What Muscle Does Upright Cable Row Effectively Work?

Cable Upright Row

The cable upright row hit various muscles. Primarily, it works the deltoids muscles; the middle and the front head. As you do the exercise, you also work the rhomboids, trapezius as well as biceps muscles. Interestingly, there are a lot of variations that you can do as well as alternative exercises. The following content gives …

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How To Properly Do Tricep Pull Downs Workout With Cable Or Band?

Tricep Pull Downs

For your triceps muscles, there are several exercises that you can do. However, tricep pull downs are good for developing and strengthening your tricep muscles. The exercises do more than targeting your shoulders. It also stabilizes your upper body muscles such as the shoulders. The following paragraphs give various exercises that you can incorporate into …

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Proper Cable Rope Overhead Triceps Extension

Cable Overhead Triceps Extension

As you work on growing and strengthening your triceps there are several exercises that you can try. The cable overhead triceps extension exercise is one of the exercises that you can do to pump up your arms. However, if you decide to do the cable overhead triceps extension, make sure you do it the right …

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