Most Suitable Chest Workouts For Women After Breastfeeding

There are several chest workouts for women that they can do to improve their physical chest looks. Chest workouts for women can help them in various ways. For instance, they can help them to lose weight, strengthen their upper body and more. In the following paragraphs, there are different exercises that you can choose from to target your chest muscles.

There are exercises that you can do at home without equipment and there are also exercises that you can do when you have access to equipment. Besides giving you the chest exercises, there are also upper body workouts that can help you have strong upper body muscles.

Chest Workouts For Women At Home

Chest Workouts For Women - chest workout with machine

Doing chest workouts is not all about having well-defined chest muscles. Women can do chest workouts that can make them strong so that they can do their day-to-day activities with power. They can also do chest workouts to get rid of chest fat.

Glute Bridge With Chest Press

If you have access to dumbbells at home, you can do the glute bridge with a chest press exercise. The use of the dumbbells strengthens your muscles and improves your cardiorespiratory healthiness. Interestingly, this exercise works with various major body muscles. For instance, you strengthen your chest, arms, back, glutes and thigh muscles. If you decide to do this exercise, you will need a pair of dumbbells to do this exercise.

  1. Lie on your back on the floor and bend your news to plant your feet on the floor.
  2. Hold a pair of dumbbells above your chest with arms fully extended.
  3. Then lift your hips off the ground to form a bridge.
  4. Bring your triceps to the floor and let the forearms remain straight towards the roof.
  5. Press the dumbbells up until your arms are fully stretched.
  6. Return your triceps to the floor and repeat the movement.


This is another exercise that can be done by women to strengthen their chest muscles. With this exercise, you don’t need any equipment. You just have to make sure that you execute the exercise properly.

Chest Workouts For Women - push up

Besides working the chest muscles; the push-ups also work shoulders and triceps muscles. Doing push-ups makes you stabilize your upper body. Here are the steps that you can take to do the exercise;

  1. Get into a plank position by planting your palms on the floor with arms fully extended below your shoulders.
  2. Then lower your body by bending your elbows until they are 90 degrees.
  3. Raise your body until your arms are fully stretched.
  4. Repeat the moves until you reach your preferred number of reps.

Female Chest Workout At Home Without Equipment

There are several chest workouts for women at home without equipment. You can do exercises relying on your body resistance. Some exercises that can be done by women without equipment are as follows;

Mountain Climber With Push-Up

This is an interesting exercise that works a lot of major body muscles without using any equipment. That means it can be done at home. The exercise is good for strengthening your chest muscles. In addition to that, it engages your abs, lower back, obliques, glutes, and arm muscles.

This is one of the chest and biceps workouts that is a simple and versatile exercise.

  1. Start by being in a plank position with your hands below your chest and make sure that they are fully straightened.
  2. Then lower yourself until your chest is closer to the floor.
  3. Rise up and start doing the mountain climber movement by pulling your left knee towards your chest and return it. Then pull the right knee the same way you did to your left knee.
  4. Repeat the mountain climbers twice or thrice before doing the push-up movement.
  5. Keep on alternating the push-up and mountain climber movement.

Lateral Plank Walk

This is another exercise that can be done by women at home to improve chest strength. Besides working the chest muscles, the lateral plank walk exercise also strengthens your arms.

You do not need any gym equipment to do this exercise.

  1. Get into a plank position with your hands planted on the floor at shoulder-width apart and keep your feet also apart from each other.
  2. Then move sideways with your hands and feet by taking 2 to 3 steps and then walk back the same number of steps.
  3. Repeat the movement.

Medicine Ball Push-Ups

Chest Workouts For Women - Medicine Ball Push-Ups

Push-ups exercise is one of the best exercises for chest muscles. It makes your chest stronger and bigger. The medicine ball push-ups are a variation of push-ups. If you know how to do the push-ups, this exercise can be interesting and challenging at the same time.

  1. You start by positioning your body into a push-up position with your one hand on a medicine ball.
  2. Then lower your body towards the floor as much as you can.
  3. Return your body up to the starting position or until the other arm is fully stretched.
  4. Repeat the moves to reach the number of your preferred reps.

In addition to the medicine ball push-ups, other chest exercises that can be done by ladies include Y-raise and rear lateral raise. If you don’t have access to weight, you can do exercises such as triceps dips, cobra lat pulldown, and many others.

Back Workouts For Women

Maintaining your back muscles in good condition benefits the entire body. Strong back muscles keep you in good shape by improving your posture. There are many exercises that women can choose from to target their back muscles.

Superman Lat Pull

This exercise is therapeutic. It massages your back muscles and at the same time makes them stronger. You don’t need any special equipment to do the exercise.

  1. Start by lying on the floor on your stomach and make sure that your legs are fully stretched. Your hands must also be fully stretched on the floor in front of you.
  2. Then lift your legs and hands of the floor at the same time. And bend your elbows to squeeze your shoulder blades.
  3. Return your legs and arms to the floor.
  4. Repeat the moves.

Back And Chest Workout For Ladies

Doing exercises that target your chest and back muscles is good for stabilizing your body. There are various exercises that ladies can take advantage of and work their chest and back muscles. Below is a list of the exercises;

  1. Chest fly
  2. Standing press
  3. Wide push-up
  4. Plank with rotation
  5. Dumbells good morning
Chest Workouts For Women - Standing kettlebell press

Shoulder Workouts For Women

To make your shoulders stronger, you can do exercises that target your shoulders. There are various exercises that women can do to improve the fitness of their shoulders. The following exercises are good for improving shoulder strength and stability.

  1. Upright row
  2. Pike push-ups
  3. Lateral raise
  4. Inclined push-up
  5. Side plank

Dumbbell Chest Workouts

Using dumbbells to work your chest muscles is good as it makes the exercises more intense. As such, this can help you in melting fat around your upper body. Some women are scared of weights but there are several dumbbell exercises that can be done by women.

  1. Chest press
  2. Straight arm press back
  3. Dumbbell good morning
  4. Reverse fly
  5. Inner chest press

Benefits Of Chest Exercises For Females

Chest workouts for women come with various benefits to females. Some benefits have been mentioned above. Let’s get into the detail of the benefits of chest exercises.

  1. Burns fat – chest exercises are good at burning fat. Therefore, they can be used as weight management exercises.
  2. Strengthens – the chest exercises are good at making your upper body muscles stronger. As such, you can manage to handle the weight with your powerful body.
  3. Improves posture – having a stronger chest is good for stabilizing your body and this helps you to maintain a good upright posture.
  4. Improves breathing – training your pec muscles improves your breathing because pec muscles are attached to your ribs. As such, they support each other when you are breathing.

Female Chest Workout Before And After

As a woman, if you track your chest workouts you may realize a change on your chest. Your ‘before’ chest workout might seem like your breasts are sagging. But after the chest workout, your breasts might seem bigger and fuller than before.

Chest Workouts For Women - strong women

However, that does not mean that the chest workouts increase the size of your breasts. Remember, the chest exercises reduce fat and reduce weight. Therefore, what makes your breasts look fuller and bigger is the bigger pec muscles. The chest exercises make your pecs get bigger. As such, the bigger pecs muscles make your breasts look fuller and big.

Ladies Chest Exercise

Ladies might be shy away from chest exercises. But there is nothing to be scared of, there are best chest workouts for women that they can enjoy doing and also benefit largely from those exercises.

Final Thoughts

Some women shy away from doing chest exercises. However, it is important for women to do chest workouts to make their muscles stronger. Chest workouts for women do not help them to stay fit, but they come with various benefits.

Doing chest workouts after breastfeeding help you to shed off fat and make your chest bigger. This can even uplift your sagging breasts. As such women can do CrossFit chest workouts, chest and biceps workouts, machine chest workouts, dumbbell chest workouts, to mention but a few.  You can get a list of exercises in the above paragraphs that you can do.

As a woman, have you tried the chest workouts. Share your experiences. Which chest exercises have you tried?

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