body. Moreover, these muscles help you carry out the daily functional movements. Scroll through this article to have an insight into the world of ab stretching exercises.

It has often been said that everyone has a six-pack. It isn’t a lie in any way. A six-pack is nothing but your abdominal muscles. For most men, this pack is just covered up. At any rate, these muscles are present below the layers of skin and body fat.

abs stretching exercises - six pack

To take the cover off your ab muscles, you need to carry out certain exercises such as planks, crunches, and sit-ups. Crunches are quite popular in the field of ab stretches. It is very convenient to carry out crunches at home. Moreover, crunches are quite helpful in tightening your belly and building up six-packs.

In comparison to crunches and sit-ups, planks burn calories to a greater extent. This is because planks don’t just utilize your abdominal muscles, they get your arms, legs, and rear muscles at work as well.

The following is an inventory of six plank exercises that can help build strong six-pack abs.

  1. High plank
  2. Plank with leg lift
  3. Side plank
  4. Side plank with leg lift
  5. Straight arm plank
  6. Straight arm plank with shoulder touch

Popular And Effective Ab Stretches.

Abdominal stretches aren’t just good for your abs, they help you maintain your body posture and overall flexibility. As a result, it becomes easier to perform functional activities.

Ab stretches that are meant to achieve six-pack abs are categorized into three parts. These include static stretches, dynamic stretches, and full-body extension stretches.


While performing stretching exercises, it is essential to consider the following preventive measures.

  1. It is necessary to warm up the body before carrying out the stretches.
  2. One must avoid breathless stretching exercises.
  3. It is essential to avoid carrying out intense stretching exercises for two days on a consecutive basis.

Static Stretches.

1. Cobra Pose.

abs stretching exercises - Cobra Pose

Lift the upper portion of your body with both arms, while keeping the lower part on the floor.

2. Cat Stretches.

Spread your fingers onto the floor. The posture is quite similar to the crawling position. Keep your head lowered and place your knees on the ground, below the hips.

3. Cow Stretches.

The posture is very similar to the one in the cat stretches. Just keep your head lifted.

4. Twisting Crocodile Stretch.

In this lying abdominal stretch, you have to lie on the floor, facing the ceiling. Keep one leg straight and the other one twisted to reach the top of the other leg.

Dynamic Stretches.

1. Glute Bridges.

Lay on your back and place both hands by your side with palms spread onto the floor. Don’t stretch your legs straight, keep them bent.

2. Standing Side Bends.

abs stretching exercises - Standing Side Bends

To carry this stretch out, stand straight with legs apart. With one arm positioned by your side, stretch the other one from behind your head.

Full Body Extension Ab Stretches.

It is carried out by laying with your back on the ball. Your feet should touch the ground and your hands straight towards the floor.


It is recommended to have a warm-up activity before carrying out any ab stretches. this activity can include, brisk walk, light jog, jumping jacks or any form of aerobic exercise.

Alternative Ab Stretches for Promising Six Pack Abs

1. Russian Twist.

This upper abs workout is carried out by grabbing a dumbbell or a weight plate. It is counted as a stretch workout which can be carried out by performing a twisting motion on your abdominal muscles.

2. T-Cross Sit Up.

Start with this exercise by making a T with your body. Now, keep your legs straight and slowly lift your upper body with one arm stretched forward to reach the opposite feet. As a matter of fact, cross-fit Core stretches help build sturdy six-pack abs. Such exercises are known to target the entire core of your body.

It has been the aim of many to achieve a physically fit body and admirable six-pack abs. However, six packs abs are not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires hard work, dedication, concentration, and a proper focus on diet and lifestyle.


1. Incorporating Aerobic Exercises into Special Abdominal Exercises.

cycling for making abs

Aerobic exercises or the so-called cardio exercises help increase your heart rate and thus, burn extra fat. Cardio exercises play a great role in reducing belly fat. Nevertheless, these exercises uncover your hidden six-pack abs. Cardio related activities include running, walking, cycling, and even swimming.

2. Exercises Concerning Abdominal Muscles.

To strengthen abdominal muscles and make your six-pack abs visible, it is advisable to carry out a handful of popular exercises such as planks, crunches, bridges, and ab stretches.

By increasing your muscle mass, you can achieve sturdy six-pack abs. It is recommended to carry out relevant exercises under the direct supervision of a guide.

3. Intake of Protein Rich Diet.

Exercises aren’t just sufficient. Intake of protein-rich diet reduces extra weight, burns belly fat, and helps grow muscles to achieve six-pack abs.

Over-intake of calories leads to the accumulation of fat and thus, makes the person over-weight. It has been found from numerous studies that a 15% increase in protein concentration in your diet automatically leads to a reduction in calorie intake. Moreover, the consumption of a more protein-rich diet helps repair and rebuild muscle tissues.

4. Taking Gaps Between High-Intensity Workouts.

The interval between high-intensity workouts or, otherwise called the High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) helps increase heart rate and burns fat as well. HIIT makes it easier to lose weight and achieve six-pack abs. Jumping jacks, mountain climbers and burpees are a few examples of high-intensity exercises.

5. Intake of Ample of Water.

ab stretching exercises - abdominal muscles

Intake of ample water helps remove waste products from your body and regulate your body temperature as well. Moreover, sufficient water intake helps maintain metabolism, digestion, and leads the path to help you get a six-pack abdominal muscles. It is important to note that the required intake of water varies from person to person and depends on the age, body weight, and activity level of a person.

Final Thoughts

If you are on your search for the best ab stretches, pause for a moment. It isn’t a mere bluff in any way. The entire content of this article suggests you great ab stretches to help your abs roar. Abs gain recognition from your kitchen.

Therefore, apart from sweaty and effective workouts, don’t hesitate to eat a nutrient-rich diet. Your journey towards a better looking body starts right from your core. A strong core helps you avoid injuries and perform daily functional activities with the utmost ease.

However, the ultimate result doesn’t reach you overnight. You need to train, right from your core. Your abs laid below a thick layer of fat and skin needs to see the world too. Follow the exercises mentioned in this article without cheating on the number of reps or sets. Moreover, dodge the unhealthy diet and focus on eating healthy to stay healthy. After all, a sturdy six-pack abs aren’t just for a show.

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