Benefits Of Drinking Sparkling Water Vs Soda-In Deep Analyzing

Do you prefer sparkling water or soda water or soda water? There are various benefits of drinking sparkling water. But the benefits of drinking sparkling water are similar to soda water benefits. You will learn more about these two in the following paragraphs. Benefits of drinking sparkling mineral water include aiding weight loss. The water keeps you full for quite some time. Besides these benefits, this article gives a list of different benefits of sparkling water. There are also disadvantages of drinking sparkling water and soda water. Besides the focus on sparkling water, there are also suggestions of healthy water that you can opt for.

Benefits Of Drinking Sparkling Water - drinking water

Disadvantages Of Sparkling Water

Sparkling water is carbonated water, as such; it contains carbon dioxide gas that might not be good for you. There are various disadvantages that come with sparkling water.

The gas and acidity in sparling water have negative effects on your teeth. As such, the sparkling water may make your teeth break. In addition to that, your teeth might also change color to yellowish or brown. Your teeth may become painful due to erosion of enamel caused by sweetened sparkling water.

Another disadvantage is that sparkling water can cause bad breath. And no one wants to be closer to someone with bad breath. Therefore, you must minimize the intake of sparkling water. In addition to that, sparkling water is not healthy for your digestion system. It causes bloating. The bloated stomach makes you uncomfortable and it may cause a lot of sounds. More so, your stomach might have a lot of gas and that is not healthy.

Furthermore, sparkling water might trigger coughs and hiccups. It causes tingling effects that may make you cough. As such, if you have coughing symptoms, you should avoid drinking sparkling water. In addition to that, drinking sparkling water causes constant belching. Belching is uncomfortable and it might be difficult for you to be in public when belching.

While drinking sparkling water, you should remember all the disadvantages. Try to drink less sparkling water and avoid binging on it.

benefits of drinking sparkling water - yellowish or brown color teeth

Benefits Of Sparkling Water Weight Loss

As much as there are disadvantages of drinking sparkling water, there are also various benefits of drinking sparkling water. Drinking sparkling water can make you swallow better. If you want to clear your throat you can drink cold sparkling water and it can free your nerves to swallow easily.

More so, the sparkling water makes you feel fuller than plain water. As such, it keeps hunger at bay and you may not eat food unnecessarily. As much as it affects the digestion system negatively, it can also be used in a good way. Those who are suffering from constipation can feel relieved by drinking sparkling water.

In addition, the benefits of drinking sparkling water include lowering the risks of heart-related diseases. This is because carbonated water can reduce blood sugar, bad cholesterol, and inflammation.

benefits of drinking sparkling water - carbonated water for weight loss

More so, sparkling water calories are insignificant. And you cannot gain weight by consuming carbonated water.  As much as there are benefits of drinking sparkling water, you should avoid drinking a lot of it. More so, you should consider drinking unsweetened sparkling water. Sweetened sparkling water is unhealthier than ordinary sparkling water.

Sparkling Water Benefits For Skin

Besides having the benefits of drinking sparkling water, you can realize other benefits without drinking the sparkling water. You can wash your face using sparkling water. Yes, you read it right, washing your face with sparkling water cleans your skin deeper compared to plain water.

The sparkling water is good for removing tough dirt and oil in your skin.

The sparkling water makes your skin pores smaller thereby resulting to firm skin. Therefore, if you want to have a glowing face, you can wash it with sparkling water. You can dilute the sparkling water with plain water to avoid the harshness of sparkling water to your face. Don’t use it every day, washing your face once a week is good enough to keep your skin glowing.

Soda Water Benefits

Soda water has the same benefits as sparkling water. However, the two are different. The soda water is carbonated but it also contains mineral salts. When it comes to benefits, the two have similar benefits.

Therefore, soda water is good for decreasing the risks of heart diseases, relieving constipation, and other benefits of drinking sparkling water. In addition to that, people who are suffering from nausea can drink soda water to relieve themselves. It is also good for reducing indigestion.

Carbonated Water Side Effects

Carbonated water is good as natural water but sweetened carbonated water can be unhealthy. You might experience some side effects after consuming it. As such, you should be careful of changes that happen to you after drinking carbonated water.

benefits of drinking sparkling water - heartburn

Carbon dioxide gas in sparkling water causes belching. Therefore, you should be careful about this effect. You also experience heartburn after drinking sparkling water. Another side effect,  you might experience is a change of taste in your mouth. You might feel a sour taste in your mouth due to carbonated water.

In addition to that, the carbon dioxide gas in carbonated water can cause stomach bloating. More so, the sparkling water can also irritate your bladder. However, note that people are different, and they might also experience different side effects by consuming the same product.

Sparkling Water Benefits And Side Effects

There are various benefits of sparkling water and as well as a number of side effects. Most of these have been discussed in the earlier paragraphs. As much as there are advantages of drinking sparkling water you should consider the side effects. However, you may experience side effects differently because people are different.

Some benefits of drinking sparkling water include making you feel fuller not hungry. But this can be a side effect; you might get bloated while thinking that you are full. Sparkling water is also good at reducing heart related diseases. However, sparkling water can cause bladder related diseases because it irritates the bladder when you drink it.

As much as the benefits of drinking sparkling water include reducing nausea, on the other hand, it can change the taste in your mouth. Your mouth might have a sour taste.

Benefits Of Soda Water With Lemon

Lemon comes with different advantages. Some soda water with lemon does not contain real lemon; it will be just an addition of lemon flavor. As such, such water does not have the same benefits as the soda water with real lemon addition.

Soda water with lemon is good for improving your digestive system. The mixture of lemon and soda water ingredients deals with toxins that may negatively affect your digestive system. As such, the soda water with lemon reduces bloating, heartburn, and burping that may be a result of a poor digestive system.

In addition to that, lemon has a lot of nutrients. For instance, lemon is rich in vitamin C and it also has several minerals as well. As such, you can benefit from various nutrients by drinking soda water with lemon. More so, the lemon is good at reducing toxins as such, this minimum presence of toxins in your body reduces blemishes. Blemishes in your skin can be a result of the toxins.

benefits of drinking sparkling water - food cravings

Furthermore, lemons are a good source of pectin fiber. This kind of fiber reduces food cravings. As such, the soda water with lemon can help you monitor your weight. Besides all these benefits, the soda water with lemon is also good for refreshing your mouth. It makes you breathe fresh air.

In addition, soda water with lemon is good at reducing inflammation. As such, soda water with lemon comes with a lot of benefits. Drinking water after vomiting such as soda water with lemon can make you feel better and reduce nausea.

Is Carbonated Water Bad For Your Kidneys

The carbonated water can be bad for your kidneys if you drink a lot of it. If you drink more than 300ml of carbonated water, it might affect your kidneys. Most importantly, carbonated water with sugar is unhealthier compared to standard unsweetened carbonated water.

However, carbonated water is likely to cause kidney stones if you consume more than 300 ml a day. The result can happen whether you are drinking sweetened carbonated water or not. As such, you should be careful with the amount of sparkling water that you drink.

Benefits Of Drinking Lime Water

Drinking lime water is better than drinking carbonated water. Lime water is more natural than carbonated water. Interestingly, it comes with various benefits such as promoting the intake of water. Other benefits include improving digestion system, immune system, and diet.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of benefits to drinking sparkling water. However, the benefits of drinking sparkling water are also similar to those of drinking soda. For instance, sparkling water improves your digestive systems, lowers heart related diseases, lowers nausea, and many other benefits discussed above.

However, as much as sparkling water has its advantages, there is also a bad side of sparkling water. For example, sparkling water has carbon dioxide gas which may make your stomach gaseous.  This can lead to heartburn, bloating, belching. More so, the sparkling water can also cause belching.

Furthermore, you must make sure that you don’t consume a lot of sparkling water per day. Carbonated water can result in kidney stones.

How much carbonated water do you drink per day? Be honest and share your experiences below.

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  1. I prefer drinking plain or still water instead of sparkling.

    The sparkling water makes me feel thirsty again, and I usually drink it in rare cases when I don’t have still water at hand.

    I also love to add some lime to my glass of still water I drink every morning after wake up. It makes me feel good and energized for the upcoming day.

  2. I do not drink either one of these waters at this time. Looking at your information, I should stay away from them. I do suffer from kidney stones already.
    Thanks for sharing all of the information, I don’t think I would get any benefits from either water.


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