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What Causes Gas And Bloating After Eating?

Yogurt is a nutritious food item that is rich in protein and calcium. It is often listed as a food that one should include in a healthy diet plan. But there are certain yogurts that might cause gas and bloat in an individual. The bloating can cause for a number of reasons. Often people think causing gas and bloating is a side effect of the indigestion of food. But the question arises here, does yogurt cause gas and bloating?

Some reasons genuinely stem from the yogurt itself, and other reasons are because of a few added ingredients. Yogurt might often feel an individual bloated because of the presence of lactose or the added ingredients such as fructose. Yogurt is a staple tart and creamy food item that blends well with both sweet and savory flavors.

Does Yogurt Cause Gas And Bloating - yogurt with fruits

Greek yogurt is creamier than regular yogurt. What causes stomach bloating in people? This is because the Greek yogurt goes through an additional straining step for removing more of the liquid.

This form of yogurt is call as whey for creating a creamier and denser texture. Does the question arise that what is bloating? Therefore a plain yogurt is always more nutritious than Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is higher in fat, protein, and calories. But it contains less calcium than the regular plain yogurt.

Why Do Yogurt Cause Gas And Bloating?

In a real scenario, does yogurt cause gas and bloating? In most cases, the Greek yogurt causes bloating in the stomach. The reason for this might be the presence of lactose in Greek yogurt.

Lactose is the primary form of carbohydrate that is found in almost all milk and other dairy products. One of those with the intolerance of lactose like the enzyme that is required to breakdown this carbohydrate. This leads to abdominal pain, gas, stomach bloating, and diarrhea whenever they drink or eat dairy food.

Some lactose might remain in the milk while the fermentation process helps in breaking-down most of the lactose in the milk. For the lactose-intolerant person, the yogurt makes them bloat.

Therefore to avoid bloating, one can consider taking an enzyme supplement before one eats the yogurts. Or else one can switch to a non-dairy brand of yogurt. The foods that cause gas and bloating should also be avoided. One should concentrate more on foods that reduce bloating.

Added Ingredients Will Make Bloating.

Why do some yogurts make you feel bloated? It could be the other ingredients. If you look in your grocery store’s yogurt section, you’ll find that yogurt comes in a number of flavors. You can get yogurt with various mix-ins like cookie crumbles and salted caramel pretzels in addition to the fruited yogurt.

If you get bloated after eating these yogurts, which are more like desserts, it could be due to the sugar. Sugar is a concentrated sweet that can cause bloating, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. Fructose is particularly harmful, and it can be found in the fruit or juice used to flavor your yogurt.

Those who are fructose intolerant may have problems with high-fructose corn syrup. Why do some yogurts make you feel bloated? It could be the other additives. If you look in your grocery store’s yogurt section, you’ll find that yogurt comes in a number of flavors. You can get yogurt with various mix-ins like cookie crumbles and salted caramel pretzels in addition to the fruited yogurt.

Extra Elements In Yogurt Causes Increase In Bloating.

The extra element in yogurts indicates the added ingredients apart from the presence of lactose in the dairy product. Yogurts come in a wide variety of flavors in the market. Along with the fruited yogurts, there are other different mix-ins available in the market. They are salted caramel pretzels, and cookie crumbles.

Does Yogurt Cause Gas And Bloating - yogurt and nutrition

Do you know what causes bloating?

Eating this kind of yogurts, which are more like a dessert, can cause bloating due to the presence of sugar. As per the fact, sugar is a concentrated sweet. It might cause stomach pain and bloat, along with diarrhea.

To talk about the problems of gas and severe bloating, one should include the problematic feature due to the presence of fructose. In this case, one should know what are the causes of bloating?

The bloated stomach causes gas. Fructose usually comes from the fruit or juice that is added to the yogurt as a flavor. The ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup are added to the yogurt. This might cause the problem to the persons who are highly intolerant to fructose.

It turns up to be simple, adding yogurt to a healthy diet, which also creates gas and extreme bloating in the stomach.

De-bloating With The Help Of Yogurt.

Do you know how to prevent bloating? For de-bloating, you should know about the foods that make you bloated. It is an astonishing fact that due to yogurt, one cause gas and bloating in their stomach.

Do you what foods cause gas? But eating yogurt at popper intervals, in turn, might help in reducing gas and bloating. According to several researches, one can find solutions for preventing further bloating. Therefore avoiding eating more creamier yogurts and foods that cause bloating might help in De-bloating.

To reduce the level of gas in the stomach, one needs to focus on de-bloating. It can take place through the proper selection of food items at appropriate intervals. Consuming plain yogurt at adequate timing might help with de-bloating.

The process of de-bloating helps in the proper digestion of all the food intakes in a person. One should strictly avoid the consumption of foods that causes bloating.

Artificial Sweetener Causes Terrific Gas And Bloating.

Why am I always bloated? One should be aware of the artificial sweetener included in yogurt, which might cause tremendous gas and bloating. The artificial sweeteners might have a laxative effect that leads to bloating stomach and gas, diarrhea, etc.

These adverse side effects are usually produced from the leftover of the dairy byproducts like yogurt. This is due to the reason that sweeteners get metabolize, which causes diarrhea.

It causes diarrhea due to the pulling of extra water into the intestine. The sweeteners usually create severe problems like tagatose and sugar alcohols that are made from the lactose. The common sugar alcohol that forms the crucial reason for gas and bloating includes xylitol, sorbitol, and manitol.

Apart from this, five other sugar alcohols create an effect on gas and bloating. These are isomalt, maltitol, lactitol, erythritol, and hydrogenated starch hydrolysates.

The Value Of Probiotics In Gas And Bloating.

Does Yogurt cause gas and bloating? The effect of friendly probiotics in yogurt proves to be beneficial in eating yogurt. This improves both the digestive and overall health of an individual.

Does Yogurt Cause Gas And Bloating - probiotics Foods

Do you know what helps with bloating?

But when yogurt causes the GI-discomfort in health, then the system of a human becomes more out of balance. For the person who initiates with a greater imbalance in digestion, the addition of probiotics might cause initial bloating.

This bloating after eating appears in the stomach as all the bacteria work in the specific region to achieve homeostasis. Therefore the imbalance of probiotics can be an essential cause for causing gas and bloating in the gut.

Do you know why do I feel bloated?

The presence of probiotics in yogurt often increases gas and bloating and even causes diarrhea. Therefore changes in the gut microbiota might result in a bacterium that produces gas than usual and a bloated stomach after eating.

These changes in the gut can lead to further bloating. Thus Probiotics have a huge effect on the reduction of bloating.

Final Thoughts

From this article, we can find that eating of Greek yogurt and flavored yogurts can be harmful to health. It causes gas and bloating in the stomach that disturbs the digestion process in the stomach.

However, the question triggers in the mind of many people that does yogurt cause gas and bloating? The answer lies in proven facts of yogurt causing gas and bloating, which is already mentioned in the article above.

Therefore avoiding artificial sweeteners along with flavors in the yogurt can prevent one from suffering from gas and bloating. Is it possible that the adverse effect of probiotics in yogurt might also cause gas and bloating?

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  1. Most people think that yogurt is good for their health and sometimes consume more. You clearly explained how it caused bloating and unhealthy when the preservatives are added. it’s better to have natural food than to consume flavoured and artificial ones. Thanks for sharing this informative article.


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