How To Do Resistance Band Squats

Resistance Band Squats

Squats exercise has a lot of variations. In this article, you will know resistance band squats variations and the proper ways of doing them. For instance, there are squats variations that you can do using various types of weights. Some exercises that are listed in this article include resistance band goblet squat, resistance band deadlift, … Read more

What Muscles Do Bent Over Lateral Raises Work?

Bent Over Lateral Raise

The bent over lateral raise is ideally good for strengthening and pumping the shoulder muscles. This exercise defines your shoulder muscles and makes them bigger. This article discusses the muscles worked by the bent over lateral raise. The rest of the article has different exercises that work the same muscles as the lateral raise. There … Read more

Incline Bench Cable Fly Muscles Worked

Incline Cable Fly

The incline bench cable fly exercise works upper body muscles. Primarily, it targets the chest muscles. It opens up the chest and makes it stronger by adding more muscle mass. Other muscles that get worked by the incline cable fly are shoulder and arm muscles such as the pecs and biceps. This article discusses the … Read more

The Secret to Long Lean and Toned Muscles

Leg And Arm Workouts

There is nothing like a good leg and arm workouts. It is a resistance style workout that creates long, lean, and toned muscles. They are lightweight and easy to take along with you anywhere you may roam. Using them regularly, you can sculpt your body unlike ever before. If you’re a total beginner, we’re here … Read more