Do you Like to Practice With The Easier Way of Resistance Band Push Ups Workouts?

The push-ups have countless variations that you can do to exercise your upper body muscles. Likewise, the resistance band push ups also come in different variations that you can choose from. For instance, you can do the normal resistance band push ups, resistance band assisted push ups, and many others.

In the next paragraphs, you will get more info on the resistance band push-ups exercise. For example, you will get the finer details of the benefits of this exercise and its variations. You will also get detailed steps on how to do the push-ups variations. By the end of the article, you will know which exercise is best for you.

Resistance Band Push Ups Benefits

The push-ups is one of the exercises that is good for working your upper body muscles. Interestingly there are countless push-ups variations that you can do. The resistance band push ups is one of the push-ups variations that you can try. This variation has its benefits;

Resistance Band Push Ups - Push ups with bands

1. Improves Variance In Muscle Load

When doing the standard push ups you can feel the load when approaching the lowest point towards the ground. And this can expose you to injury risks. But with the resistance band, the load gets lightly decreased as you go down.

2. Makes The Standard Push-Up More Intense

When doing the resistance band push ups you rely on your upper body to lift your body and to lower body. The band increases resistance when doing the moves. As such, it makes the moves more intense compared to the standard push-ups.

3. Activate Larger Size Muscles

Using a resistance band to do the push ups works best in targeting muscles such as the chest, arms, back and core. And that works better in activating those larger size muscles.

4. Prevents Injuries

As it improves variance in muscle load, that lowers the risks of getting injuries when pressing down. Wrist hurts when doing push ups and you might even feel elbow pain during push ups but the resistance band lowers such risks.

5. Have A Controlled Movement

The band is also good at making you maintain your move from the top going towards the floor.

6. Weight Management

Do push ups burn fat? Push-ups are a good exercise for chiseling your upper body, and it is also good for burning fat. Hence, the resistance band push ups which are more intense are good for weight management as well. You can always do push ups for breast reduction, and many other advantages.

Resistance Band Push Ups Lifting

The resistance band push ups form is similar to the standard push-ups form. The difference is the addition of a band. The resistance band push-ups target the core, back, chest, and arm muscles. This is how you can do the resistance band push-ups;

  1. Firstly, wrap the band around your upper body under your armpits then grasp the handles with each hand.
  2. Plant your hands on the floor and extend your legs to get to a plank position.
  3. Then lower your body slowly towards the floor. Then push up your body back to the starting position.
  4. Repeat the moves.

Resistance Band Push Ups Vs Weighted Push Ups

Most of the resistance band benefits have been discussed in the above paragraphs. The weighted push-ups form is like the standard push-ups. As such the form between the resistance band and the weighted push-ups is the same. More so, both exercises are good at increasing the intensity of the moves.

However, there are disadvantages that you can get from the other exercise. For instance, push ups with weights on the back have high risks of exposing you to injuries.  This is because the weight makes it more intense as you lower your body towards the ground and pushing up from the ground.

But on the other hand, the resistance band lowers the injury risks. The resistance band push-ups have a controlled movement, and it also improves variance in muscle load. With the weighted push-ups, your moves are not controlled, and you may fail to press up your body if you are still an amateur.

Resistance Band Push Ups Insanity Asylum

The Insanity Asylum is a 30-day fitness program that was largely designed by a health and fitness expert; Shaun T. Insanity Asylum challenge is one of those that is not for faint-hearted trainers. The workouts are intense and quite challenging. As such, beginners might not be able to do it.

But the results are commendable. The fitness program improves your personal fitness, cardiovascular healthiness and you can also use it for weight management.

The resistance bands are some of the tools that are highly used in Insanity Asylum. Hence, the Insanity Asylum may also include the resistance band push-ups depending on your goals. And if you know how to do the resistance band push-ups, you may enjoy the Insanity Asylum fitness program. At least, you will be having an exercise that you can nail perfectly.

Resistance Band Push Ups Bodybuilding

The push-ups are good for bodybuilding, so the resistance band push-ups. As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the addition of a resistance band makes the push-ups more intense. And that is a good way of bodybuilding.

Resistance Band Push Ups - band push up for bodybuilding

In addition to that, the resistance band push-ups are good for activating larger size muscles. Mainly, the exercise targets the chest, arms, core, and back muscles. Therefore, if you do the exercise perfectly, you will definitely notice the results, and you may enjoy your bodybuilding goals.

Resistance Band Push-Up For Mass

The resistance band push-ups have a lot of benefits. This is one of the exercises that you can use to build your main upper body muscles. If you know how to do the standard push-ups, adding a resistance band can give you a new challenge. And you can successfully build your upper body muscles.

The exercise is good for working muscles such as the back, chest, arms, and core. As such, it strengthens them and also improves the muscle mass of those muscles on target. The band adds more resistance and that makes the exercise more intense. That’s how you can build muscle mass with the resistance band.

Resistance Band Push-Up Variations

Using a resistance band when doing push-ups have the same form when doing the standard push-ups. Considering that the push-ups have many variations, you can also do various resistance band push-ups to further challenge your muscles. But you should make sure that you do not strain yourself. Below are some resistance band push-ups variations that you can try;

  1. Declined push-ups
  2. Single leg raised push-ups
  3. Wide push ups

Handstand Push Up Alternatives

The handstand push-ups is one of the fantastic push up variations. However, it might be difficult for some beginners. If for some reason you cannot do the handstand push-up, there are alternative exercises that you can do as a substitute.

Resistance Band Push Ups - Military press

The handstand push up is good for working the shoulders, triceps, and chest muscles. But there are various exercises that you can do as an alternative.

  1. Military press
  2. Resistance band push-ups
  3. Wall walks
  4. Dumbbell presses
  5. Hand stand push up

Resistance Band Assisted Push-Ups

Like other push-ups variations, this is another exercise that works the chest, arms, shoulders, and core. However, this variation is beginner-friendly. Those who are new in the game of push-ups can take advantage of the resistance band-assisted push-ups to learn the correct way of doing push-ups. The resistance band makes it easier to perform more reps of push-ups without slacking. Below are the instructions on how to do the resistance band assisted push-ups;

  1. Firstly fasten the resistance band to a bar or any object that is overhead. Make sure that the bar is stable.
  2. Then tie the other part of the resistance band to your stomach.
  3. After that plant your hands on the floor and make sure you are in plank  position
  4. Lower your body towards the floor and return to the starting position
  5. Repeat the moves.

What Resistance Band To Buy For Push Ups?

There are different types of resistance bands. As much as they may save similar purposes in exercises, some are preferable over others. For example, some bands have handles while others don’t have such features.

More so, the resistance levels are not the same among the types of bands.  As such, you may choose to use a certain type of band for a particular exercise. And this also applies when it comes to resistance bands for push-ups.

Remember that there are different variations of resistance bands for push-ups, so that means that you may not use the similar type of resistance. Below are different types of resistance bands that you can use;

1. Power Resistance Loop Bands

The power resistance loop bands are also known as the loop bands. The band is a continuous flat loop. It is made of massive rubber. When it comes to exercises, the band can be used for resistance band push-ups and other exercises such as squats, pull-ups, thrusts, and more.

2. Light Therapy Resistance Bands

The light therapy resistance band is a long thin band without loops. It has low impact, so it is ideal for those with injuries and seniors. You can tie the ends of the band and use it for various exercises such as resistance band assisted push-ups.

3. Figure 8 Bands – Push-Ups

A figure 8 band resembles the “number 8.” It has soft handles, and it can be used to do the resistance band push-ups.

Final Thoughts

The resistance band push ups is one of the fantastic push-ups variations. There are a lot of push-ups variations and the resistance band push-ups is safe to do and it gives a lot of benefits.

Interestingly, the resistance band push-ups can be done in various ways. Therefore, you can choose the push-ups variation that you are comfortable with, or you can choose according to your training goals.

However, the resistance band assisted push-ups is one of the easier way to do resistance band push-ups. You can safely do the push-ups and also learn how to do the moves in a safer way.

Which resistance band push-ups do you enjoy doing and why. Share your experiences below.

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