What Are Fire Hydrants Exercise And Is It Useful To Lose Weight?

Are you looking for good butt workouts? You are at the right place. Fire hydrants or quadruped hip abductions are about a sort of bodyweight workout. These exercises focus on mainly the gluteus maximus. However, some of its variations also concentrate on the core. That is why fire hydrant exercise types are quite popular.

Fire Hydrant Exercise - To build glutes

Nonetheless, it is essential to maintain regularity. As a result, the exerciser can build glutes and relieve back pain. Furthermore, these exercises can also reduce injury-related risks. Fire hydrants are one of the best butt workouts. That means it can greatly help to build the butt.

Many modified versions of fire hydrants exercise are also available. It includes fire hydrant with a resistance band, standing fire hydrant, etc.

Also, Fire hydrant with pulses and fire hydrant with ankle weights belong to this group. Do you wonder about alternative exercises with fire hydrants exercise? Such exercises are also available. In short, fire hydrants exercise is a great way to work on the core, glutes, and hips.

However, if you want to change the session, the alternative exercises can greatly help. They can work on similar muscle groups. Furthermore, they can also help you to have some variety in your workout regimen.

It includes side leg raise, bent knee hip extensions, and clamshell exercise. The incredible benefits of fire hydrants exercise sets will keep on motivating you.

However, executing a systematic approach is also important before starting the journey.

Fire Hydrants Exercise: The Proper Procedure.

Do you want to extract the maximum benefits of fire hydrant workout?

Fire Hydrant Exercise - Proper Procedure

Then, you must know the correct strategy and format. It is time to discuss the same. Note that fire hydrant comes as a bodyweight workout. That means it does not call for any specialized equipment set. All you need is just a mat.

Start the process on the hands as well as knees. Now, it is time to position the shoulders above the hands.

The hips should remain above the knees. It is time for tightening the core and looking down.

Next, elevate the left leg at a 45-degree angle away from the body. It is important to maintain the knee at 90 degrees.

Now, lower the leg to the initial position and complete the first rep.

Perform three sets of ten reps. Next, repeat the steps with your other leg.

Fire Hydrants Exercise: Some Important Tips

Maintain stability in the core as well as pelvis. The hip section should only be in the movement. Otherwise, the glutes, as well as hips, would not activate correctly.

When elevating the leg, point the foot in the direction of the opposite wall. It will help in the appropriate hip rotation.

Fire Hydrants Exercise Benefits.

The Fire hydrants are one of the best butt workouts at home. Moreover, they make an amazing workout option for boosting the gluteus maximus.

Also, certain vibrations of these exercises focus on your abdominal muscles. They can also tone as well as strengthen the core. Which is the biggest muscle in the hip as well as the pelvis region?

It is the glutes. It can control three key hip movements. And they are as follows:

Hip Extension: This hip movement can move the thighs back and off from the pelvis. It enables one to walk and travel upstairs.

Hip External Rotation: It happens whenever the leg revolves outward. Hip external rotation is essential when it comes to getting out of a car.

Hip Abduction: This hip movement elevates the leg off from the midline of the body. It enables one to move to the side.

Do you know the fire hydrant associates all three movements? Therefore, it comes as an excellent glute workout. Moreover, these exercises can help to tone glutes and sculpt them as well.

Solid glutes can boost one’s posture and alleviate injury-related risks. Furthermore, such glutes can lower knee and back pain as well.

Fire Hydrants Workout: Modified Versions.

Have you already aced in the fundamental fire hydrant exercise?

Then, it is time to try out the modified versions of these butt exercises at home. As a result, you can add some challenges to your workout regimen.

resistance band leg workouts

The resistance band enables the glutes and hips to perform against the resistance. Start the process by wrapping a resistance band loop upwards of your knees. And keep on doing the basic fire hydrants.

Fire Hydrant Kick.

So, including a kick to the basic fire hydrant can boost the move. It will help to improve the sides of the hip muscles. So, are you ready to do it?

During elevating the leg, you need to straighten the knee and extend the leg. Now, come back to the 90 degrees angle. It is time for lowering the leg to complete one repetition.

In times of the kick, straighten the leg properly. As a result, you can expect a great workout of your glutes.

Fire Hydrant With Ankle Weights.

Fire hydrants are one of the best exercises for the butt. However, you can also perform it with ankle weights. This combination will challenge the glutes as well as legs for further work.

Are you a beginner in the world of ankle weights? Then, start your journey with a low weight. Nevertheless, it is possible to enhance the weight gradually.

Fire Hydrant With Hand Lift.

Fire Hydrants Exercise - Hand Lift to strength back

Do you want to challenge the core? Then, elevating one of your hands during fire hydrants can help you in this regard. It is an excellent move for improving back strength as well as posture. Moreover, it can also stabilize your spine.

Start the workout on the hands as well as knees. Now, it is time for placing the shoulders above the hands. Take the hips above the knees. Next, tighten the core as well as look down.

Elevate the left leg off from the body at 45 degrees. Maintain the position of your knee at 90 degrees.

It is time for elevating the right hand one inch above the ground. Do 10 repetitions of fire hydrants and hover your hand simultaneously and constantly. Next, lower the hand to complete one set.

Perform three sets. Repeat the same steps with your right leg as well as the left hand.

Fire Hydrant With Pulses.

It is another great way to add challenge to the basic fire hydrants. During elevating your leg, just pulse three to five times. Now, it is time for lowering your leg to complete one rep.

Over time, you can expect to get stronger in this posture. Then, you can enhance the count of pulses. Standing fire hydrant is another excellent way to boost the core, hips, and glutes.


Do you want to add fire hydrants exercise to your workout regimen? Then, it is essential to consult your doctor before starting anything. Thus, you can get to know about the available safest options, as per your fitness level.

Have you become eligible for performing fire hydrant workout sets? Then, you can initiate it with a few numbers of reps. You can keep on increasing it with time.

Remember, fire hydrants can boost and tone your core as well as glutes. Moreover, these exercises can enhance hip moves. Is there anything else?

Definitely! Fire hydrants can also alleviate back pain and streamline day-to-day movements. So, what do you think about fire hydrants exercise?

Kindly, mention it in your comment.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing fire hydrants workout and the benefits! I am going up to Lake George for the week of 4th of July and I am going to be in my swim suit a lot so I am going to need this work out. How many sets should I do to see the result? I am a new be so I want to be able to walk the next day. Maybe 20 sets 3 times? Will this work with HITT?

    • Thanks for your comment. I don’t recommend more from starting. It should be absorbed from your body. Because exercise is good, but, over-exercise is not so good. Try to start a little number then, week by week you can increase by two sets or three. then, you can see the results after three weeks automatically. Good luck and share with your friends about this great post. 


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