Proper Cable Rope Overhead Triceps Extension

As you work on growing and strengthening your triceps there are several exercises that you can try. The cable overhead triceps extension exercise is one of the exercises that you can do to pump up your arms. However, if you decide to do the cable overhead triceps extension, make sure you do it the right way to realize the benefits of the exercise.

In the following paragraphs, you will get the proper instructions on how to execute the cable rope extension exercises.

There are several variations listed in this article such as the lying triceps extension, one-arm overhead cable triceps extension, and many others. There are also triceps alternatives listed in this article that you can do.Cable Overhead Triceps Extension - cable triceps workout

Cable Rope Overhead Triceps Extension

This is a strength exercise that primarily targets the triceps. It is a beginner-friendly workout. .the good thing about this exercise is that it works all the three heads of the triceps than any other exercises for triceps.

As such, if you want to solely work your triceps, this is one of the best exercises for triceps.

In addition to that, it is an isolation exercise. As such it focuses on triceps muscles and works them individually. Using a cable machine to do tricep extension is advantageous over using the dumbbells. Using a cable machine creates constant tension throughout the exercise.

Furthermore, this exercise does not only work the triceps muscles. It also works shoulder and back muscles to improve your body stability and mobility.

If you want to do this exercise, you will need a cable machine. Start by setting the rope extension to a high notch. Then grasp the rope making sure that your hands are neutral.  Your forearms must be over your shoulders.

Then bend down so that the rope is on your back. Bend until your upper body is parallel to the ground. Pull the rope forward until the arm is straightened. Pause for a second and squeeze your triceps. Repeat the moves as much as you can to reach the number of preferred reps.

Lying Triceps Extension

The lying triceps extension exercise is a strength exercise that is good at working your triceps. In addition to that, it also works the back muscles such as the lats. The shoulders and chest muscles also benefit from the lying triceps extension exercise.

The lying triceps extension is also good at strengthening the shoulders and other arm muscles besides the triceps. As such, strengthening your shoulder muscles improves the arms’ flexibility. Additionally, the exercise is good at stabilizing the shoulder joint.

Interestingly, you can do this exercise using different gym equipment. For instance, you can use a cable machine. If you don’t have access to the cable machine, you can use the weights such as dumbbells or barbells.

More so, you can also a resistance band. That’s having various alternatives to strengthen your triceps and back muscles.

If you do the cable lying triceps extension, you will need a bench. Start by setting the EZ bar attachment to the cable machine. Make sure it is attached to the low setting. Then lie on a bench facing upwards and grasp the bar attachment with an overhand grip. The hands must be over your head.

Pull the attachment up above your chest until the arms are fully stretched towards the roof. Then return the arms to the starting position. Repeat the moves to meet the preferred number of reps and sets.

Cable Overhead Triceps Extension Alternative

People cannot solely rely on cable overhead triceps extension exercise to chisel their triceps muscles. There are different exercises that you can do in place of this triceps cable exercise. For instance, there are triceps exercises with bands, weights, and other ways.

Diamond Push-Ups

The diamond push-ups are also a good exercise that you can do in place of the triceps rope extension exercises. Interestingly, with the diamond push-ups, you don’t need any additional equipment to do this exercise.

It’s a matter of relying on your bodyweight and doing the exercise the right way.Cable Overhead Triceps Extension - Diamond Push-Ups

If you want to work your triceps with the diamond push-ups, start by getting to the push-up position with your palms planted on the floor. The fingers must be close to each with your palms forming a diamond shape on the floor.

Then lower your chest to the floor and rise up before touching the floor with your chest. Make sure that your back is neutral and straight as you do the exercise.  Repeat the movement until you reach the number of desired reps and sets.

Besides the diamond push-ups, there are various tricep extension variations that you can do to work your triceps. For example, you can do exercises such as standing low pulley one arm triceps extension, standing dumbbell triceps extension, one arm dumbbell tricep extension, and more.

Overhead Cable Triceps Extension Low Pulley

As discussed above the overhead cable triceps extension low pulley is good for isolating your muscles and working them separately. This is good as the cable rope overhead triceps extension exercise discussed in the above paragraphs.

The exercise works the triceps muscles, shoulders, lats, serratus anterior, traps, and many other muscles.

One-Arm Overhead Cable Triceps Extension

The one arm overhead cable triceps extension is a variation of the tricep extension workout. Like other tricep extension variations, this is another exercise that primarily targets the tricep muscles. In addition, other muscles that you work with include the lats and shoulders.

This exercise might be ideal for people who have some training experience. However, you can always try it as a beginner by following the correct form of the exercise.

If you want to do the exercise, firstly, make sure that the cable machine is set to a low pulley. Then grasp the handle with one hand and face away from the machine. After that, raise the handle over your head until the arm is fully stretched with the palm facing forward.

After that, lower the arm until it reaches behind your head. Raise it again until the arm is fully stretched towards the roof. Repeat the movement to meet the number of your desired reps and sets.

Cable Tricep Pushdown

The cable tricep pushdown is an isolation exercise that directly works your targeted muscles. It is easy to do and the exercise primarily targets your triceps muscles. In addition to that, it also works the shoulders, serratus anterior to a lesser extent. The exercise strengthens your arm muscles. Cable Overhead Triceps Extension - Cable Tricep Pushdown

Therefore, if you want to build stronger tricep muscles, you can try the cable tricep pushdown exercise. You will need a cable machine to do the exercise.

Start by attaching the short bar to a higher notch. Then while standing with your feet at shoulder width apart, hold the handle with an overhand grip.

You can push the handle to your thighs making sure that the elbows are by your body sides. Then pause for a second before returning to the starting position. Repeat as much as you can.

Overhead Tricep Extension Cable Or Dumbbell

The interesting thing about the tricep extension exercise is that you can do it using the cable machine or weight such as dumbbells. As much as the dumbbell tricep overhead extension works similar muscles as the overhead tricep extension cable, the impact is different.

When doing the overhead tricep extension cable exercise, you work your muscles with constant tension unlike when using the dumbbells. When using the dumbbells, you don’t receive the similar impact.

Your muscles won’t be worked throughout the movement. For instance, when your arms are hanging, there will be less tension.

However, all the exercises are effective in strengthening and building the tricep muscles.

Cable Overhead Curl

This is another strength exercise that is even easy to beginners. The cable overhead curl exercise primarily targets the biceps muscles. In addition to that, it also works the shoulders, serratus anterior, and back muscles.Cable Overhead Triceps Extension - Cable Overhead Curl

As mentioned above, this is an easy exercise that you can do to define your arm muscles. If you want to do this exercise, you will need a cable machine. Firstly, make sure that you attach the stirrup handle properly to the two high pulley cable machines.

After that position yourself in between the two machines with your feet at shoulder width apart. Grasp the stirrup handles with an underhand grip and make sure that the arms are fully extended.

Then curl the wrists to your head sides and squeeze your bicep muscles. Pause for a second and return your arms to the starting position. Repeat as much as you can.

Final Thoughts

The cable overhead triceps extension is a beginner-friendly exercise. The use of the cable machine to do the tricep extension exercise is so effective if you compare it to the weight tricep extension exercise.

For instance, you constantly exert tension to your arm muscles throughout the exercise when using the cable machine.

However, you must do the exercise in a proper form to realize the benefits of the exercise. The above paragraphs give you proper instructions that you can follow to do the exercises correctly. If the exercise is not good for you, you can always try alternative exercises to work your triceps muscles.

For instance, some of the good alternatives include dumbbell triceps extension, resistance band tricep extension, and many others.

Have you ever tried the cable overhead triceps extension? Share your experiences and suggestions for alternative exercises.

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