Short on Time? Tone Up And Scorch Fat Fast!

These days, it can be hard to get your pump on. We’re all pushed for time and often leave exercise behind. Exercises that target multiple muscles are key to toning up and scorching fat when we are pushed for time. But, what kinds of exercises are those? It might sound impossible but, we’ve found them and are here to share them with you! With just one workout, you could work the entire upper body and core. We are talking about the TRX rows exercise. The TRX row and its many variations tone muscles and strengthen the core while burning tons of calories.

Below, we’ve got different versions of TRX rows you can try today. As an added bonus, we’ve added secrets to losing weight fast. If you’re short on time, follow along, we have got some juicy secrets to changing your body today.

TRX Row Machine Vs. Bands.

Before we get to the exercises, let’s take a look at the key differences between suspension bands and machines. Machines are great too but, there are a few downfalls. You will not get the same range of motion you would using bands. On top of that, choosing the wrong weight could lead to injury.

Machines are bulky and can put additional strain on muscles. This additional strain takes flexibility away from muscles and creates a bulky build. Machines usually only target one area, leaving other important and smaller muscles out.

TRX Rows exercise - Row Machine

Suspension bands are commonly used in resistance training to tighten and tone up muscles. The stretching motion helps to create long and lean muscles that aren’t bulky. Unlike machines, they don’t strain muscles and only bodyweight. This weight combined with a large range of motion causes smaller muscles to work, creating an overall more defined look.

Performing a TRX row with bands takes balance. This balance heats up the core and scorches calories. Besides a basic row, other TRX row exercises target different areas. We’ll show you how to do them plus, guide you on how to pair them to tone up fast.

 TRX Inverted Row.

Take a normal TRX row to the next level with the help of an inversion. For this exercise, you’ll need to hang resistance bands up high. Grip the handles strongly with both hands walking your feet away until you can hang. Using your upper body strength, pull yourself up until the handles meet your chest. Then, with control, lower yourself down. The TRX low row works the biceps, forearms, and your entire back. Plus, all of your stabilizer muscles are at work to keep your balance in check.

TRX High Row.

In this row, you only have to lean back a bit after gripping the handles. Keeping the hands in line with the shoulders, grip the handles tightly and pull forward. When your hands meet your chest, pause, squeeze and slowly make your way back to starting position. This workout is great for the chest, shoulders, and upper back muscles.

TRX Back Row.

Besides toning, this is a great workout to help correct posture. All of the tiniest muscles work together to complete the motion in this exercise from start to finish. To execute, grip the handles and dip yourself back until your arms stretched out straight. To target the back, bend arms at a 45⁰ angle and stop when handles meet the top of the ribs. For more toning action, squeeze shoulder blades together at the top of the movement.

TRX Squat Row.

TRX Rows exercise - TRX Squat Row

With this move, you’re sure to break a sweat. You’re working your entire body and strengthening your balance. To start, get in the same position as the back row. Keeping weight in the heels, bend into a squat maintain good posture. If you think you’ve got the strength, squat down until your glutes hit the floor. Then, straighten legs pulling in arms to graze the ribs to work the back muscles.

TRX Seated Row.

Instead of standing, this row starts with sitting on the ground. Be sure to maintain posture, keeping the shoulders in line with the hips. Grip handles and leans back until arms are straight. From there, start to pull yourself up slowly until the handles meet your shoulders. Squeeze tightly and slowly lower back down to starting position.

TRX Single Arm Row.

Working one arm at a time, you’re sure to feel the burn. Just like the other TRX row exercises, you’ll grip and lean back. This time, one hand will grip only one handle. Keep the other hand on the hip and pull up slowly. Make sure that your arm pulls back at an angle where it can meet the chest. Then, lower back to where you started. Be sure that you keep weight evenly distributed to avoid injury or overworking.

TRX Row and Weight Loss.

When performing a TRX row of any kind, you’re increasing your resistance. Using only your body weight, this counts as a low-impact exercise perfect for toning.

But what about weight loss?

Can you really lose weight with just one machine?

The answer is yes, and we’ve got the scoop on how. First off, the exercises.

The Exercise.

For weight loss, it is recommended to go 10 reps of each exercise mentioned above at least three times a week. This is a beginner level that can be built upon once you pass a certain level. If this is too easy, start making rounds, completing two to three rounds of 10 reps three times a week.

The Diet.

salty fatty foods

One thing we should mention is that, with any weight loss plan, diet matters. We often start an exercise routine with high hopes. While it’s a good mood booster, it doesn’t do much for your weight if you’re not choosing foods wisely. Make sure that you’re drinking plenty of water first and foremost and eliminating salty fatty foods.

Try to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, aiming for at least three servings per day. Just like with any changes you make to diet or daily activity, it’s best to consult your doctor for proper guidance.

The Results.

So, what will you notice when you make these small changes to your workout regimen and diet? First of all, you’ll notice an increase in strength. You might be able to power through more sets with the passing of each week. As far as appearance, you’ll have a more toned look with defined muscles. Because the core is working in many of these exercises, you’ll also shed fat.

If you do the recommended TRX row exercise at least three times a week and make small changes to your diet, you’ll shed fat. You’ll notice a whole new you, slim and trim, and feeling better than ever.

No Day But Today.

When you feel healthy, you feel happy. The overall quality of life soars and mood changes. Exercise gives the mind a healthy boost of serotonin, bringing a smile to your face more often. The TRX row is a low-impact exercise that anyone can do.

Using just one piece of equipment, you can build your resistance, tone up, and lose weight. Be sure to follow our recommendations to start and change your body today. Think about adopting an exercise routine that works for you. Then, make small changes to your diet that will make all the difference. There is no better day than today!

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