What are the Advantageous of Zumba Dance Classes For Senior People?

It sounds like a dance group, rather than a workout to groove the rhythms of salsa, flamenco, and merengue pop. According to Zumba history, Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance exercise. The high-energy lessons include choreographed dance numbers which you will find in a nightclub. Zumba for seniors is also popular to many seniors who love fitness moves.

You don’t need to be a fantastic dancer to feel welcome in a Zumba class. The classes include the “Ditch the Workout, Join the Party,” tagline and have an enjoyable time, without a rhythm.

There are many kinds of Zumba courses, ranging from Aqua Zumba workouts to weighty Zumba Toning classes, for extra calorie loss and power training.

Working up a sweat burns a total of 369 calories in the 60-minute sessions — better than cardio kickboxing or move aerobics. You’re going to get an awesome aerobic exercise that melts weight, reinforces the heart, and increases versatility.

Does Zumba Help In Losing Weight?

In a 39-minute session, female Zumba participants aged 18 to 22 can burn an aggregate of 9.5 calories per minute. This amount to a total of 369 calories in around 40 minutes. And this burns more calories than spending a lot of time doing step aerobics, kickboxing, or power yoga. Raising the speed of the exercise will help if you want to maximize the number of calories expended during Zumba.

Although speaking of calories, you’re going to get a lot of them burnt. Studies predict that in one lesson you can burn as many as 800 calories! To match it, you’d have to spend lots of time on the treadmill. Zumba is mostly a cardio exercise, although certain power moves are also included.

Chair Zumba For Seniors

Sit in a chair that lets you put your feet on the floor conveniently. Start by putting on some ambient rhythmic, traditional music. Ideally, the songs should have a tempo that is reasonably paced that is quick to follow. Turn the music up to a medium volume and attempt these chair movements;

Shoulder Roll

  1. Rest on your legs with your palms and sit straight up.
  2. Roll your right shoulder in a full circle without lifting your lower limbs.
  3. Repeat the exercise on your left shoulder until you have finished the revolution and begin flipping off between the two while you match the beat of the tune.
  4. When you make your circles, be sure to pressure the down and back positions.

Zumba Fitness For Seniors

Aqua Zumba with a hint of Latin; the water resistance allows for a more demanding exercise, but the pace is smoother and the effect less, which applies to someone in a daily class who does not want to sweat it out. Movements of choreographed steps are wide and bold and dance-like.

With upbeat sounds and unique child-friendly exercises that aid synchronization and let young people lose themselves in thrilling dance steps to hip-hop, jazz music, and cumbia songs, elderly people join in the dance-exercise vibe.

Low Impact Zumba Fitness

Low impact moves make it easier for adults to enjoy exercises without feeling more pressure to their muscles and joints. Below are some good tricks on low impact exercises.

Zumba Gold

Zumba Gold, targeted at the older generation or newcomers, contains all of the classic Zumba movements but at a less frenetic pace while retaining the enjoyable aspect of getting fit and kicking very much alive. You can do Zumba lower back pain to lessen the pains.

An aerobic dance exercise that, with concentrated body-sculpting steps, eats up calories. During the exercise, toning sticks are wielded. This entails power training movements for abs, thighs, and biceps, like raises, lunges, and squats. This version of toning is less focused on dancing, so maybe a little better for those who are less well-coordinated.

Chair Zumba

And if a chair is used for this exercise, the momentum doesn’t slow down. The chair is used for high-energy aerobic dancing to help boost coordination and core strength. By using your body weight as resistance to tone muscles, the chair becomes your true Zumba dance partner.

Wakawaka Zumba

The WakaWaka Zumba is largely influenced by Shakira song called WakaWaka. It is an Afro fusion soca song with fascinating moves. Seniors can enjoy the WakaWaka Zumba dance moves. They are easy, and they also have an impact on your entire body. For instance, you get to exercise your hands, back, waist, and lower body muscles. As such, it is indeed one of the best moves for older people.  You can always get a free Zumba workout video online for the WakaWaka moves.

 Sitting Zumba Exercises

Seated exercises encourage you to target the lower body. In addition to that, seated workouts are an ideal solution if endurance is a problem. If coordination problems preclude you from doing exercises in a standing posture, or if you are healing from surgery or an accident; seated exercises are ideal

Seated Knee Extension

  • Sit with the back straight in a chair and your arms by your sides.
  • When focusing on gripping the quadriceps muscles stretch and straighten your right leg. It requires 3 seconds to carry.
  • Adjust the legs and repeat.

Seated Pillow Squeezes

  • Sit with the back straight in a chair and your arms by your sides.
  • Between your thighs or knees, put a cushion.
  • By squeezing the internal thigh muscles, pinch the cushion. For 3 seconds, keep the squeeze, then relax.
  • Execute 12 cycles.

 Making Zumba Easy For Seniors

Zumba is one of the easy exercises that can be done by seniors, though it might scare them. Zumba is more of doing dance moves and seniors might be scared of dancing. However, seniors can enjoy the Zumba dance moves if they start with easy moves. They don’t have to be dance stars, but they should learn the moves slowly. They can keep on adding new moves as they progress.

More so, starting with moves that they know can make the seniors enjoy the Zumba class. Easy moves that are not making it difficult for their joints are the best. And then as time goes on, they can do fast-paced moves. You can take advantage of online resources and watch Zumba for beginners YouTube or join Zumba online course. You will definitely learn something.

 Wheelchair Zumba For Seniors

being in a wheelchair cannot stop you from doing exercises. For instance, you can do cardio, strength, stretch, and many other exercises of your choice. And of course, you can make Zumba moves while seated in a wheelchair. For example, you can do upper body Zumba moves and let your body have a great experience. Therefore, seniors in a wheelchair should not stop doing Zumba moves due to their ability challenges.

Kind Of Zumba Routine For Seniors

To keep the seniors on track, they need a plan on how to go about their Zumba classes. For instance, they go for a routine with balance training, strength, cardio fitness, and more. The seniors need to improve their heart healthiness as well as their strength. More so, balance moves are also important to elders. As they grow older, their muscles become weak, and it becomes difficult to balance their bodies properly. Having a Zumba fitness instructor can help in coming up with an excellent routine.

Best Rated Zumba Exercise For Seniors

Aqua Zumba

Aqua Zumba gives the best workouts for seniors. Exercising in water comes with a lot of benefits for seniors. It improves their blood circulation and lowers high blood pressure. It is therapeutic to dance in the water. More so, exercising in water keeps it easy on joints and muscles.

Zumba Step

The 80s are back and in the arts and fashion world, that’s as true of the fitness scene as it is. Case in point: this special style of Zumba, mixing classic elements of Zumba dance with step aerobics to include a killer leg and glute workout. The old leotard and leg warmers don’t need to break out.

Zumba Weight Loss Success Story

There are a lot of Zumba weight loss success stories. Below is one of the inspiring stories;

Meet : Tessa Leen, 32, a childcare provider who is self-employed in Kasson, Minn.

Achievement Losing 185 pounds four years from now. Leen had two miscarriages during her journey, before eventually giving birth to her second stable child. What worked for her: Dietary changes, including Zumba’s trifecta, preparation for strength, and running. Her popularity was also fuelled by sharing regular posts on social media. By taking care of the girls, her husband helped her so she could hit the gym.

Her advice: Don’t worry about how many pounds you ought to lose in all. Set tiny weekly targets, such as staying hydrated or going for a stroll during lunch breaks, instead. Add anything else next week. The little stuff gradually adds up with something pretty big. You’ll be invincible until you gain traction.


With choices perfect for nearly all ages and skill levels, Zumba delivers an enjoyable and optimistic fitness experience. However, Zumba for seniors might not be a good match for you if you don’t like dance or Latin-inspired songs. But Zumba is a great one to try if you’re looking for an addictively enjoyable, high-energy community dance exercise.

When your hormones open up your joints, Zumba has several high-impact movements that can wreak havoc. Speak about switching out any of those jumps and bounces with your coach or other routines that could put you off balance. And note during the exercise to keep calm and hydrated.

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