How To Make Female Bodybuilders Over 60 Of Their Age?

Bodybuilding is the lifting act of weight to strengthen and strengthen the muscles. To achieve this goal, bodybuilders use countless weight training drills. If you are female bodybuilders over 60, weight exercises will help you recover your lost muscle and feel younger for years.

Although there are no specific weights training drills for bodybuilders above 60 while designing the exercise you have to take into account your age, condition, and health. The following paragraphs give more info on body weight bodybuilders and other bodybuilding issues.

Female Bodybuilders Over 60 - female bodybuilder

Strength Training for over 60.

If you begin with three or four weight training sessions per week, you should exercise your muscles to build up muscle mass. Preparation should be increased for 4 or 5 days per week. ExRx says variation is the answer.

So change your training and change intensive workouts every month or two with light practice. Choose three workout sets and complete at least three training sets for every category of muscle. The U.S. Exercise Committee reports that rep speed and rest between sets often affect hypertrophy of muscles. Take 2-3 seconds, 3-4 seconds to lower, and rest 30-90 seconds between sets.

Squats With Dumbbell.

This exercise is known to be a foundational movement in bodybuilding. It strengthens the quadriceps and challenges the glutes, hamstrings, and core muscles. Squats with a barbell lying over your shoulders are often more common, but this variant takes the strain off your spine.

  1. Keep your feet shoulder length apart and your arms comfortable by your hips
  2. Grasp a dumbbell, and stand upright.
  3. Bend your knees and then let your hips slide back and down so the floor is parallel to your thighs.
  4. Straighten the knees, and get up. Repeat.

Best Muscle Building Supplements For Over 60.

Seniors need various supplements that keep them stronger. Following are the bodybuilding supplements that can be taken by seniors above 60 years.


The BCAAs-leucine, isoleucine, and valine are amino acids that have a particular biological impact on the body. This means that the body does not produce them and they must be ingested by diet or supplements.


Often recognized as beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl butyrate, HMB is a leucine-like nutrient that functions in the body similarly and especially. The HMB helps to mitigate the weakening of muscle caused by stress hormones, which also grow as we mature.

Diet For Exercise Bodybuilders.

Female Bodybuilders Over 60 - diet for bodybuilder

As you age, your body eats fewer calories, but it has other dietary requirements to consider. A healthy diet for bodybuilders may include a range of lean protein. Such a diet may include plant sources like soy. In addition to that, antiviral food such as almonds, broccoli, spinach, and blueberries, and plenty of calcium and milk products alternatives should be added to your diet.

Having good bodybuilders diet tips, bodybuilders recipes may solve a lot of problems. For instance, you can learn more things such as protein breakfast for bodybuilders. Multivitamins must also be taken every day. Drinking more water (3/4 gallon for women) during the day is highly recommended.

Aerobatic Exercise For Bodybuilders.

Aerobic exercises are good at making your heart pump faster. The following are the aerobatic exercise for bodybuilders that you can try as female bodybuilders over 60; –

 Stationary bikes.

Another option for cardio with low impact is to ride a stationary bike. Stationary bikes are a good aerobic exercise and are easy to use, allowing you to improve leg strength. Many gyms and workout studios, which use stationary bikes, offer cycling classes. But without taking a class, you may still benefit from a stationary bike workout.

A general rule, if you are biking at home, you should adjust the height of the bike seat to preserve a 5- to 10-degree bend in your knee before actually reaching full extension. Doing so decreases your knee joint compression. While peddling on a stationary bike, it’s not suggested to fully extend your knee.


A blend of martial arts, wrestling, and aerobics is cardio kickboxing. A warmup of jogging, jumping jacks, or reinforcing exercises, such as pushups, can start your lesson. Then, for the main exercise, predict a sequence of punches, kicks, and hand attacks. In the end, there could be heart or strengthening activities.

Often end the exercise with a stretch and cool down. Drink lots of water throughout the whole class. Kickboxing is a well-known sport and martial-arts technique. Also, sports help to develop mental health as well as physical health.

Bodybuilders CrossFit Exercise.

CrossFit exercises are good if you want to focus on bodybuilding. Below are the bodybuilding CrossFit exercises;

Barbell Deadlift.

Technically, it’s more than a back workout, reaching the whole back chain from your calves to your top traps.

Female Bodybuilders Over 60 - Barbell Deadlift

But it is the very best for the overall growth of the back. For the deadlift, the technique is over-important. However, once you nail it, you will move to lift giant weights that attract full strength and unleash hormones for muscle building. This is the CrossFit preparation using a barbell.

  1. Stand with your feet divided by shoulder width distance.
  2. In both your hands, squat down and raise the barbell.
  3. Pull your head back together and hold your chest up.
  4. When you raise the bar, look straight down. It is to ensure that the body is straight and fern-free.
  5. Emphasis on the weight being pushed back and forth. The bar needs to be closer to your physique.
  6. Boost the bar to the height of your thigh, hold for a few seconds, and return to the original spot.
  7. Repeat

Besides doing the barbell deadlift, you can do other bodybuilding exercises. These include push press, kettlebell squat, dumbbell bench press, lateral raise, and many others.

Bodybuilder Back Exercise.

If you want to specifically target your back with bodybuilding exercises; below are the exercises that you should consider.


Having an overhead pulling motion in your back routine is a smart idea, and the pull-up is among the best. Wide-grip pull-ups are perfect for concentrating on the upper lats. A tighter grip may make for a longer range of motion. But because of an optimized initial joint position, it may be possible to deliver the wide-grip pull-up to a higher degree.

Once you do pull-ups early in your exercise, a weighted belt will need to be attached. Of course, you should still use an aided pull-up system or a decent spotter if you find it tough, or turn to a wide-grip pull-down, which is a solid alternative. Pulling behind the head is good if the shoulders are healthy.

T-Bar Row.

With the T-bar row, you can put on more weight, even though it normally turns into a touch of cheating across the knees and hips. It may be difficult for others to retain a flat back; in that case, the assisted variant is a safer option.

These aren’t squats, so leave both of the legs fixed at a bent angle. Usually, you also have a variety of positions and lengths of the hand. A broader grip puts more pressure on the lats. Then a moderate grip targets the middle back better (rhomboids, and traps). One of the easiest rows to spot is potentially this practice.

Do this for the workout’s front half. Through this movement, instead of slinging weight everywhere, the stretch and contracting of the back are very centered. If you’re an accomplished lifter, load up using 25s rather than 45s. And further, expand the range of motion by encouraging the scapula to gently protract at the bottom of each rep. If you do this, before performing the next pull, make sure to “reset” with such a flat back.

Female Bodybuilders Ab Exercise For Smaller Waist And Stomach.

There are various exercises that can be done by women to maintain a small waist with great abs. Below are the exercises for chiseling your waist if you are female bodybuilders over 60;

  1. reverse crunch
  2. side plank
  3. V-pose
  4. Leg scissors
  5. Torso twist stretch

Best Weight Training Exercise For Bodybuilders Chest.

Following are the chest exercises for bodybuilders. Even female bodybuilders over 60 can do these exercises.

Flat Dumbbell Press.

Each side of the body would function separately with dumbbells, recruiting more stabilizer muscles; dumbbells are more difficult to manage than a barbell.

Female Bodybuilders Over 60 - Flat Dumbbell Press

Dumbbells often make for a broader range of motion than the barbell bench press. Flat dumbbell presses enable you to hoist a pretty heavyweight. And if you’ve been sitting on the barbell bench for years, they make a good substitute.

Pec-Deck Machine.

For certain trainees, chest flying is hard to master with dumbbells or cables since the arms need to be locked for the length of the exercise in a slightly bent posture. Fortunately, the pec deck simplifies things because it helps you to function in just one direction. So, this routine is a perfect activity coach, and without the need to balance any weights, you can go for a great pump.

The Final Thought

Bodybuilding is a sport, so to be a bodybuilder, you don’t have to practice. Several amateurs never set foot on a stage, but just like the way they look and feel with weight lifting. However, female bodybuilders over 60 years of age who are interested in bodybuilding exercises can do some of the exercises mentioned above.

Some of the exercises might seem too difficult for seniors but with consistent exercising, they can do these exercises easily. These exercises do not keep them physically fit but they contribute to their mental health as well.

Which bodybuilding exercises would you recommend for women who are over 60 years old?


Can a 60 year old woman become a bodybuilder?

Research has proven time and again that people of all ages, including those in their 60s and older, can build muscular mass and strength comparable to that of someone in their 40s by engaging in resistance training with weights.

How to become a bodybuilder at 60?

It is never too late to start working out and getting stronger. No matter what your age is, you can still grow muscle. Lifting weights two or three times per week, performing 10 sets for each muscle per week, and doing approximately 8–15 repetitions per set is a tried-and-true strength training program for growing muscle after the age of 50. Consume a balanced diet that is high in protein.

How can a woman build muscle at 60?

For people of a certain age, the key to continued muscle growth is strength training. When performing this exercise, it is recommended to use modest weights and to work gently. Your muscles will have to work much harder if you perform the exercises slowly and with a lesser load. When performing resistance exercises such as push-ups and squats, you can use your own body weight as the resistance instead of purchasing a weight set.

Can you tone muscle after 60?

Through consistent exercise, people of any age can improve their physical appearance and gain muscle mass. The promotion of hypertrophy and the improvement of bone mineral density are two of the many reasons why strength training is so advantageous.

How often should 60 year old woman lift weights?

The majority of academics agree that exercise should be performed at least three times per week and no more than six times per week. If you are utilizing resistance-training equipment, then give yourself a two-minute break in between each machine. This will ensure that you get the most out of your workout. It appears that working the muscles in the low back once per week is just as helpful as working them more frequently.

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  1. This post is right up my street as I will be 60 this year! (I demand a recount!)

    I bought a set of dumbells and a book called ‘Smart Girls Do Dumbbells’ about 14 years ago. Two years ago I got them out of the cupboard and started using them! I was aware that I was losing muscle tone and if I didn’t do anything I would turn into an old lady.

    The difference is incredible. I only do 10 – 15 minutes a day and my body is toned – no bingo wings or bra bulge – and I look much younger than my age. I love doing them and put on some high energy music so it never feels like a chore.

    I am always on the look out for new exercises to mix it up so really enjoyed your post and will be a regular visitor.

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    • Thank you, Jean. I appreciate your comment and I hope you can apply these exercises, diet, and supplements for making your body strength. Good Luck.

  2. Hi, Saman. This is probably one of the most complete guides on female bodybuilders over 60 I’ve seen so far.

    There are so much to learn here. I’m actually here to find exercises for my grandmother, she is over 60 and still has some strength to do some of the info you are providing here. Not only for her physique but mostly for her mental health.

    To be honest, I’m also going to benefit from this haha. I might try some of them.

    Have a nice one.


    • OK. thanks your comment and inform your grandmama, read and tell him to review this good information. I think you will do that to help her and others. I appreciate your comment

  3. What an informative article, almost too much information! I like the idea of women over 60 (myself included)getting into body building, but wasn’t sure what one would start with. I appreciated the specific instructions on some of the exercises, wish there was more of that, but I know it would take a lot more time. Us older folks sometimes need more explaining done! I think you could have made this into a series of articles to help women over 60 get into body building. I like what you’re doing here…well done! I will be returning to your site!

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