How Many Exercises Per Muscle Group Per Week?

Exercising can be interesting if you have some sort of set goals. That can help you to focus and do exercises that will help you achieve your goals. But you may be asking yourself; how many exercises per muscle group can I do? Well, the folowing passages give you the answers operating the number of exercises that you can do per muscle group. In addition to that, there are also exercises that you can do for every muscle group to build your muscles.

The article covers various major body muscle groups; suggesting the bodybuilding exercises that you can do for particular muscles.

Bodybuilding Best Exercises For Each Muscle Group

There are various bodybuilding exercises for each muscle group that you can do.


How Many Exercises Per Muscle Group - shoulder workout

Shoulders are built up of various muscles. Some of them include deltoids, trapezius, levator scapula, rhomboids, and many others. There are good exercises that you can do to target your shoulder muscles.

For your shoulder muscles, you can do barbell upright row, standing barbell overhead press, dumbbell lateral raise, Arnold Press, Military press, and more. These exercises are good at strengthening your muscles and developing them. For instance, some exercises such as standing barbell overhead press are deltoid muscle exercises.


To grow your bicep and have lean muscles, there are various bodybuilding exercises that specifically target those muscles. Bodybuilding exercises that are good for biceps include dumbbell bicep curl, Zottman curl, wide grip standing barbell curl, among others.


You must not confuse your bicep muscles with triceps muscles. There are exercises that particularly work your triceps muscles. As such, when exercising your arm muscles, you should know the exercises that target the biceps and triceps.


Having a bigger chest with strong muscles can be achieved through bodybuilding exercises. You can do exercises that target your upper and lower chest. It might be difficult to target your inner chest but there are few exercises that you can do to give your inner chest muscles good work.

Bodybuilding muscles that target your chest include low incline barbell bench press, incline bench cable fly, and many others. Besides strengthening your chest muscles, these exercises are good at making your chest bigger.


There are different muscles that you can work by doing the back bodybuilding exercise. Back muscles that need to be strengthened with bodybuilding exercise include latissimus dorsi, serratus anterior, traps, and teres major.

If you want to target the above back muscles you can do bodybuilding exercises such as barbell deficit deadlift, bent-over barbell row, weighted pull-up, one arm long bar row, amongst others.


Having stronger glutes is good for improving the stability of your back muscles. There are several bodybuilding exercises that can give your glutes a good blast. Some of the best bodybuilding glutes exercises include hip extension machine exercise, barbell glute bridge, exercise ball hip thrust, glute kickback, and more.


Having strong hamstrings is good for almost every movement that you make when you are on your feet. Bodybuilding exercises that are good for your hamstrings include Romanian deadlift, barbell deadlift, exercise ball leg curl, clean deadlift and more.


Having stronger calves makes you do athletics exercises with fewer injuries. There are various calves exercises that can shape your calves in a better way. Some bodybuilding exercises that you can do to target the calves.

These include donkey calf raise, smith machine calf raises, barbell seated calf raise, rocking standing calf raises, and more. There are leg home exercises to build muscles that you can do. There are various exercises that you can do without equipment to build your muscles. Interestingly such exercises are fun to do, but they are also effective.

For instance, exercises such as donkey kick, Good morning, squat, lunges, and many others are good at building your muscles. But you don’t need at equipment to do those exercises. For those who might be working on their strained calf muscles, there are calf muscle strain exercises that they can do as part of their therapy sessions. For instance, exercises such as calf wall stretch can be helpful.

Optimal Reps For Growth Per Muscle Group

As you train your body for muscle growth, you may aim to do a certain number of reps per muscle group. However, sometimes you might be limited by various things such as the level of your training. Improving muscle growth might need you to do a moderate number of reps or a high rep range.

As you grow your muscles, there are various things that you should consider. For instance, your weight is one of the factors that you should consider as you choose the number of reps. The type of exercise that you do also contribute to the number of reps.

There are exercises that are difficult for your body to do more reps. However, the optimal reps that you can do for growth per muscle group can range between 8 and 15 reps. Beginners can manage to do 8 reps and those who are experienced can do more than the beginners. They can even do up to 30 reps.

Kind Of Exercises Per Muscle Group To Build Muscle

How Many Exercises Per Muscle Group - build your muscles

How many exercises per muscle group can you and what kind of exercises can you do? As you build your muscles, you can do different exercises. It is well known that weight exercises are good for building muscles. However, as much as you do the weight exercise, you need to do another exercise that doesn’t need weights.

Therefore, for each and every muscle group you can mix up and do weight exercises and other exercises that don’t need the use of weight. Such exercises that don’t need the use of weight can be supplementary in your journey of muscle building.

How Many Exercises Per Muscle Group To Build Mass

You may not train every day when you want to build your muscles. It is highly recommended to rest to build your muscles successfully. You must at least train each muscle group twice to thrice per week. As such, you can decide to split your exercises. For instance, you can focus on your upper body per day and then the other day focus of lower body. You may do about 3 or more exercises per muscle group.

How Many Exercises Per Muscle Group For Hypertrophy

Hypertrophy involves growing and increasing your muscles. To work on growing and increasing your muscles, you must make sure that you do various exercises. You can do bodyweight and weighted exercises. When it comes to a number of exercises that you can do per muscle group; you can do 2 exercises per muscle group. However, you are not limited to doing 2 exercises per muscle group, you can do more than that.

Weight Loss Exercises Per Muscle Group

As discussed above, there are various factors that may contribute to the number of exercises that you can do per muscle group. Your weight, age, and ability are some of the factors that you may consider. Additionally, there are some areas that are stubborn to lose weight. As such, you may need to increase reps on exercises that target those areas that need to be worked out thoroughly.

Most importantly, you should be consistent in your weight loss exercises. Larger muscles are the ones that need more exercise compared to the smaller muscles. Larger muscle groups include back, chest, and legs while smaller muscle groups include triceps and biceps.

However, there are areas such as the stomach which accumulates more fat than any other body parts. To deal with a fat belly, you may need to do more exercises that target your belly. And you must also do exercises that will tone your stomach to have well-defined abs.

How Many Exercises Per Muscle Group For Toning

How Many Exercises Per Muscle Group - 5 to 10 workout

There are various exercises to build lean muscles that can also keep your muscles tone. Some muscles that need to be toned include our arms, abs, thighs, and more. You can choose 5 to 10 exercises per workout and then make sure that you at least give each muscle group 1 or more exercises. You can split your exercises. For instance, you can focus on your upper body and then train your lower body separately. With such an arrangement, you can do 3 or more exercises that target a certain muscle group.

Final Thoughts

As much as you might be wondering about the question of how many exercises per muscle group; you must know the exercises that work in particular muscle groups. You must also be consistent in your training to achieve the intended results.

It is recommended that you should at least train thrice a week. Then make sure that you rest during the other days. So you do your training, you can at least make sure that you do one exercise for every muscle group. However, you are not limited to do more than one. Some people can do three or exercises per muscle group.

The number of exercises to be done per muscle group may depend on your personal goals. If you want to lose weight faster, you may consider doing more exercises to achieve such results. How have you been exercising? How many exercises do you do per muscle group? Share your experiences below.

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  1. A lot to be done when it comes to bodybuilding. I am used to biceps and triceps, thanks for opening up on other muscles and how to exercise them on regular basis. Doing exercise is all about living healthy, this is what a lot don’t understand. I really resonate more with the home exercise to build my muscles. I will look more into your website hoping to find more materials on an exercise like donkey kick, squat, good morning and lots more for home exercise 

    • Yes, that good to hear from you,I suggest you, not only read, please pass others to read and show them those valuable content and usefulness of them. Thanks your comment

  2. Hi Saman,

    An interesting take on a subject matter that is extremely popular.

    A lot people want to know how many exercises per muscle group they should be doing.

    In the main, I agree with your assertions, and I especially like the fact that you have offered differing advice depending on what it is someone is looking to achieve, e.g. build muscle, lose weight, tone up, etc.

    For me, I have always typically trained for hypertrophy, strength, and conditioning, so the actual exercises I do can vary.

    The same can be said for my set and rep schemes.

    However, I’ll typically hit each muscle group three times a week.

    I’ll try and hit every type of training during the week.

    So, for strength I’ll aim for 3-5 reps, for hypertrophy I’m usually in the 8-12 rep range, and then for conditioning this is usually 25 reps plus.

    With that said, it’s extremely important to know what you’re actual goal is when training, so I’m really glad that you’ve mentioned this at the very beginning.

    A thoroughly enjoyable and informative read Saman, keep up the great work.



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