Lose Belly Fat With Best Ab Exercises For Women Over 50

As a woman in her 50s, you have likely gained some weight in your midsection. In this article, we educate you about the best ab exercises for women over 50. These exercises, if done correctly, should help you lose your belly fat. As a result, they will give you a flatter and more toned midsection. Apart from the exercises, it is good to maintain a top-notch and healthy diet. Eating healthy enhances the results of your workouts. If this is something that interests you, kindly keep reading.

Lower Ab Exercises For Women Over 50.

To get the best results from doing lower ab exercises always work, those pelvic floor muscles. They entail a part of your core. Engaging them during your workout sessions means better results. Planks are some of the easy ab toning exercises for you. Unlike crunches, planks are safe. If you suffer from osteoporosis, doing crutches could be harmful to your spine. Planks, however, are very safe for you.

If you are aiming to get rid of your pooch, lower ab crunches are perfect for you. One tip to remember for the best result is to such in your tummy. Your belly button should be pulled in toward your spine as you work out.

Best Ab Exercises For Women Over 50 - Senior Ab Exercises

To do the standing crutches you need to have good balance. Besides, the more you do them, the more balanced you become. For the best ab workout results incorporate these 3 exercises in your workout routine at least thrice a week.

Ab Exercises For Women Over 50 Standing Up.

Standing ab exercises are a good substitute for planks and crunches. Besides, they offer a great way to exercise and strengthen your entire core. They also strengthen the muscles that support your spine. And as if that is not enough, they also improve your stability. There are several excellent standing up ab exercises for women over 50. These include:

Side Knee Lifts: The key is to engage your core. Make each lift slow and purposeful. Gather all your energy from your abdominal area as opposed to your arms and legs.

Squat Punches: This is one fun exercise to incorporate into your workout routine. It exercises your entire core and burns your belly fat. You want that. What’s more, you get to workout your legs and thighs at the same time. Standing Toe Touches: Again, it’s vital that you direct the movements with your core and not your legs.

How To Do Non-Crunch Ab Exercises For Women Over 50?

People widely consider crunches to be the standard abdominal exercise. We cannot refute the effectiveness of crunches. However, there are other ab exercises that are just as effective. In fact, some of these exercises are safer and much easier.

Standing Stabilization: This is one of the most effective med ball ab exercises for women over 50. Hold a med ball in front of your chest with both hands. Then rotate your upper body to the right and return to the center.

Do the same for the other side. Make sure your arms are straight and your shoulders pressed down.

Donkey Kickbacks: Get on all fours. Keep your back neutral and your toes tucked under. Engage your core and lift both knees 2 inches above the ground. While drawing energy from your core pull your right knee to your chin. Then push it straight out in the reverse direction. Repeat movement 8 times before shifting to the other side.

Best Ab Exercises For Women Over 50 - Body-weight Squat seniors

Body-weight Squat: While standing place your feet hip-width apart. Go ahead to bend your knees slightly before crossing your hands over your chest. Draw energy from your core to help you make the squats. Repeat this 20 times in 4 sets of 5. Other non-crunch exercises you can engage in include planks, windshield wiper, plank on the ball, and basic pump. Such cable ab exercises as cable rows and cable skaters are good options too.

Upper Ab Exercises For Women.

If you want to build your six-pack, You need to exercise your rectus abdominis. It is the muscle chain that defines your upper abs.

Below are some of the best ab exercises for women over 50: Wide-leg cross sit ups: This target your upper abs. Besides, you can intertwine these ab exercises with dumbbells to increase effectiveness.

TRX Body Saws: This is one of the most common TRX ab exercises. Besides working on your upper abs, it also works on your legs and thighs. Table-top Crunch: This low-impact exercise targets the rectus abdominis. It’s easy to do, which makes it appropriate for women over 50.

What Are The Side Ab Exercises For Women?

Obliques are valuable not only to your side abs but your entire core. They help you become stronger. And if done as part of a rotational workout you benefit even more. Strong obliques will give you a better posture and offer support for your lower back.

Side Plank With Hip Dip: It’s an excellent workout option for stability and multi-muscle core strength. Besides exercising your obliques, it also focuses on your abs and back muscles.

Corkscrew: If you have lower back issues, it is best to consult with your doctor first. Otherwise, they are a great exercise for your side abs. Besides, they are of moderate difficulty.

Trunk Rotations: This is one of the best ab exercises for women over 50. For starters, it is fun because it appears as though you are mountain climbing. Secondly, it works out your upper body as well. As a result, making your hands stronger.

Killer Ab Exercise For Women.

Killer ab exercises are considered the next thing to do once planks and crunches seize to challenge you. The workout is mainly a combination of various exercises. You can incorporate any workout tools to increase resistance.

The best way to take on these killer ab exercises is to start with the basic exercises. Do them for about three weeks. They should help strengthen your core muscles. Once you complete the first three weeks your body should be strong enough to toughen the workout.

Now, perform the workout in a rotating manner. Take on a set of each move and once complete take a 30 second break before starting the next exercise. Once all the sets are complete, take a minute’s break then start from the top.

The killer ab exercise melts your midsection. You can add in resistance bands ab exercises to increase the resistance. The basic moves to start your killer ab exercise with are planks, side planks, lunge with rotation, and glute bridge march. When you move to the advanced level you exercise to stick to will include side plank with rotation, hip-thigh raise, and reverse lunge with single-arm press.

How About Intense Ab Exercises For Women Over 50?

The intensity you can handle will depend greatly on the strength of your core. This means you cannot just start off with intense ab exercises. It’s important to start slow with less rigorous ab exercises. The more you keep working on these, the stronger your core becomes. Once you feel like there’s no more challenge in the basic exercises, it is time to increase the intensity of your workouts.

Planks, side planks, lunge with rotation, and glute bridge march is excellent options to start with. You must of course seek your doctor’s advice before starting these. Especially if you have back issues or any pre-existing conditions. There are many options to take your ab exercises to the next level. A few of these include side plank with rotation, hip-thigh raise, and reverse lunge with single-arm press. Besides exercising it is great to indulge in healthy feeding habits. You will get the best results if you eat healthily.

How To Do Ab Exercises For Women With Osteoporosis?

If you suffer from osteoporosis, don’t use that as an excuse to avoid core exercises. If anything, you will benefit the most from these workouts.

Best Ab Exercises For Women Over 50 - crunches for seniors

They help improve your posture, balance, spinal strength, and pelvic strength. As a result, you’ll find it easier to carry on your daily activities. Just remember, not all ab exercises are safe for you. Avoid raised leg crunches, reverse crunches, abdominal curls, and both leg lifting exercises. Safety comes first. And as someone suffering from osteoporosis safe ab exercises mean:

  • Choosing comfortable positions during a workout
  • Ensuring to execute each exercise accurately
  • Being gentle as you engage your abdominal muscles
  • Always listen to your body and modify your exercises according to your body’s preference
  • Progressing your ab exercise gradually

What Is The Most Effective Lower Ab Exercise For Women Over 50?

Crunches are popular for a reason. Lower ab crunches are known to be very effective in giving you a toned core and perfect lower abs. What’s more, they work on your entire core, not only your lower abs. As a result, the outcome is more pronounced.

You have to be very careful when doing crunches though. If not done accurately you might get a pooch instead of abs. Stick to the details in the directions. The most important tip is ensuring that you draw your energy from your core.


Ab exercises are great for you not only because they tone your midsection. They are especially great because they give you a stronger core. Having a stronger core provides much needed support to your lower back and spine.

That said, ab exercises are very important for improved health and better living. Always seek safety first and the opinion of your doctor before starting these exercises. Maintaining a healthy diet is equally important. Observe consistency with both your workouts and diet. Now you have the best ab exercises for women over 50 age and some of are more important and others effective but, it based on your health condition and body strength.

Anyway, I think this will more helpful for you. if you have comment and suggestion, please ask to improve the article.

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