5 Simple TRX Rows Workouts With Useful Tips

List TRX Row exercises in your bucket list of exercises if you want to strengthen your upper body.  TRX workouts are the best exercises for strengthening the arms, shoulders, and spine. As much as it focuses on your upper body, your lower body gets engaged. As such, the TRX exercises are also good for exercising the entire body muscles.  Beginners can do TRX rows and other related exercises such as TRX squats, TRX bands, and many others that will be discussed below.

What is TRX Row?

TRX Rows - TRX Upper body exercises

Founded by a Navy Seal; Randy Hetrick in the 1990s, the TRX exercises involve using the tool known as TRX. TRX stands for Total Resistance exercises. As such, the users of the tool can do a lot of TRX exercises. The TRX tool includes the suspension straps and the anchor. You will need to anchor the straps on a stable spot.

Therefore, the straps can be anchored indoors, outdoor, or anywhere where you can exercise freely and safely. For instance, you can anchor your straps on the door, roof, tree, and so forth. The suspension trainer tool can be used at the gym, park, home, and other places.

The TRX tool can be used to do various exercises of your choice.  Some of the TRX variations are rows, squats, push-ups, lunge, pull-in, and many others. This article focuses on TRX rows. TRX rows fall among the bodybuilding exercises. There are also many variations under the TRX rows.

TRX inverted row, low row, three-way row, single-arm row, squat, and row are some of the TRX row variations. The TRX row exercises are good for strengthening your back, arms, glutes, legs, and core.  Most of these exercises are simple and can be done by people who starting out or anyone who has interests in bodybuilding.

It might look like a difficult exercise but it easy and simple. At most, you hold the straps with your hands or feet. Your body creates resistance by being suspended above the ground. The position of your body depends on the type of exercise that you will be doing.

Top 5 Variations of TRX Rows.

1.TRX Row.

This is a standard TRX row. You will need the suspension straps, and they must be anchored securely. Firstly, you must be standing on the ground with your feet being hip-distance apart.

Secondly, hold onto the handles of the straps. Make sure that you are holding one handle per hand. Form a straight line with your arms and the straps by moving backward from the point where the suspension trainer is mounted. Your arms must be forming a straight line in front of your chest.

TRX Rows - TRX Row exercises

Thirdly, start leaning backward putting your weight in heels. Continue leaning backward to form an upright plank position. Keep your shoulders locked. Your arms and feet must be supporting your body weight from falling.

Thirdly, turn your arms and make sure that the palms are an inward position facing each other. Keep your arms and hands apart in the chest-width position. This is the start position. Therefore, you must be ready to start rowing.

Fourthly, Bend your elbows to pull yourself up. You must depend on your arms, shoulders and upper back to pull your chest up. As you pull your chest up, your hands must rest on the sides of your chest. Hold onto that position and then lower your body to the start position.

Most importantly, keep your shoulders locked to avoid collapsing. Repeat pulling and lowering your chest several times to sweat your body. This exercise is good for strengthening shoulders, abs, biceps, and the entire back.

2.TRX Low Row.

This workout is similar to the standard TRX Row. The difference is that you don’t put your weight on heels. Instead of standing on your heels, you stand on your feet and pull your chest up. Your feet palms remain on the floor as you pull and lower your chest. Another difference is that you lower your body more in comparison to the standard TRX Row. Additionally, your hands can rest on your chest or on the rib cage. This workout is good for preventing shoulder injuries. It also strengthens your back and arms.

3.TRX High Row.

This workout is also similar to the standard TRX Row and the TRX Low Row. The difference between the TRX High Row and TRX low Row is the position of your hands and the way you pull up your chest. In TRX High Row, you stand as if you are doing the TRX Low Row.

TRX Rows - Prevent shoulder injuries

Then as you pull up the chest, your hands and arms remain chest-wide apart in front of your chest. Your hands and arms do not lie to your chest but remain wide apart. You can walk in further and make the workout a bit challenging. The TRX High Row is good for strengthening the spine, shoulders, and preventing shoulder injuries. It is also good for toning abs.

4.TRX Inverted Row.

This is another TRX beginner workout. You need to adjust the straps to be able to lie under the suspension trainer. Hold the handles of the straps and lie under the suspension trainer. Place your feet on the floor and bend your knees. Your body can form a flat plank-like position under the suspension. The hand palms must be wide apart but facing each other.

Then lift up your body up from the floor making sure that the palms rest on your chest or rib cage. Then lower your body to the start position. You can repeat this as much as you can. TRX Inverted Row workout is good for improving body strength and developing muscles. It is also good for improving your lat and biceps strength.

5. Single-Arm Row.

The TRX Single-arm Row is one of the medium intensity TRX workouts. It is good for expects. The TRX Single Row workout is similar to the standard TRX Row exercise. The difference is that you hold onto the strap with one hand.

TRX Rows - TRX Single arm Row

You can place the other hand on your waist as you pull up your chest. You can exchange the hands when the other one is tired. The exercise is good for toning abs, strengthening shoulders, and arms.

Tips For Using TRX Row Suspension Trainer.

  • Make sure that the suspension trainer is properly and securely anchored before starting your workout to avoid injuries.
  • Make sure you are steady before rowing.
  • Adjust the suspension trainer straps accurately, making sure they are in the same length.

Final Thoughts

Using a TRX suspension tool to strengthen your body is interesting and easy. The tool can accommodate newbies and experts. There are a lot of TRX Row workouts that are beginner-friendly. Some of them include Low Row and High Row. If you want to do the high-intensity workout, you can consider doing the Single-arm Row and  Inverted Row. However, there are many TRX Row exercises that you can try.

The good thing about the suspension trainer is that it can be mounted anywhere. You can enjoy rowing at the home, workplace, and gym, or even outdoor under the tree. The benefits of doing TRX row workouts include strengthening your shoulders, upper back, lats, and arms.

In addition, the exercises are also good at toning your abs. They can also lower the risk of shoulder injuries.

Which TRX Row variations do you lie doing the most? What do you benefit from them?

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