To Manage Your Body Balance With Yoga Standing Balancing Poses

Are you fond of yoga? Then, standing yoga poses must be in your yoga regimen. These poses have many health benefits. Standing yoga poses can build endurance in one’s lower body part. Standing yoga poses can support to boost flexibility in the body. What are the requirements for performing standing yoga poses? In short, it calls for firmness and flexibility. Some of these poses are for beginners whereas some of them are for experts. Standing poses of yoga are performed for a shorter duration as compared to others.

However, these asanas help to enhance the energy level and rather uplifting.

Standing Yoga Poses - Yoga Poses to maintain balance

Balance can get disturbed with aging. However, standing yoga poses are beneficial to address this issue. Note that proper balance in the body keeps injuries as well as falls at bay. In other words, standing yoga poses create the building blocks for further asanas. Do you want to stay at the optimum level in terms of body, mind, and soul? Then, you should start your journey with standing yoga poses.

About Standing Yoga Poses.

Apart from other benefits, such yoga poses can boost immunity, endurance, and strength of the body. On the other hand, standing yoga postures can ward off anxiety and stress. Standing yoga poses can rejuvenate and unwind the entire being. It acts as the bridge between a person and the Universe.

Some Valuable Information.

What are the best yoga poses for pregnant ladies? It is best to consult an expert to get a detailed idea. Two yoga poses for bad knees include Mountain Pose and Chair Pose. Some yoga poses for sleep disorders are Padangusthasana, Uttana Shishosana, Supine Twist, Agnistambhasana, etc. Some yoga poses for headache are Big Toe Pose, Dolphin Pose, Bridge Pose, etc.

Are you suffering from foot pain? Yoga poses for foot pain are there for your rescue. Yoga poses that help you lose weight is Chaturangadandasana, Virabhadrasana, etc. If you are suffering from migraines, yoga poses can help you. Some of the poses include Shishuasana, Adho mukha svanasana, Janusirsasana, etc.

Standing Yoga Poses For Beginners.

In short, standing yoga poses can keep up the balance. They can regulate the inner muscles of the body, such as the leg, abdomen, and back muscles. However, one needs to learn the slow breathing technique to perform the active poses with ease. Performing standing yoga poses make one calm and stress-free. As a result, one can tackle different life situations confidently.

In short, standing yoga poses are performed for five to ten breaths. Have you ever heard of movement-based styles in yoga? These styles are about flowing between the postures more quickly compared to static ones. For your information, static styles are about performing every yoga pose for a few minutes. Both of the above styles come with a unique set of advantages.

It is time to talk about some of the standing yoga poses for newcomers. Note that beginners should start performing standing yoga poses in small numbers. As a result, performers can expect to build a strong foundation for advanced poses.


Tadasana is none other than the mountain pose. Did you know Tadasana is believed to be the most crucial pose in the entire yoga?

Standing Yoga Poses - Tadasana poses

When it comes to standing yoga poses, the mountain pose is performed first. It invokes alignment, which is needed for almost every yoga pose. If you can practice Tadasana more, you can incorporate more subtleness in the pose. Subtleness helps to correct minor imbalances with the ace. This yoga posture helps to rectify unwanted postural errors. That is how one can keep mental and physical strain at bay after the yoga session.


It is also known as the tree pose. It is all about balancing one’s one leg on the ground while the other is placed upward. You already know Tadasana helps to invoke the alignment in the body. However, the tree pose comes with a further challenge by adding a postural asymmetry. It halves the support of the foundation, so Vrikshasana is more challenging than Tadasana.

Do you want to keep up balance in your body? Then, you can try out Vrikshasana. Seniors often go through mobility issues. Vrikshasana can help to boost their active lifestyle.

Yoga Standing Balancing Poses.

Do you want to be more efficient in your day-to-day life? Then, you must work on your coordination, balance, age, and agility. First, you need to move your awareness when you move from one pose to another. Gradually, you would master the sequence of the entire session. Then, you can speed up performing the poses. That means you can enhance your capacity to react as fast as possible.

Mountain-Chair-Tree Flow is a great sequence to improve the balance in the body. It is a combination of three excellent poses. You can perform the sequence six times as a whole. Start with the tree pose three times on each side. When it comes to the first two rounds, stay on each pose for five breaths. Next, you can move on to rounds three to six at one breath per pose.

Mountain Pose/ Tadasana:

Start the session with the mountain pose. Make your feet parallel in the first place. Elevate and expand your toes for activating your lower legs muscles. Then, it is time to slightly bend your knees. At this stage, you should bring your quadriceps into action. Next, it is time to contracting the lower abdominal muscle. Thus, it gets possible to level the pelvis as well as the upper abdominal muscle. It would draw the ribs in. Stretching the side waist is the next step. Eventually, the performer can draw his/her upper arm bones back.

Chair Pose/ Utkatasana:

The session for the mountain pose is complete. Now, gear yourself up for the chair pose. To begin, one should bend the knees over the ankles at 90 degrees. Next, the task is to distribute the weight on the feet uniformly. Next, put your lower abdominal muscles into action. Simultaneously, take the arms up and draw back the arm bones.

Tree Pose/ Vrikshasana:

Next, start the session with the tree pose. Do not fail to repeat rounds on the opposite side.

Benefits Of Standing Yoga Poses.

Standing yoga poses can empower and stretch every muscle group in the legs. They are calves, ankles, glutes, hamstrings, etc. Do you know these muscles are among the largest muscles in your body? These muscles help to shed stubborn body fat and tone the body. Moreover, standing yoga poses act as the bridge between the earth and the practitioner.

Standing Yoga Poses For Seniors.

Some yoga poses for seniors are as follows:

Trikonasana (Triangle Pose):

Standing Yoga Poses - Trikonasana poses

Many seniors go through hip issues. Trikonasana helps to make the hip portion stronger and also stretch it. Besides, the triangle pose can control blood pressure to help to lead a healthy life.

Katichakrasana/ Standing Spinal Twist:

The standing spinal twist can keep the practitioner’s spine in a proper state. As a result, it is possible to keep slouching at bay. Katichakrasana can also help to empower the leg as well as arm muscles.

Standing Yoga Poses Sequence.

What should be the standing yoga pose sequence? It is better to talk to an expert in this regard. It is because the sequence can be different for a different level of practitioners.

Standing Yoga Poses For Weight Loss.

Are you looking for ways to shed excess pounds from your body? Then, yoga can be one of the best ways. When it comes to standing yoga poses, you can begin the session with Virbhadrasana. Next, move to the chair pose. Conclude the session with the angle pose.

One Leg Yoga Poses Standing.

Some of the one-leg standing yoga poses are as follows:

Tricky Kitty:

Tricky Kitty is a popular yoga pose for beginners. This yoga pose can help the body to find balance. It is because the practitioner gets very closer to the ground.

Warrior III:

It is no less than a challenging balance yoga posture. It would give you a similar feeling to a single-leg warrior. As a beginner, one should lift the back leg at a small height from the ground. The spine must stay straight.

Eagle Pose:

Standing Yoga Poses - Eagle Pose

The eagle posture can help to release the joints to balance and boost mobility. This standing yoga pose can keep falls at bay in senior people.

Advanced Standing Yoga Poses.

For your information, advanced yoga poses call for substantial flexibility as well as strength. It is only possible to attain this capability by performing yoga for a long time. Thus, you could find out the easy and comparatively challenging yoga poses for you. However, you should keep on learning to refine your postures.


Now, you are familiar with standing yoga poses to maintain your health. As a beginner, you can opt for the best poses for you. You can also take help from a yoga expert to know about the most suitable options for you.

I have also discussed advanced standing yoga poses. You have also known about one-leg standing yoga poses from this post. Moreover, the benefits of standing yoga poses have also been discussed.

It is not the end! This post has information about many other ins and outs of standing yoga poses. Do you want to share your experience with standing yoga poses? Let us know in your comment!

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