How To Use Bench Press Machine for Building Muscles?

Every time you walk into a gym, which is the most common machine do you always find to be there? Yes, you’re right; it is the bench press machine placed under a secured barbell, ever ready to be used by the next man for muscle building. Well, I’m not surprised to say that bench press is such a hot and favorite move. All you need to do is master the basics of the exercise, and within no days, you will see yourself becoming strong and notice significant size gains in the chest, front, shoulder, and triceps. But now, if you are planning to buy a bench press machine or want to know the different aspects of the same and other information, you have come to the right place!

Bench Press Machine - Machine Workouts

What Is the Bench Press Machine Price Changes?

In recent times, there has been a surge in demand for gym machines which has led to an increase in its price. With the coming of COVID followed by lockdown, fitness enthusiasts have started ordering gym equipment for their house. Though many online websites have started providing discounts for bench press machines, and to be frank, the prices may vary from site to site. Many companies have begun giving added features with the equipment, which has convinced many fitness freaks to spend more money without a second thought!. So the price has obviously risen in the past one year or so and the demand is increasing for the same.

Bench Press Machine for Sale

The art of bodybuilding has mainly benefited from various types of bench press machines available for sale, which will help you specifically target different muscle groups.

The smith machine bench press is a reliable and secure method to improve your weightlifting capabilities. It can also consider the most effective compound movement for a full-upper body exercise. The 190 Kg Lexco LS-201 SMITH MACHINE, at Amazon, is a machine bench press that features 12 racking positions and four plate storage horns. This machine will protect your shoulder muscles and give you even a better workout than free weights. With this workout, you end up activating your glutes and hamstrings more efficiently. Another advantage is that the shoulder press and chest isolation are more superficial.

The Weights Bench 900 Decline is an affordable decline bench press machine available offline in Decathlon stores and online Decathlon stores. The product comes with a two-year warranty and features a back rack to ensure that your move is safe. The most well-known benefit of a decline bench press is that it emphasizes the lower pecs. While close grip bench press variants are best for triceps activation, the decline bench press activates the triceps similarly to a standard flat bench press machine.

I Want to Buy Bench Press Machine for Home

So, if you are planning to buy a bench press machine for your house, we have got some options for you to consider. These can guide you in making the correct choices. Here are two excellent reasons why you should!

  • Best price bracket: It is inexpensive since it is made of light aluminium and foam material. It can acquire on a shoestring budget. When you consider how much your full-body exercise equipment costs, it’s a lot less.
  • Easy to assemble: The benches are mostly pre-assembled. So, you can take it out of the box and use it right away. Although some of them may require assembly, the simple instructions in the handbook will ensure that your task can complete in less than 30 minutes.

Difference Between Chest Press Machine Vs Bench Press

A defined and beefy chest built with the chest press or bench press stands out like a topper from IIT. It’s the essential muscle for guys to make in preparation for beach season. These workouts also tone women’s arms and shoulders. However, which is it?

Bench Press

The bench press machine can work in various ways, including at different angles and with dumbbells or barbells. The bench press allows you to maintain continuous stress on your chest muscles, which helps you develop strength. In comparison to the chest press, the bench press trains a broader range of motion. As a result, you’ll be able to grow a little more muscle with the bench press than you will with the chest press.

Chest Press Machine

Unlike the bench press, which is performed lying down, the chest press is done standing up. The machine chest press is the most feasible option for anyone who has easily damaged his shoulder, has persistent shoulder pain, or has been advised to avoid the bench press.

Bench Press Machine - Chest Press Machine workouts

What Is the Shoulder Press Machine?

The shoulder press machine is also a seated bench press machine that comes with fixed resistance wherein you press overhead from a seated position.


  • This workout, like many others, increases strength and strengthens upper-body muscles such as the pectorals (chest), deltoids (shoulders), triceps (arms), and trapezius (upper back).
  • The workout is traditionally conducted in a standing, upright stance, requiring balance, core strength, and stability.


  • When seated on the shoulder press machine, keep a firm core and a flat back.
  • Hold on to the grips and keep your gaze straight ahead.
  • Press the handles up above your head slowly.
  • Make sure your elbow doesn’t lock out.
  • Slowly lower the handles, but avoid making contact with the weight stack.
  • Now, Repeat of the move

How Can I Use Incline Bench Press Machine?

The incline bench press machine is a popular workout that targets the top section of the pectoral muscles. Most people choose it since it provides greater stability for beginners.


  • Adjust the bench seat so that the handles are aligned with the upper part of your chest as your starting position, keeping your back flat on the back cushioning and using an overhand hold on the handles.
  • Gradually press the handles forward until your hands are fully extended and your chest muscles are stretched.
  • Hold this position for three counts, then return to your starting position softly.
  • Repeat for the appropriate number of repetitions and sets.

What Are the Differences Between Machines Vs Free Weights Workout?

The fundamental distinction between free weights and machines is that free weights may move in whatever direction the user desires, but machines are locked in place and only move in specific directions.

Pros of Free Weights

  • Free weights are less costly and take up less room in the storage unit. They could be more useful in a home gym.
  • They are more adaptable. With this simple equipment, you may do an exercise that targets almost every muscle.

Cons of Free Weights

  • Changing weights on barbells and dumbbells takes time and can be dangerous if they are not secure and fall off during activity.
  • The use of free weights necessitates a sufficient quantity of room. If there are multiple persons utilizing weights in a confined location, this might provide a safety hazard.

Pros of Weight Machines

  • Specific devices are significantly more effective in isolating a particular muscle or group of muscles for overloading.
  • In a gym with many people doing out at the same time, machines can help make better use of space.

Cons of Weight Machines

  • Machine motions are not as natural as those performed with free weights. They aren’t motions that are useful in any way.
  • With machines, recruiting stabilizers and assistance muscles is more challenging.

Professional Weight Machines to Build Muscles

Look out for two of the best machines to look like a bodybuilder within no time!

Reverse Pec Deck

On the pec deck, execute this exercise with your torso pointing inward toward the back pad. This exercise is quite popular among professionals for torching the posterior delts, and it also helps fill in the whole mid/upper back with highly separated muscle detail. Another fantastic feature is that you can go extremely heavy for lower reps while still achieving a solid peak contraction on each exercise.

Seated Pullover

This is something that not every gym has, but it is something that every gym should have. Few exercises totally isolate the upper lats and teres major, which helps to express back breadth immediately behind the armpit. One of the top exercises for achieving a stunning V-taper is the sitting pullover. You can try this to get a feeling of it.

Bench Press Machine - Seated cable Pullove


Bench press machine is an excellent way to strengthen your chest, arms, and shoulders. Work with a spotter if you’re new to the bench press. They may keep an eye on your form and make sure you’re lifting the right weight for your level of fitness. Work with a professional personal trainer if you’re unsure how to include bench presses into an efficient workout regimen. Now, I am sure you were getting bored of doing the same old bench press exercise and needed to up your workout game. These bench press variants are worth a shot.

They’re all just as effective as the regular version, but each one is unique enough to provide your body with a fresh challenge! So, what are you waiting for? Get hold of one of the bench press machines and start your workout journey right now.

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