How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Hip Dips?

There are people who are not happy to show off their hip dips. They go further to find out how to get rid of hip dips. In this article, there are answers on how to get rid of hip dips. The article gives you answers on various issues to do with hip dips. There are details on how to deal with hip dips through surgery and exercises. As such, you will know the exercises that you can do and the exercises that you should avoid pertaining to the hip dips. More so, the article also distinguishes between hip dips, saddlebags as well as between the hips dips and love handles.

How To Get Rid Of Hip Dips Surgery

How To Get Rid Of Hip Dips - hip dip surgery

Doing a hip dip surgery is ideally good for managing the fat around the hips and thighs area. The fat around the thighs and hips can be transferred, removed from that area. In addition to that, fat can also be injected. The fat gets redistributed around your hips to create smooth curves.

The fat that gets redistributed can be taken from other body areas such as the stomach, thighs, and buttocks. Incisions can be made to remove fat. After removal of fat, the incision gets stitched up and bandaged. The removed fat gets processed before being reinjected. During the process of injecting fat, you don’t get any incisions.

Before doing the hip dip surgery, your doctor might screen you whether you qualify or not. You must be a non-smoker to qualify for the kip dip surgery. Then your skin elasticity must be of highly responsive. A good candidate for hip dip surgery must not have a history of the bleeding condition.

After doing the hip dip surgery, you may need to do fat grafting if you are not satisfied with the results. The injected fat might disappear within a year. Therefore, the hip dip results might be surprising.

Before doing hip dips surgery, you should know what causes hip dips. The hip dips are largely caused by your body structure which includes your bones and muscles. Therefore, it might be difficult to completely get rid of the hip dips through surgery.

The hip dip surgery is expensive. You may need to consider hip replacement insurance or a medical insurance plan that can cover the hip dip surgery costs. If anything goes wrong, you may consider consulting a hip replacement lawyer or a hip lawyer specialist.

What Are Hip Dips Attractive

Hip dips is an inward curve below your hip bone. Some people might not be comfortable with the hip dip, therefore, they might do the hip dip surgery. However, even if you are fat or not, hip dips can appear because it’s part of your body. The dominant outer quad muscles together with hip flexors cause hip dips.

How To Get Rid Of Hip Dips - Hip Dips Attractive

However, not everyone with hip dips wants to get rid of them. There are people who are proud of having hip dips. They find their hip dips attractive. As such, they even show off their hip dips on various social media sites.

How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Hip Dips

Getting rid of hip dips is unpredictable. The process might not be the same for everyone because people have different bodies. In addition to that, there are various things that influence the change of your boy.

Getting rid of hip dips may happen over several months to a year. And it is important to know that you may not be able to change your anatomy. As such, you may not be able to completely get rid of hip dips. You may alter them or change the appearance to a certain extent, but they may not disappear completely.

There are various things that might influence the change of your hip dips. Your age, height, and body weight are other factors that might influence your hip dip outlook. The type of food that you take also shapes your hip dips.

If you have gained weight, you might need to burn some calories. You may need to diet and exercise regularly to reduce face that makes your hip dips be more visible. Losing glute fat might be helpful in changing the look of hip dips. But the reality is it is difficult to change your body anatomy.

30 Day Hip Dip Challenge

Doing a 30-day hip dip challenge might assist you in changing your hip dip look. You may take several pictures before starting the 30-day challenge and after the 30-day challenge. Then you can compare the pictures to note any changes caused by the 30-day challenge.

During the 30-day challenge, you follow your plan of getting rid of the hip dips. You might be having a workout plan as well as a diet plan. Those are some things that might be helpful as you try to get rid of the hip dips. Losing weight around your glutes can be helpful.

However, you should know that the 30-day challenge might not be enough to get rid of the hip dips because bodies react differently. It might work for others but if it doesn’t work for you, don’t beat up yourself. You can continue eating healthy and exercising to reduce the hip dips dent.

Hip Dip Workout Before And After

How To Get Rid Of Hip Dips - Before And After

As you work on fixing your hip dips dent, there are several exercises that you can do before and after. After successfully getting rid of hip dips, you have to continue exercising to maintain your body in that kind of shape that satisfies you. You may need to do exercises that will help you shed off fat and build some muscles.

Fire Hydrant Exercise

The fire hydrant exercise is one of the exercises that you can do to strengthen and tone your hip muscles. This exercise particularly works your glutes, thighs, and hips. It is an easy exercise.

  1. Start by kneeling on the floor and plant your hands on the floor directly under your shoulders. Make sure that your knees are directly below your hips.
  2. The raise your bent leg up until it forms a 90-degree angle with the other leg kneeling down.
  3. Return the leg to the floor and repeat on one leg as much as you can before exercising the other leg.
  4. You can do 15 to 20 reps on one leg.

Standing Side Leg Lifts

This is another exercise that you can do to improve your hip strength. In addition to that, the exercise is good at building muscles along with your butt and hips. You can do the exercise without any equipment. But if you want to make it more difficult, you may use the weights.

  1. Stand with your feet close to each other. You can clasp your hands together to balance yourself.
  2. Then lift your foot off the floor sideways and balance with one foot.
  3. Return the other foot to the starting position. Repeat on one foot before exercising the other leg.
  4. You can do 15 to 20 reps on each leg.

In addition to the above exercises, there are other exercises that you can do to improve the appearance of your hips.  You can do exercises such as hip flexor pain squats, cable hip extensions, hip adductors, glute bridges, and many others. However, there are exercises not to do after hip replacement. They might lower your healing process. For example, you should avoid exercises such as squats can be avoided after hip replacement.

Celebrities With Hip Dips

There are many celebrities with hip dips. They show them off with pride while others dress in clothes that hide their hip dips. Celebrities such as Australian model Stefani Ferrario, gym guru Stephanie Doss, Elise Zearo are some celebrities who show off their hip dips.

Hip Dips Vs Love Handles

How To Get Rid Of Hip Dips - Love Handles

There is a difference between hip dips and love handles. Love handles refer to excess fat on your waistline. The excess fat is on top of the hip dips dent. As such, the love handles make the hip dips more visible. To reduce the hip dips, you may need to work on reducing the love handles as well.

Hip Dips Vs Saddlebags

Saddlebags are also different from the hip dips. Being inactive and accumulation of fat below your glutes causes saddlebags. Being less active makes the area be underdeveloped and it ends up being soft.

To deal with saddlebags, you will need to strengthen your body muscles such as glutes, hips, and thighs. You can also do exercises that can help you lose fat in those areas. The saddlebags can also make the hip dips be more visible.

Final Thoughts

Having hip dips can be a boring thing to some people, and they question themselves how to get rid of hip dips. There are several things that you may try on how to get rid of hip dips. Depending on our budget, you may consider doing a hip dip surgery to lower the hip dip dent. The hip dip surgery can be expensive.

Besides doing surgery, you can consider doing hip and glutes workouts that can help you fight the hip dips. However, as much as you may try to get rid of the hip dips, you should know what causes hip dips. It may be difficult to completely get rid of hip dips because it’s caused by the structure of your bones and muscles.

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