What Does Golden Eggnog Taste Like?

Winter is here with all its delight and magnificence! One of the best parts of winter is its food variations. Are you longing for comforting food in chilly, cold winter? Then, thick, creamy beverages can soothe your cravings. Eggnog is such a delightful preparation. Now you can understand what does eggnog tastes like at end of this article. Eggnog is a concoction of many ingredients. They are milk, egg yolks, heavy cream, sugar, and a couple of spices. This traditional recipe is prepared in a slow cooking method. It is served when gets cooled. Do not think the taste of eggnog is like the morning eggs.

What Does Eggnog Taste Like - Golden Eggnog

What does eggnog taste like? Can you recall the tastes of melted ice cream? Eggnog tastes the more of it. As you start savoring eggnog, it would start cuddling your throat. It is best to have only the non-alcoholic versions of eggnog. You can check out the Alton brown eggnog recipe and try to make a non-alcoholic version.

Why Do People Adore Eggnogs So Much?

It is believed that the source recipe of eggnog is “posset.” However, it used to be an expensive beverage due to the costs of eggs, figs, etc. Eggnog is synonymous with festivals and holidays. It is a pure winter delicacy. A frothy delight like eggnog is served warm that hugs the throat while passing through. The touch of vanilla bean, nutmeg, and cinnamon take the eggnog flavor to another level.

In short, eggnog is an integral part of the Christmas celebration. It has been a sought-after delicacy and we hope it would be. But, it is best if you can stick to the healthier versions, such as non-alcoholic and vegan.

Can Pregnant Women Drink Eggnog?

Although eggnog imparts a great taste, some concerns are still there. Pregnant women must be careful about the type of eggnog before relishing it. In short, eggnog has some drawbacks. For instance, eggnogs are often prepared with alcohol. And you might know the harmful effects of alcohol. Even if it is made without alcohol, raw eggs can still be a part of it. It is not good during pregnancy.

Easy Eggnog Recipe No Alcohol.

Do you know how to prepare non-alcoholic eggnogs? It is easy to prepare non-alcoholic eggnog to complement your holiday get-togethers. Simple custard is a must to make eggnog at home. The other two ingredients are maple whipped cream (homemade) and whipped egg whites. The recipe is about mixing all the ingredients.

The taste of this eggnog recipe can lead one to the seventh heaven. The best part of this recipe is the absence of alcohol. Almost everyone can savor this frothy delight. So, what is the point to add alcohol to eggnogs?

People started adding alcohol to eggnog recipes to protect the eggs. However, alcohol could also keep the potential risk of bacteria at bay. But, alcohol has its own harmful effects on the body. However, the above homemade eggnog recipe is safe without alcohol. Are you searching for the eggnog with rum recipe? But, it is best to stick to the non-alcoholic version for the sake of your health.

Good Eggnog Drinks.

Eggnog is a traditional winter recipe that has been relished for a long period. Eggnog and Christmas have a deep connection. However, it is also an integral part of New Year and Halloween. Experiencing the taste of eggnog without savoring it is next to impossible. While a lot of people find eggnog a great delight, some perceive it as rather heavy.

It might be due to the extreme egg flavor in this beverage. Some others also stay away from eggnog due to the presence of spices. Some individuals simply do not like the taste of eggnog. Organic eggnog recipe is also worth trying to savor a healthier eggnog version.

When Does Eggnog Come Out?

Eggnog is an old gem in the list of frothy delights. Nowadays, the season of eggnog starts in October’s last half. Nevertheless, the starting date depends on the region. Different companies can have different plans regarding the launching of eggnog.

Vegan Eggnog Recipe.

Are you a vegan? Do you want to savor eggnog that is without eggs? Is this possible? Yes, Absolutely! Even vegan eggnog calls for only a few ingredients without taking much time. Do not think it would be a compromise in taste. The result of this effort would be rich, thick, and sweet.

Undoubtedly, the vegan option is healthier as compared to the classic recipe. Even vegan eggnog does not call for alcohol, eggs, dairy, or sugar. Do you want to store the prepared vegan eggnog? Just take a sealed container and pour the leftover eggnog into it and then refrigerate. You can keep it for around four to seven days. Do not forget to shake well after taking it out from the fridge. Then, it is ready to serve.

Eggnog Latte.

Are you a latte aficionado? The good news is eggnog latte is available to savor a wonderful combination. It can light up your holidays and festivals. A latte is a concoction of espresso and steamed milk.

In case of the absence of an espresso machine, a strong coffee works well as the substitute. You can buy ready-made eggnog to make this recipe. Eggnog latte is both sweet as well as spicy. Eggnog cheesecake is also a popular holiday dessert. You can try out this creamy delight!

Eggnog French Toast Recipe.

The ingredients needed to make eggnog French toast are:

French bread: 12 slices

Pumpkin pie spice: 1 teaspoon

Ground cinnamon: 1 ½ tablespoon

Eggnog: 1 ½ cups

Eggs: 2 (lightly beaten)

To begin, take a mixing bowl. Add pumpkin pie spice, eggnog, and cinnamon to it and mix it well. Whisk two eggs. Get a shallow dish and add the mixture to it. Next, take an electric skillet and preheat it to 150 degrees C or 300 degrees F. Do not forget to grease the pan a bit.

Get the eggnog concoction. Now, it is time to dipping bread slices one at a time. Do not fail to coat both sides of the bread slices well. Take butter and grease your skillet.

Place the slices in the hot skillet. Then, cook the coated slices for a couple of minutes. When the bottom side of a bread piece turns golden brown, flip it at once. Repeat the same steps for the other side. Take them out on your favorite serving plate. Serve at once. You can also cover your eggnog French toasts with foil and keep them warm during cooking.

How To Freeze By Preparing Eggnog In Advance?

You can savor your eggnog later by making it now. It is completely alright to make the batter one day ahead of the preparation. But, refrigeration of the same is necessary. In order to freeze your prepared French toast, you must cool them down.

Then, take a freezer-safe bag and place the toasts. You can freeze them up for a maximum of three months. Use a freezer-safe container if you do not have a freezer-safe bag.

Where Can I Buy Eggnog Ice Cream?

Do you like to taste eggnog ice cream? There are many places from where you can order to relish this frothy delicacy. Some of such places are 365 34, Safeway 69, Mitchell’s 65, Dreyer’s 23, etc.

You can also make eggnog ice cream in your comfort zone with just a few ingredients. Take eggnog, vanilla, condensed milk, and heavy cream. Mix all the ingredients well. Go through the instructions of the manufacturer and refrigerate accordingly. The main goal here is to make the ice cream reach a “soft-serve” thickness.

Healthy Eggnog Recipe.

Do not feel sad but eggnog is not a healthy beverage at all. Why? It is due to loads of calories in it. Saturated fat is also there, which comes from heavy cream and whole milk. You might know about the harms of sugar for the body. Eggnog is rich in sugar for your information.

However, if you are a die-hard fan of eggnog, it is better to make your own version. The homemade version would let you use whole foods instead of artificial ones. Try to keep away from pre-mixed eggnogs. Why? These substances are loaded with artificial coloring and flavors. Did you know high-fructose corn syrup can be there in pre-mixed eggnogs?

You can up or down the calories in your homemade eggnog recipe. Switch to the low-calorie, healthy recipe to taper down your worries while relishing it.


A classic delight like eggnog has a huge fan base. Hence, it is worth knowing about this frothy delicacy. I have discussed the healthy version of the eggnog recipe as well. Moreover, there is no disappointment for vegans as well. You have also known about the safety of eggnog during pregnancy.

I have also let you know about the eggnog ice cream and the refrigeration technique. I hope you would adore the eggnog French toast recipe as well. The post has also familiarized you with the non-alcoholic eggnog version. Do not forget to try out eggnog latte if you want to relish something magical. Above all, you can now guess what does the eggnog taste like? But, you should try it out to feel the flavors of eggnog.

What is your go-to eggnog recipe? Do you have any tips to share about this traditional delicacy? Do not forget to let us know about the same!

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