How To do Properly Tricep Pull Downs Workouts With Cable?[Full Guide]

For your triceps muscles, there are several exercises that you can do. However, tricep pull downs are good for developing and strengthening your tricep muscles. The exercises do more than targeting your shoulders. It also stabilizes your upper body muscles such as the shoulders. The following paragraphs give various exercises that you can incorporate into your best tricep workout routine.

There are different tricep exercises that can help you to develop your tricep muscles successfully. Whether you are after tricep blaster workouts, insane tricep workout, pull down exercises, you can continue reading to get more of these.

Tricep Pull Downs - Pull Down Workout

Tricep Pull Down Machine

A tricep pull down machine is good for doing the pull down exercise. It is also known as a tricep pushdown machine. If you want to do an insane tricep workout, you can include the tricep pull down the machine. It is fairly good for developing and strengthening your arm muscles.

Interestingly, the machine does not work the triceps only. You can hit your shoulders, chest, abs, and back muscles such as the serratus anterior and more. Additionally, you can use the machine at home or at a gym. It depends on your affordability and interests in developing your arm muscles.

Rope Tricep Pull Downs

This is one of the exercises that you can do when you have a tricep pushdown machine. The rope tricep pull downs are good for strengthening your arm muscles as it primarily works the triceps muscles. In addition to that, the exercise also works your chest, shoulders, upper back, and ab muscles to a lesser extent. If you decide to do this exercise, you can take the following steps;

  1. Make sure that the machine has a rope attachment.
  2. Stand in front of the tricep pushdown machine facing it and grasp the rope attachment. Make sure that your feet are at shoulder-width apart.
  3. Then pull down the rope attachment until the forearms are parallel to the ground. Keep your elbows closer to your body.
  4. Return to the starting position and repeat the moves until you reach your preferred number of sets and reps.

Single Arm Tricep Pull Downs Bands

Tricep Pull Downs - single arm pull down

This is good as a bodybuilding exercise. The exercise develops arm muscles. It is easy to do it and you don’t need more special equipment o do it. Follow the steps below to do the exercise;

  1. Secure the resistance band on a secure bar above your head.
  2. Grasp the band with one hand and bend your arm to position the palm at your shoulder height.
  3. Pull the band downwards until your arm is fully stretched.
  4. Slowly return the arm to the starting position.
  5. Repeat the moves to reach the number of preferred reps.

Overhead Tricep Extension

This is one of the best workouts to do if you want to develop your triceps. There are different exercises that you can do to target your triceps but the overhead tricep extension primarily works the triceps muscles. In addition, the overhead tricep extension can be done while seated or standing. More so, you are not limited to single gym equipment. You can use various weight gym equipment such as dumbbell, barbell, EZ bar, and more.

This is how you do the overhead tricep extension;

  1. While holding a pair of dumbbells, stand upright with your feet at shoulder width apart. You can use one dumbbell if you are doing tricep exercises at home with limited equipment.
  2. Raise weight up above your head until the arms are fully stretched.
  3. Then lower the weight behind your head as far as you can.
  4. Raise weight up to the starting position above your head.
  5. Repeat the moves to meet the number of your desired reps and sets.

What Amount Of Weight For Tricep

When doing a tricep extension, you don’t have to lift heavyweights. What matters is the motion of your arms and the proper form. However, if you decide to use heavyweight, you must make sure that you don’t do many reps. You can do 5 to 8 reps when using heavyweight. But make sure that you are doing the moves properly.

 Pull Downs For Girl

Pull downs for ladies are good for working their back muscles. Most pull down exercises such as lat pull downs tone the back muscles.

Tricep Pull Downs - Pull Downs Grils

Having a sexy back as a woman is such a good thing. The pull downs can tone muscles from your underarm area. Some of the muscles that may benefit from pull downs include lats, serratus anterior, spine, and many others.

Tricep Kickback Workout

Doing tricep workouts does not only develop and strengthen the triceps muscles only but it also stabilizes your upper body muscles such as the shoulders. Having stable upper body muscles makes it easy to do your day to day activities. The tricep kickback workout is good for strengthening the arm and shoulder muscles. Particularly, it puts the triceps into the limelight.

The tricep kickback comes with various benefits. For instance, it prevents injuries when doing your day to day activities. In addition, exercising keeps your body fit and younger. Interestingly, you can do the tricep kickback using weights or using cables. You can also do the exercise while standing or kneeling. You just choose what works for you in a better way. To do the tricep kickback exercise using the weight, follow the steps below;

  1. While holding a pair of dumbbells stand with your feet close to each other and bend your knees slightly. But avoid letting your torso be parallel to the ground.
  2. Make sure that your upper arms are close to your body.
  3. Then move the lower arms backward until your arms are fully stretched. Your forearms should be moving more and your upper arms can remain in the same position close to your body. Pause before returning to the starting position.
  4. Repeat the moves to meet the number of preferred reps.

Ab Exercise On Tricep Pull Downs

As much as you will be doing a tricep exercise, you can always do an exercise that hits your triceps and abs as well. For instance, the ab pull down is one of the exercises that you can do to simultaneously target the abs and triceps. The ab pull down also works your lower back muscles.

A cable machine is needed to do the ab pull down exercise. You can follow the instructions below to do the exercise.

  1. Firstly, attach the EZ-curl bar on the cable machine hook and then adjust the machine level to shoulder height.
  2. Kneel down and hold the EZ-curl bar. Make sure that the bar is behind your neck and keep your palms facing your feet.
  3. Lower your upper body until the elbows reach the knees. Then return to the starting position where your body is at a 90-degree angle.
  4. Repeat the moves until you reach the number of your preferred reps.

Tricep Pushdown Bar

Doing a tricep pushdown using a bar is one of the best options for developing your triceps muscles. There are different types of bars that you can use. You can use a straight bar, V-bar, or any other bar to do the tricep pushdown exercise.

Tricep Pull Downs - Pull Down Bar

When using the bar to do the tricep pushdown, the form is similar to the tricep pushdown rope. However, the impact of the two exercises is different. The rope tricep pushdown is good at activating the tricep muscles more than the bar tricep pushdown exercise. But the two exercises work similar muscles.

Cable Tricep Pull Downs

The cable tricep pull downs workout is good for developing and strengthening your tricep muscles. It works the similar muscles as the dumbbell tricep pull down. As such, it works the triceps, shoulders, and back muscles. When using the cable machine, you can choose between a rope and a bar. To do the cable tricep pull down, follow the instructions below,

  1. Stand upright and make sure that your back is straight. You can put one foot in front of the other or stand with your feet at hip-width apart.
  2. Grasp the bar and keep your elbows by your body side.
  3. Then pull the bar down until it reaches your thighs.
  4. Pause in that position and squeeze your triceps.
  5. Raise the bar up to the starting position. Repeat the moves

Reverse Grip Tricep Pull Downs

This is another exercise that works your triceps muscles. You will need a cable machine to do the exercise. Follow the steps below to do the exercise.

  1. Firstly, choose a bar that you can work with. Then attach the bar to a high pulley machine.
  2. Then stand in front of the machine with your feet at shoulder-width apart and grasp the bar with your palms facing upwards. Make sure that your hands are at shoulder-width apart distance.
  3. Lower the bar and keep your arms by your body sides. As you lower the bar, make sure that you are moving your forearms.
  4. Then repeat the moves to reach the number of preferred reps.

Final Thoughts

The tricep pull downs are good for targeting your triceps muscles. However, to hit your triceps, you should do the exercises correctly. There are different variations of the tricep pull downs, therefore you should choose them wisely. You can use weights or a cable machine to do the triceps pull downs variations. As such, you should know how to handle your body properly to bring the best out of the variations.

In the above paragraphs, the variations are well explained, and you can follow instructions to work your triceps.

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